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April 17th 2012 6:46 pm
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wow! I'm 9 months old and I been to 5 other state so far!! My people parents had to go to Utah in Sept and since I was too young to be boarded I got to go with them. STar had to be boarded! Whatever that mean I will get to find out in the summer they said. Anyhow I got to learn that in Utah ther is no grass to piss in you have to potty in rock!! ugh! Then in October I had to deal with momma crying every day she was told she was going to get layoff in Janurary in 2012 and there wouldn't be any money to take care of me and Star. Well for three months she cried then she didn't go to work and now she is sort of okay.

She said that someday she will find another job for now we have to help her work her garden if we didnt' noone would get fed. So She takes Star and I up there to where Daddy put in raised beds for her and where she grumbles and work her garden we dig up bugs and good tasty dirt to eat. At first she got mad at us now she jsut lets us do it and once a week she gives us this yechy medicson to take saying it will prevent worms that would be inthe soil we eat. I been really sick twice from eating nails and rocks and things that I'm not supposed to eat , my vet jsut tells momma that is what puppies do.

She was a responisbile pet owner she got a coupon to have me spayed right before she lost her job so now noone runs after me like they did on the county road when she takes us for our walks. Daddy walks us twice on a 1/4 mile walk and she takes me out every time I ask her to!

She is now teaching me how to sit, come, heel and lay down on command. I reward her by sleeping on her chest and licking her face when she crys because once again she didn't get the job she tries for. Said noone wants her since she talks funny with her speech impairment. She had to borrow money when her car died and get another car for us to ride in and she had to borrow money to buy food for us.

In March she was told she had to had all of her teeth remove to live and she isnt' able to eat so she feeds us, just says that she dont' have a way to eat anyhow so why care about herself she loves me and STar and she will do everything possilbe to make us happy!

Anyhow while Ilove having my momma home to play and treat us nice and have fun with I wish she was happy. She goes around and look sad when she looks at her check book this morning. Saying that she didn't know what to do that she loved us soo much but if things don't get better she will have to find a good home for us . Noone cares about her but us and she die without us in her life so she prays everynight for amiracle to keep us in her life. we are her family and our daddy which is her landlord is fussy about money owed. so I hope before i get my birthday that things will get better for my family .

Iprotect them all I got where I bark and warn people not to get too close to us, I dont' want anyone hurting momma anymmore. but she tells me not to bark. She makes handmade soap to sell for a few dollars now. and managed to get us some new chew bones every now and then. I love my momma and STar they are my wonderful family who takes care of me since I 'm not getting bigger and going to be a small doggie.




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