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Two Akita's

19 July 2012

July 19th 2012 9:06 am
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We have not updated our diary in quite some time but several threads in various forums have got us thinking again about so many things.

We have over the past 6 months or so,seen so many of our pals and their humans lose furblings/furkids. Although a natural part of life,and something we all know going in,we will quite likely have to deal with at some point it is sad and they have our deepest sympathies.

We have also seen many adoptions and people new to fostering,as well as many who have done so much for so many over the years,you are all the greatest and deserve applause,thanks,accolades and recognition,so if no one else has said so lately- Thank-you for all you do to help animals in need whatever the personal cost and sacrifice to yourselves both physically and mentally.

For those who do all they can to fight BSL,speak against it,and even just sign petitions,contact legislators,and try to educate the public about the problems and sadness BSL causes while fixing nothing,and costing many innocent pets that did nothing their lives.Thank-you and keep up the Good Fight!!! We are with you as well.

For those who have adopted pets for the first,twenty-first,and one-hundred and first times,Thank-you for giving those who need a second chance,that chance in your home. Best-wishes to you as well.

For those of you who are considering adding a pet to your home:

If all potential dog owners,checked into and researched the breed(s) they were considering,and looked at the good,bad and ugly as well as the appealing side of the breed,perhaps they might not end up with a breed that is beyond them to handle,or not properly prepared for.
If every pet owner made the commitment to actually raise,train and socialize their dog to be a respectful and respectable member of society and made the commitment to meet the needs of the dog they chose(realizing that commitment could be 20 years) and followed through with it as well as following the law,there would be less if no need for AC/shelters/BSL.
If people were more willing to be responsiblefor their own actions and the behavior/actions of their pets,the media might soon run out of fuel and stop writing about how bad certain breeds are and giving the public the wrong perception of so many breeds. I do not believe in BSL in any of it's forms,I believe in punishing the deed,and those responsible for what the dog did,rather than condemning the whole breed over the actions of those who are responsible for the behavior of that specific dog.
Before we complain or worry about about specific breeds of dogs why not complain about,discourage,or stop people from taking on a pet that they know nothing about,have not researched,does not fit their lifestyle,finances,abilities,or situation,or if they have taken so much as a second to realize that a pet is not a potted plant,and even potted plants need someone responsible to commit to meeting their needs for food,water,a bigger pot,proper light,etc...

If you are not willing to be honest with yourself,do the research to discover wether you are able and prepared for meeting a dogs needs,finding the breed that best fits your lifestyle and situation,take on the commitment for meeting the dogs needs,and following through with that commitment for the life of the dog please do not bring home that rescue,shelter,pet store,Back yard breeder,free to good home,or otherwise available dog/puppy and ruin things for the rest of us who knowing that the road will not be easy,the battle will be mostly uphill,still choose to do things properly,make the commitment to do the best for our pets,spend countless hours feeding,training,socializing,and being responsible pet owners knowing all the while that we will at some point have to suffer the pain,agony,and heartbreak of losing our beloved friend and family member,still choose to do so everyday. We would appreciate the courtesy of at least not having people who can't or won't make the commitment,or feel that pets are disposable,not make our lives that much more difficult. Thanks in advance.


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Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

July 19th 2012 at 4:03 pm

Sadly... its a done deal here for the most part amongst those you know.

The trick is to beat it into the brains of the rest of the world. Most.. care... most .. find out by trial and error but strive to LEARN

Some.. never will care(Boy oh Boy did it edit THAT statement !!!!)

Sadly too we mostly hear about the idiots and wastes of space.......not the real folk who strive daily to make a difference.

Thanks to those who do.. we still have a halfway decent world.

Barked by: Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 (Dogster Member)

July 19th 2012 at 6:24 pm

I agree with everything you said. It's unfortunate that most people who have dogs, really don't have a clue. I do wonder, if most of the people who make/vote for the BSL have ever had a dog. I would really like to see the numbers on that. Humans, at times, are really disappointing. You would think since we are "at the top of the food chain" that we would be a little smarter than we are as a group. Sometimes I think we are at the bottom and the animals let us think we're at the top. I think if we all are a little more choosey about were we live and what companies we deal with, then maybe we can, one person at a time, change the mind set. Although, I know some people don't have a choice with where they live. For example, our homeowners insurance company does not have breed restrictions. Most insurance companies do. Everyone I know, who has problems with breed restrictions and their homeowners or renters policy, I give them the name of our insurance agent. So, If everyone with a dog, changed to insurance companies like mine, how long do you think the others will change their policies? There are about 78 + million dogs in the US. How many house holds do you think that translates to? How many insurance policies? How many customers do you think those breed restrictive companies would lose? That's just one way to voice our opinion by hitting them in the pocketbook. Sorry for highjacking your diary. Just had to give my 2 cents. :)
Barked by: Turner - Gone Too Soon (Dogster Member)

July 19th 2012 at 9:26 pm

I think people could learn alot if they would listen to dogs. Focus on the good and not the bad. Be realistic about your expectations, know who you are and what your dog is. Your limitations and their capabilities. I feel sad for those who may never know the joys of having a companion, as short as their lives may be compared to ours. I'm saddened by those who would rather destroy a dog instead of finding the solution and fixing the problem.

So every night I hug mine a little closer and thank them for coming into my life. For trusting me with their safety and loving me unconditionally.
Barked by: Cobain AADC, AGDC, CGN (Dogster Member)

July 29th 2012 at 9:08 am

I sincerely do not understand the concept of getting a dog before researching the breed.
Different breeds have different functions, different challenges yet people still seem to believe this "one size fits all" when making a purchase.
If it's "cute" or "smart" then they look no further.

It truly sickens me.

More people need to read this, and understand that there's more to a dog than just a "good pet"
Barked by: MIKA&KAI (Dogster Member)

July 29th 2012 at 7:46 pm

Thank-you to all of those who have been kind enough to comment on this diary entry. I have gotten a few p-mails as well as the comments that are posted here and am thankful for the input. I do sincerely appreciate all who work so hard in whatever way they can to help the victims of human irresponsibility,the pets. I am just incredibly frustrated that the "so called" higher form of life can be so thoughtless and irresponsible when considering adding a living creature to their home. Thanks again to all of you.
You are all amazing,wonderful people.
Mika,Kai & Mom Pam
Barked by: Natasha 美花 ~Beautiful Flower~ (Dogster Member)

July 31st 2012 at 11:03 pm

There are two major points you covered that I wish I had learned before I ever got my first dog:
One, how extremely important it is to do PROPER research! Unfortunately my research was "oh, this dog has pretty coloring, I want it!" or "this breed was awesome in that one movie, I want it!" Yeah, I used to be one of "those types" :( That, unfortunately might be what "research" means to some people, so we need to educate folks as to what proper research actually is.
Two, "be honest with myself". When I finally started researching breeds properly, I wasn't being honest with myself with what I could and could not handle, strengths, weakness, etc... because I just DID NOT want to cross certain breeds off my list! (Catahoula...sigh!) :/
If we can just get folks to understand those two major points, I think the rest will fall into place with proper guidance and education.

Thanks for being willing to help educate folks like me(or, how I used to be anyway!), I really appreciate it. Hopefully because of your and others desire to help, maybe more folks will listen and not make the same mistakes I did when first starting out in the doggy world. Thanks again! :D
Barked by: Chico (Dogster Member)

August 8th 2012 at 12:31 am

Hello Mika&Kai

While I agree with your entire post, I still think we need to step drastic measures in order to stop irresponsible people from owning Dogs.

While most of us here at Dogster treat our dogs better than how we treat people, we are still in the minority. Most people look at dogs as just dogs. Not as companions, or family members. For that reason they think it is appropriate to leave them outside tied to a tree in scorching or freezing temperatures.

Some people think that owning a dog is a "right", when it should be considered a privilege. Not everyone should have the ability to own a dog. We have many backyard breeders, and I think it's safe to say that the majority of dogs at shelters come from backyard breeders.

While I do agree with everything you have said, I don't think we are doing enough to address the problem.

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