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socilizing with people

August 13th 2011 12:53 pm
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Momma drove me down to the Bargin Sales on HWy 64 today she said I need to like people and strangel noises!. That Star my bloodline real cousin liked therapy work but she doesn't do well with anyone? That Beltane like everyone and she was started at my age being taken everywhere and loved by everyone!

So MOmma carried me to different yard sales . she gave me several time to nice people who wanted to hold me and loved me. I liked that. then once she got her stuff she would take me back to go to the car and drive to another sale. There were motorcycles made me scared, loud voices strange noises and the train went thru Atkins but as long as I was held by her I knew I was safe!. Everyone says my bred cannot be a therapy dog!! but Star is very well known for her personality and if she can do it I can do it! Momma said there is extra training for therapy work and if possible she will do everything she can do to teach me how to do it! we have a year to do it she says!! So far its been a long and tiring day and she put me in my box to rest I am tired!! I was petted from 2 yrs olds to 90 yr old people today. . One lady cried she just lost her doggie and she wanted to love me a bit and momma said sure that's what makes a good therapy dog . I will tell of my next adventure as soon as I have one she promised I will, lots of them!! Yawn!! good night!




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