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The Life and Times of Pidgeon

Well Hello There

December 17th 2011 1:31 am
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I meant to start this sooner but SOMEONE *cough*owner*cough* was lazy and didn't do it! Some of you may have already met me, but for those of you just joining the show, my name is Pidgeon, formerly Rascal.

Now, I could get into this spiel about how my first day in my new owners home went, but it was your typical 'I'm scared of everything' moment, but I'm totally warmed up and cool as ever now. I'm currently in my blow out stage, and I begged and pleaded to not have my pictures of those rather embarrassing moments posted for the world to see, but she said I'd look back on it and laugh when I'm stunningly gorgeous, and who knows, she's probably right!

And for the record, I didn't cry AT ALL the first few nights I was here. See, I don't need my real mommy all the time! I'm a big boy now and I knew I was going to a great home. And its okay that I left all my other pom friends because I made some great new ones here! There's another pom, Cliche, she's alright. She gets annoyed when I grab her tail and play tug of war with it, and when she takes my toy while I'm playing and runs off with it, but otherwise, she's fun to be around. There's a bigger dog here to, Ryly, I don't pay to much attention to him though, all he does is sleep all day anyway, BO-RING! And the cat! He's as big as me! But we like to play with each other a lot. I like to chase after him and bark just to let him know who's boss, but he'll turn right around and jump on me right back!

I dunno about you, but I LOVE to play with my squeaky giraffe, especially at 7 in the morning while my owner is trying to sleep! And in case you didn't know, I'm an amazing bath taker. But as soon as you grab that towel, I'm jumping into it like it's the only thing that'll save me from being cold!

Anyway, I'm laying down here, curled up sleeping, even though it's not bed time yet, but thats cool, because I'll just find something to chew on later when everyones sleepin and I'm bored, no big deal!

I guess I'm off, going to the vet tomorrow to check out my weight, even though I think I'm perfectly fit, but my owner wants to see if my weight matches up with the estimation chart. I went from being an estimated 3-4 lbs to 4-5 lbs to about 5-6 lbs as an adult. I guess I'm growing faster than normal! Or gaining weight, but I highly doubt that. Or the vet is terrible and weighed me wrong last time, but we'll see tomorrow morning! I'll let you all know..only if I don't think my weight is totally embarrassing, then you are all tough outta luck! Night all!

- Pidgeon and Co.


Well Well Well..

December 18th 2011 9:59 pm
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Went to the vet yesterday and it turns out I'm four pounds and fifteen ounces. I'm six months old, so we are thinking I'll be about six to eight pounds. Six if you use the pom weight chart, eight if you use the calculation method. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Did I ever mention that I don't particularly care to have my picture taken? It's not that I don't like the attention, but standing still for a picture is just so time consuming when you've got so much to explore!!

My mom likes to put this brown vest on me, and I think I look snazzy in it but it's a little big and makes it feel funny to walk. My mommy's sister got me a bunny outfit to wear but it's too small, I'm completely bummed =[

I also can't wait for my first snow! I'm not sure what that is, but I hear its cold but tons of fun! Lots of pictures when that happens, I just hope you can see me in all the white O_O Anyways, it's that time. You know, the time where I take a nap for a while and then find something to chew on because I'm bored while my owner sleeps. I nap all day, night is when the real fun begins! See you later all ya party poopers!

-Pidgeon & Co.


Been A While!!

February 8th 2012 12:51 am
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Well I guess mom's computer committed metaphorical suicide and wasn't able to get on the internet for a while. I don't see what she needs the darn thing for anyway. Is winter but I haven't seen any snow yet. I mean, I saw some white fluffy stuff fall from the sky, but every time it hit the ground it disappeared! It's only snowed once since I've been alive and from the small taste I got from it, I'd like to see what it would look like all over the place!

Anyway, last month when I turned seven months, I weighed in at five pounds eight ounces. I should watch my eating!! Either that or I'm just growing up and getting bigger!! From the looks of my fur mommies lines, I might end up getting to be eight pounds or so. I get to go get weighed again this month when I turn 8 months, hopefully I only gained a few ounces! I gotta keep my figure sharp for pictures!

I LOVE going outside, but we are trying to keep the flea population down and I can't go out as much since it's been pretty warm and the fleas and ticks are running rampant! Otherwise its muddy and so not my thing for a white coat.

My girlfriend Cliche turned a year old the first of February!! I call her an old broad now, haha. But she's only a few months older than me! Anyways, I'm tired!! Going to bed with mom now. Hopefully I've have new, better, more interesting stories to talk about next time!

- Pidgeon and Co

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