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very windy and cold day

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today is: june 19th, 2012 tuesday

June 19th 2012 2:48 pm
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greetings friends,

well I hope that everyone is in great health these days and your familys too and i hope that everything goes just great for you these days too.

today im just relaxing and taking it easy, with trevors and bob and of course mommie- cause daddy is at work.

myself i like to sleep and watch tv, girl movies, and of course go for walks.

well i hope that -all the furry dad's out there had a great fathers day this year.

take cares,




greetings this is: april 28th, 2012 Saturday

April 28th 2012 6:44 pm
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greetings this is: jasmine,

I hope that everyone is doing just great these days and in good health too and your familys too and other pets..

Well about this last wednesday or thursday i think it was, mommy was out of course with her good friend lenan -she is like an adopted mom too her, doing her arrends and when she got back one of the neighbors was wanting to talked to her about something cute and furry, and i bet you cant guess what its - ill give you a hint, he barks.. yeah im pretty sure -you guess it, he is a puppy and a very cute one too i might add just like me and my brother.. my brother is right - he loves to play,cuddle,give kisses,sleep and of course drink milk...

But knowing our mommy - she will probably keep it - i think personnally - with my help and trevors, her boyfriend, family, and friends..

yeah here lately mommy and me have been very busy with puppy and we are very tired and sleepy ...

Well I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week, and a good night

kisses and hugs,


greetings, today is: easter april 8th, 2012 sunday

April 8th 2012 9:23 pm
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greetings everyone,

this is: jasmine, well i hope that everyone is doing just great these days and in good health too. And i hope that everyone had a great easter holiday too with your family !!!

as of today, i just hang out with my mommie and brother. We watched tv and movies, and of course i got to go for a walk outside.. It was very nice outside - i got to run some and the birdies were out.. and of course its easter - and the kidos were outside,and their parents..

the kids were trying to find something round and they were all sorts of different colors -hmm i think they were eggs !!! mommie says that when she gets some money - she is going to buy me and my brother trevors, some stuff only for us, im guessing bones,treats,or clothes.

I hope that everyone had a great awesome weekend and holiday, and i hope that everyone has a great week too !!!

take care,



Today is march 26th, 2012 monday

March 27th 2012 10:26 am
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greetings, this is: jasmine.

well i hope that all of you is having a great week this week and in good health too and your parents and family, and friends.

it sure has been very nice here where i live in norman, oklahoma. I love watching doggie movies, going for walks with my mommie, and going for car rides.

but i think tonight my mommie will probably give me a darn bath, and dont get me wrong i like water though -but personnally i prefer not taking baths, i love playing though and with toys.

but when my mommie is gone sometimes i do happened to get in trouble, however and when that happeneds and mommie sees what i have done, i get grounded - meaning no treats for the day.

oh well though at least ive my toys and stuff animals.

well have a great day everyone !!!




today is: febuary 26th 2012 sunday

February 27th 2012 1:02 pm
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greetings, this is: jasmine

today is finally sunday,and i cant wait untill tonight !!
cause the grammy's are on tonight !!!

as of me ive just been relaxing and hanging out with mommy and my brother..

and knowing my mommy she will probably give me a bath, cause she gave my brother trevor a bath here recently !!

my pet peeve is i dont like my nails done at all !!!

well have a great week,




Today is; saturday feb 4th,2012

February 4th 2012 4:04 pm
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greetings this is: jasmine,

Hello to all my very kind friends,I hope all of you are in great health these days and your familys..

Well it sure is very cold outside, i think a cold front came in last night in oklahoma. Im sure glad that mommy bought me a pink jacket and a sweater.

Here recently i got a bran new toy and a new shirt,i love my mommy !! Well i cant wait tomorrow appearently is the puppy bowl yeah !! and also the super bowl comes on tv.

Its time for my nap, you know a girl dog has got to have her beauty sleep, so time for a good nap !!

nighty, night pals and sleep dreams




greetings this is: jasmine.

January 19th 2012 6:24 pm
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today is: thursday jan 19th, 2012.

well today i've had a great day,sofar i got to watch tv and relax. and as of mommy she went out to eat for a late lunch with her good friend leann.

I love it when my mommy goes out to eat, she always trys to bring back left overs for us !!

well these days it has been quite chilly outside-for my taste, personnally i havent figured out yet, what season i like. mommy says ill probably end up likeing either spring or summer.

I like watching tv with mommy, and of course dog movies. and i love barking at the dogs on tv, evan though mommy says that their on tv not outside. but heck what do i know, im just a puppy.

well mommy says, its about that time for dinner- for us to eat.

I hope that everyone has a great night tonight, and a great awesome day tomorrow !! and heck the weekened is almost here yeah !!!

take cares,




today is: jan 12th,2012

January 12th 2012 8:21 pm
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hey this is: jasmine,

today has been good,evan though its been very chilly outside these days,and i tend to sneeze every now and then.

well i got to see some snow flakes for the first time on wednesday and it was cool.

well today my mommy did some errands and as of me i stayed and watch tv with trevors.

personnaly i dont know if im going to like snow, well at least ive a jacket and a sweater.

i just wish that i could help my parents, cause they dont feel very well and they are on medication though at least.
i just hope that they get to feeling better soon.

well i had a good christmas this year and new years, plus on new years it was my brothers birthday.

as of tonight- its bedtime early,except for my mommy she has been in pain here lately.

well i hope that everyone has a great night tonight and a good day tomorrow !!! heck the weekend is coming up- yeah !!!

take cares,



woof,woof woofers

November 23rd 2011 4:22 pm
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this is: jasmine,

well since my mommy is busy watching tv, im going to talk. Im quite excited about tomorrow - its thanksgiving, and i get to be with my family and friends !! And i cant wait to meet them, and that means of course me and trevors get treats.

it should be a busy day tomorrow and hopefully a good one, plus the weather should be nice and not cold i hope.

who knows maybe tomorrow i can get a good nap in and maybe bring my toys with me too.

well i hope that everyone has a good thanksgiving tomorrow and a safe one.

take care, God bless



very windy and cold day

November 16th 2011 10:55 am
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hi woof,

this is: jasmine, and im new here on this cool site for dogs. gosh is it very chilly outside for puppies.

im soo glad that my mommy got me a sweater and this morning we went to walmart had to get some stuff. personaly me and my brother trevor we love going to petco and other places with our mom.

I sure do love when the kids visit, cause i finally get someone to play with me and i sure do have alot of toys.

gosh i cant wait untill winter and the holidays !!! who knows maybe ill get some christmas presents and it will be my first christmas.

take care my friends, and stay warm.


p.s. time for a nap

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