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Gentle Leader

January 7th 2012 5:45 pm
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Took both kids for a walk this morning. It was so warm out, the sun was shining. Got back to the house and realized I had a bill to drop off at the twp building. Got a couple of things done around the house and decided to put on Grunt's Gentle Leader and walk to the twp building to drop the bill off.

He did fantastic. He was high stepping down the driveway, but once we got going he was fine. I think the GL is at it's max fitting point and I'll have to bump him up to a large next time. My boy is getting big!

Classes start on Wednesday night - calls for rain so far :(


Mom's home....

January 5th 2012 3:49 pm
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Mom left town on Monday and didn't come home until Wednesday... I missed her bunches!! Dad did a good job of taking care of me and Darcy. We didn't get to go for any walks though. Dad said it was 3 degrees outside and there was no way he was going! Oh well!

When mom got home she had to beep the horn to wake us up. Me and Darcy were having our nappie time. RUDE! But I was glad to see mom! Mom and dad unloaded the car and mom gave me a new chewie - tendon! SCORE! :) Yippee!! It was wonderful. Darcy got some kind of beef jerkey treat thingie! She was a grinnin from ear to ear also!

Well today mom and dad were getting ready for work. Mom filled some kong balls for me since they would both be gone during my feeding time :( Well I brought a kong into the living room and found something special on my bed. It was an elk antler! Boy was it yummiee! Mom and dad left and I was happily chewing my new antler....


Merry Christmas Grunt!

December 25th 2011 12:08 pm
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This is your first Christmas and me and dad are so glad you are with us! Mom is a little sad but she'll be alright. You make her laugh and smile when she starts a thinkin'. We gave you your fuzzy cuzzy ball and you didn't know that it squeeked (great bite inhibition!). Once mom squeeked it for you, you decided it needed to have the fur removed from it! :) You and Darcy are goofy crazy today, thank you! She chased you and gave you the smack down with the paws today. Then, of course, you chased her. Then I found the soccer ball and me and dad drove you crazy! :) But you loved it.

When I left for work you were sleeping on my bed as you do. Sweet dreams my little pibble, Merry Christmas! :)


Pitbulls for Dummies? What????

December 19th 2011 4:53 pm
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So mom took a shower and realized when she got out it was quiet. Too quiet. Usually I'm playing with Darcy and mom hears thunderpaws and growling. Silence. Mom came out of the bathroom and saw me on the bed. There were pillows at the end of the bed and mom could just see my head. She said, hey Grunt, whatca doin? She walked over to me and saw it. It was all over the bed. Introduction section removed and distroyed. I found this book, all I could read was Pitbull (that's me) and Dummies... hmmmm... I'm no dummy!! So I decided to edit the book.

Mom saw the book, walked away and came back with here camera. (DUH) She snapped off a bunch of pictures and picked up the shreds of paper. Giggling as mom does. Hmmmm.... I'm not in trouble. Turns out mom got the book as a joke to add to her collection of dog reads. Since I "customized" it for her she wanted pictures to show everyone.

Mom said she's going to post the pictures tomorrow. She's at work right now....

Guess the book learned the hard way, pitbulls are no dummies!


Wahooo I'm Going to Training Classes!

December 17th 2011 12:18 pm
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So mom signed me up for beginning classes starting in January! :) This is gonna be so good. I'll show mom how smart I am! Mom and dad both work on my training throughout the day, but mom says I need to go to class so I can learn how the CGC want's me to behave. Can't wait!

Mom says tomorrow I'm going to learn about the Gentle Leader. That'll sounds like fun. We'll see. Mom used one with Turner and stands by the headcollars. I'm currently using a martindale collar, but mom says nope. Gotta have the GL for class so were going to switch out. I don't care, as long as I go for my walks I'll do whatever! :)

We walking while it was snowing today. Dad's friend met us along the way and gave me big hugs and smiles. I was leaning on him so much I almost toppled him over! I love me some hugs!!

When we got back from the walk. We played with the soccer ball outside. Then mom was making little snowballs for me to find. Mom decided after lunch that she wanted to grind my nails down. I actually fussed a bit! Hmmpf! I'm sleepy and need a nap, it's not time to grind my nails. Well mom and dad got me through it with plenty of yummies. Then I curled up on mom and took a snooze.


We're Hoooommeee!!

December 16th 2011 5:10 pm
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I was so glad to see mommie at the kennel! I was jumping and wigglin! Darcy followed mom out of the kennel are to the waiting room. Hey wait for me! :) Nancy said I had a good time that there wasn't a mean bone in my body! Huh! Pfffftt take that mean 'ol grandpa! :)

We got back to the house and Darcy and I had the zoomies. I kept running and Darcy jumped up on moms bed to chill out. I played for about an hour with mom - LOVED IT! Then it was crash time! Mom left for work and all of my paws were pointed up to the ceiling. I was sprawled out on the sofa, head on the arm, belly up!

It was a good week. Mom is going to schedule is for another week in January. She's going to grandma and grandpa's for an overnight so that means we'll get some more playtime. Yippeee...

Good to be home!


Mom who?

December 13th 2011 7:21 am
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So mom took me and Darcy to the kennel yesterday for a week of playtime with some other pups! Yippee!! When mom pulled into the parking lot it was packed. There was a lady bringing her dog out and I just wanted to go say hi! I was a total wiggle-butt! Mom took in our food containers and came outside to get us. Darcy was beside herself trying to get out - she loves it there! I was so excited I pulled mom to the gate, pawed the gate. Got to the door, pawed the door. Got inside and rushed over to the kennel girl. She took me and Nancy took Darcy to our suites. I heard mom telling them to let any other dogs beat me up so I can get the energy out. Then there was a bunch of laughter. Mom said, gee after forgetting all about me existing he can play all he wants - I want a pooped dog when I pick them up Friday!

Nancy said, no problem, I'll make sure he's exhausted when you get him Friday. Hmmmm.... let the playtime begin!! :):):)


I Don't Think Grandpa Likes Me :(

December 7th 2011 7:45 am
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I dunno. Mom says don't worry, but my feelings are hurt. Here's what happened.

Mom was at work when grandpa arrived. But dad was here. Grandpa pulled up and me and Darcy went to greet him. I was a little shy at first but put on my cutie face and said hello. Well grandpa never said anything to me, never looked at me, nothing. :( So after grandpa put his stuff in his room I greeted him again with a waggin tail. He just looked at me. Let me tell you he looks mean. You know how some people just have a mean look? Well that's grandpa. He finally pet me some and I was happy. Later on grandpa was sitting on the sofa. I was looking at him and he just stared. Never said a word, then pointed his finger at me and said You, you... Me what? He scared me and I growled and barked at him. Stop it you're scaring me! Dad called me over and grabbed a toy to play with me, but I was still concerned, me what?

Well we went to bed and then mom came home after midnight. I stuck to her like glue. We went outside and I felt so much better. We played for a bit and then went to bed.

At 3 am I heard the bathroom door close and I growled and barked. Mom said it was alright it was grandpa. I wasn't sure it was alright and growled some more. When grandpa came out of the bathroom he said, "Boy he's wonderful" in a sarcastic tone to mom.

Up again at 5 am I growled when I heard the bathroom door. It was him again. Well needless to say mom didn't sleep after that.

Mom went in to see grandpa and brought some pupperoni (my favorite). She stood next to dad and treat me. Then she asked dad to give me some treats. He said, "No he snarled at me. He's been hanging around with that other dog - he's to afraid. He showed his fangs at me." Mom said, calmly we can fix it give him some treats. Grandpa refused. Uggghh!

Mom asked dad what happened and he said that grandpa would acknowledge me or treat me and was provoking me with the pointing of the finger at me.

So I stuck with mom and mom made sure I was with her all the time. Grandpa and daddy went hunting up the mountain and mom loaded me with all of our donations to my rescue in the truck and away we went.

She told me I was a good boy and to not be afraid of grandpa that he was "old school" and not friendly. On the way to the rescue mom called in sick at work. She wanted to make sure there was no problems with me and grandpa. We got to Joyful Rescue and the owner and some volunteers greeted us. When they realized who mom was the asked about me. When they saw me they loved on me big time! Score!! When I left the rescue I had a bacterial skin infection and sores all over and now that mom is giving me MSM my fur is so shiney and my skin is beautiful. And boy have I grown since I left! I'm 53 pounds now and still growing...

Well the rescue was soo happy to get all of their donations, it took 4 trips to empty the truck... :) Then mom had a few more stops along the way so I was her road dog for the day! Good fun!

When we got back to the house and me and Darcy played like crazy! It was good to just run around! Then I was pretty tired, I didn't have my nappie because I was with mom. So I settled down for a snooze.

Dad and grandpa came off the mountain and I stuck by mom just like she said to.

The next day mom, dad and grandpa went to go see the elk and were gone most of the day. Yippee!! That meant Darcy and I could chill out! And we did.

Grandpa left on Monday, he tried to give me a cookie and I was still leary, now he wanted me to be nice after giving me mean looks and not talking to me.... I took the cookie and wagged my tail at him. Grandpa shook his head, got in his car and left.

I don't think Grandpa likes me. :(


Deer are a swinging...

November 29th 2011 4:29 pm
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So the hunters came up. All 6 of them. It was so nice of them to come and visit me! :):):) Well they went hunting and one of the trucks came back with a buck on it. They hung it off the porch and mom put my collar on. She let me walk around it and smell it. I snuffed it really good. Later mom let me out on the deck and there was the deer. I got to sniff him from above this time.

Well it rained today, actually it poured. It's supposed to get cold tonight and start snowing. We'll see. Mom sewed up my blue jacket and it fits me real good now.

Oh yea, mom took me to the vets on Monday. I'm 7 months old now and I needed to be weighed. I got to see all of the staff at the vet's off - I just love them! They pet me and hug me! Well I weighed in at 52.8 pounds! Wahooo!! I'm getting sooo big!


Woohooo! Went to the lake - ooooh yea!!

November 25th 2011 3:06 pm
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Mom and dad took me and Darcy for our walk this morning. Boy was it nice out today! Walking down the driveway we say 12 turkeys! Had a perfect walk and then dad said he was going to the Harley Dealer to drop off one of my Christmas pictures (you'll see them soon!). They're having a contest and of course I hope to win! :)

Then mom got me and put me in the truck. Away we went. Mom drove us to town where we walked around the lake. There were hundreds of geese on the town side of the lake. Boy were they loud! Mom and I walked the whole lake - it takes about an hour. Got back in the truck and headed for the house. Darcy was there hopping and barking at us when we got home! She really gave mom the business for leaving her! Ha!

When mom walked in the house, Darcy came in and was jumping, yes jumping, up at mom! Mom was so shocked she smiled and gave Darcy a good rub!! There must've been some magic in that Turkey and gravey yesterday!

Well my second walk made me pretty tired. I tried to get mom to take a nap with me but mom wasn't falling for it. She had loads of things to do before work.

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