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Hello from Me & my Brother Tobby

There's a Typhoon named Pedring TODAY!

September 27th 2011 4:23 am
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Pedring is visiting our area today and Big Sis stayed home with us! Don't know what the fuss is all about since we're very comfy snuggling with each other. The 2 of us still fit in our baby bed, so we're nice and warm despite the wind and rains. See our snuggy picture? Can you tell there are 2 of us in there and not just a mass of fur? Ok, it's almost chow time again so I have to go...



Outing to the VETs!

September 11th 2011 12:08 am
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Yesterday, me and Tobby went to the village Vet. I didn't like it when Big Sis tried to walk us on our leashes. Tobby agreed to be coaxed forward, but I planted down my bottom & pleaded to try it another day! Just going to the Vet for shots was a worrying enough time for me. Good thing Big Sis just patted my head and told me to try harder next time around. Woof Woof :) Big Sis!

I now weigh 2.3kg, Tobby's bigger at 3.1kg, I think it's because he always sneaks a few bites from my bowl when Big Sis isn't looking. We each had 2 shots, Mr. Vet was all praises since we stayed still and didn't whimper nor growl. We were sure proud of ourselves!

Since we had our shots, we were SAFE from taking our SUNDAY BATHs! So what if the pack people wrinkle their noses! As long as Big Sis still hugs and plays with us, we're happy.

By The Way... Tobby and I agreed that we may take turns updating our diaries. We do all things together anyway. So check out his page too for updates! WOOF OFF...

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