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The Many Tails of Cricket

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Jus sum stuffz!

November 19th 2012 6:13 pm
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Wew momma an me haz been twainin fur da giwity twial dis weekend!! We boff su acited!! Momma sayd sheez nerbus bud I'm schur we'w du fine!! Momma maded a noo bideo ob me!! Here is were id is: !!
Momma sayz I'm gedding su much bedder!!! YAY!!! Wish us wuck!!



November 23rd 2012 4:10 pm
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I'm da diawy pik ob tuday!!! I'm so habby!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!

anyways da twial is tumorow!! I'm suuuu acited!!! *squeep!!!*

I'ma hab suuu much fun!! Momma sayz I'w du gud!! She maded sum bideos today!! Here day are:

http:/ /

I'm doin so gud!! YAY!!!

Wish me wuck!!

Bark at yu waiter!!!


Bak frum da twial!!

November 24th 2012 6:12 pm
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Wew da twial ended about 3 den we went tu momma'z gwannys fur a bit den momma took a shower!.

about da twial:
I measewed JUST into da 12" insted ob da 8"! mom wuz wowied bud I did fine with da jumpz!

Wew I did 3 runz! A JWW, an a Standard, an a Time-2-Beat! I did nod kwalify in any ob mai runz bud I did hab a tun ob fun!!

In JWW I refused da tunnew 3 timez! den didn't go ober da wast jump but by den it didn't madder!

In standard I refused da chute den neber eben did it and den I refused one ob da tunnews once and den I wudn't do da weabes den wan out ob time!

In Time-2-Beat I wefuzed da tunnew 2 timez. I did gweat after dat... Untiw I got tu da weabes!! I almost did dem and wuld hab but id was 12 insted ob 6 and I got confuzed and den ran out ob time! Bol! Dey jus don't set ub da corse rite!! I had gweat contacts and jumps! momma's gonna put da bideos togeder into a big bideo bud can't wite now. she only has bideos ob Standard an T2B cuz her momma thout she wuz recordin bud wasn't.
anyways. Bark at y'all lay-der!!



November 25th 2012 11:52 am
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I'm DOTD!! I cannod bewieb id!! Fank yu sososooo much eberybuddy for da giftiez an congwatz!! Dis weawy is a tweat!!



December 25th 2012 4:25 pm
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I Hope y'aw aw hab a bewwy mewwy Kwistmuss!!!

Momma upwoaded a noo bideo!!

She maded it wiff hur noo kamra!!! YAY!!!

Habby noo yeer too!!


Momma's nerbuss...

December 29th 2012 3:13 pm
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Momma keeps sayin "I'm nerbuss about da twial" and I keep twyin tu tew her dat weer gunna du fime!! But shee dosn't wisin! BOL She's krazee!! But wish us wuck! Our nex twial is nex Mondey! I'm acited!! Momma's gonna hab it bideod wiff hur noo kamra!! Hey did I eber show y'aw da bideo frum my wast twial?? Wew heer id is anyways:

an heer's a bideo frum yesturdey:

Shees been wurkin wiff me more tudey too!! She bideod dat bud hasn't upwoaded it yet. So anyways... I gess dats aw! Bark at ya wader!!!



December 31st 2012 3:36 pm
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Yep I bees bak!! YAY!! I'm sooo tierd!! Momma's tierd tu! But we had tonz ob fum!! Momma gabe me tonz of Da Tweatz!! She sayd I dood gud!! Shez gunna put da bideos togeder soom and den yu kan wach dem!! I had 3 runz! And dey were: T2B, Nobice JWW, An Nobice Standurd! I did so much bedder dan wast time!! Momma was soo sooo habby!! She wuz amazed wiff how much I had improobed!! I got my furst Q in T2B tudey... and my secund Q In Jumperz!! I didn't Q in Standurd but I did wayyy bedder dan my wast standurd run!! YAY!! I actuawy did da tunnew furst time!! And I did do da shoot... ebentuawy... It took me a bit! But I did do it!! and I did da seesaw an jumps an hoop an a-frame an dog-walk bery gud!! I didn't do da "Bwoad" jump but I has neber eben seed dat afore so momma wasn't supwized!

But in Nobice JWW... I goted furst pwace!!!! I now has 3 wibbonz!!! 2 gween onez an a bwue one!! YAY!!!! Momma's so prowd!! She was just amazed at how wew I payed attentun tu hur!! She's sooo habby rite now!! An weer lukin furward tu our nex twial!!



January 2nd 2013 8:28 pm
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Heer's da bideo frum da twial!!

I hope yu enjoy id!!! :D


Anuffer twial!

February 23rd 2013 3:04 pm
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I went tu anuffer twial tuday! Id wuz suuu much fun! Momma sayz I did furbulous! I AWMOST Q'd in Standurd! I also had my furst run in Fast! Never don dat afore! I also goted a Q an a 1st pwace in JWW!!! Momma's gunna upwoad sum pikturez soon! YAY!! Can't wait tiw ar nex twial!

~ Cricket


We're about tu weave tu go tu...

May 4th 2013 5:06 am
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A GIWITY TWIAL!!! YAY!! We're so acited!! We'w be wunning fur our NAJ title!! Wish us wuck

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