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my angel whisper

my angel whisper

September 20th 2011 6:53 am
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i started this page in memory of my beloved whisper. you see he was put to sleep on 9/10/11. on 7/3/11 when i took him outside i noticed he was off balance and after taking him to numerous vets and many many prayers he never got better and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with him. i could hold him up with only feet barely touching ground and walk him for him to go potty. i did this for over 2 months but he continued to get worse. he started having strokes and was in some pain and i think he was getting unable to see but he knew me no matter what.on 9/10/11 when i took him to vet his look was like momma gonna get me fixed and we go home and i can play again but then as the vet started giving him the shot that look came to look like momma whats wrong, what did i do and that look turned to sadness and those bright eyes faded. worst day of my life id give anything, including my own life to go back and not do it i love and miss him so much. they say time heals, well im sorry i dont think there will ever be enough time.i brought my precious angel home and buried him right outside where i visit him very often. that shiney solid white coat, beautiful bright blue eyes, little crooked ears, precious little tongue that tip was always stuck out just a small amount and that wonderful little cold nose that loved to snuggle under my chin. momma so sorry baby and i can only pray you can forgive me im so very sorry. biggest mistake i ever made. i have a huge hole in my heart and a lump in my throat. i hate everything i do everyday cause you not here with me. you were my life and i am so lost without you. your life was too short and i just cant understand why you. my faith is shaken right now cause i feel God could have and should have fixed you and shouldnt have let me do what i did. i will never forgive myself. everything reminds me of you. what did i do in my life that was so bad that you had to pay for it. i cant keep from crying. it hurts so bad. it seems as though there is no reason for me to go on. you are still my life. i will never forget you. i want you back so we can both be happy again. i can watch you run and bounce through the yard chasing everything that moves.every one here says they love you too but they werent here everyday all day long taking care of you they went on with their lives as they do now but i cant. im at your grave at 10:30 for thats the time your light went out and 1:34 when i put your little coffin in the ground.i regret all of it worst day of my life and yours. just want you back theres a small animal shelter i just found out about and they trying to get me to come visit seem to think it will help. i feel for the abused and homeless babies but i cant see me loving any one but you and i feel guilty just thinking of it. i feel that if i had of had enough money that they could have found out what was wrong with you and fixed you. im sorry im not rich. i have thought that someday id like to start a charity in your name so no one else will have to go through what we did. please forgive momma and know that you are and always will be my heart. i love you my precious angel and momma misses you you forever and always. you will never be forgotten at least as long as i live, which i be glad when im with you again and right now would not be too soon. i take you with me everywhere i go for youu are always in my heart and mind. i love you whisper. please forgive me. come find momma because i am lost without you. thank you for your unconditional love and complete trust and im so very sorry i destroyed that. momma loves you baby and we will be together again. just hope you can forgive me and not be mad at me. i love you


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Barked by: Angel (Dogster Member)

January 4th 2012 at 2:57 am

To Angel Whispers Momma,
Oh how my heart aches when I read this about Angel Whisper....I feel your intense pain and grief and how you blame yourself....I am so sorry...but now can I say that with the things Angel Whisper was doing when he got sick...well it almost sounds neurological and if it was Whisper wasn't going to get any better...I don't believe any amount of money would have made a friend owns and operates her own private small rescue. I help her with it alot and I have seen two dogs with those kinds of problems...the one little guy just suffered and suffered...he could barely walk and his legs turned inward....his mind went on friend had him maybe 3 weeks and in 3 weeks he went down hill terribly....she was going to keep him but he got so mixed up he started attacking other dogs and he was just a little Yorkie mix. I am not one to believe in putting a dog down unless there is just NO other way but I told my friend repeatedly that that dog was living in it's own hell and she needed to let him go.....she finally did.Her other dog has water on the brain, she took him as an 8 week old pup and he wasn't to live but a couple weeks and he is now pushing his 2nd birthday..he has siezures and it is hard to watch but yet he has a quality of life even in his "slow" little mind...point being for whatever reason in this case the first dog was not destined to get better......had you not put Whisper to sleep he could have suffered ALOT more and you wouldn't want that!You could have put Whisper through all kinds of tests and still the outcome would be the wouldn't want that said several vets saw him and didn't know the problem....more reasons for me to thin neurological.... I think Whisper knows how you feel as I believe we are all connected whether it be through energy or whatever...I'm sure HE KNOWS what you did and why you did it and forgives you...even maybe he knows you don't need to be forgiven....maybe he knnows how much worse it could have gotton...I believe that Whisper knows you love him, that his spirit feels it everyday ....and he did what he could from where he is...he sent you Dixie....if you could ask him if you should grieve the way you are I'm sure he'd say NO..I'm sure he'd like to see his momma happy again and smiling...and one day when it's the right time you will be with Whisper...but for now Whisper has sent you little Dixie who needs you just as much...may I suggest that you HONOR Whisper by giving Dixie the love Whisper wants her to have. It was no accident that you found Dixie the way you did! I am sooooooooo sorry for your loss...he was a dolly..but NOW he IS chasing butterflies and running and playing with friends and don't you think for one minute he dosen't remember you...he does! Take it easy on is too at the grave you need to tell Whisper that you are going to let go of just the tiniest piece of grief...he'll want to hear that! HUGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Angels mom

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