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June 26th 2006 11:47 am
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I am being harassed by someone because they are calling me an irresponsible dog owner for not taking my dog to the vet when she had bladder stones. I did speak with a vet over the phone and they said that it was not an emergency if she was still able to urinate. She has not passed a stone in about a week now. I did change her food and she is eating normally. So please, if you have a problem with me, p-mail me don't use the magnets to make your point.


Bladder stones

June 20th 2006 1:39 pm
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Icky! That's how I felt on Sunday. Mommy noticed I wasn't going potty like normal and my grandma decide to rub my belly(my favorite thing). All of a sudden I really HAD TO GO! I walked over near the door and squated(which I don't do very often) and a very large stone popped out and I pottied a lot. They didn't want to stop me because I was finally going. I felt great the rest of Sunday and all day yesterday. This morning I also felt pretty good. But this afternoon was a different story, I started having my potty problem again! So, mom rubbed my belly and another large stone came out as I was going potty outside. So, my problems aren't over yet, but right now I'm feeling pretty good and I'm going potty like normal. Mommy and daddy really don't have the money to take me to the vet right now. Mommy is very worried about me and doesn't like it when I don't feel good. She feel so helpless. So, I ask you pups to pray for me that I get better! Thank you all so much for your rosettes and kind words. They mean a lot to us.


We will be gone for a little while.

May 2nd 2006 4:14 pm
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Mommy and daddy are having financial difficulties right now so our internet has been shut off(mommy is at the inlaws) We will be back as soon as we possibly can. We love you all and will miss you all so very much. But don't be sad. Remember we are still praying for you and thinking about you every day. Hope to see you guys again soon.

With Love for all of you,



April 24th 2006 12:43 pm
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Yesterday I was dog of the day. I have never felt so much love in my whole life. I recieved so many rosettes and pup pal requests. I wanted to thank you all here since it would be so hard to write each one individually.

Today, Snoopy's grandma is doing better. The power of prayer really work guys. Keep up your prayers for all of our pals.

Gotta go for now, I will write again soon.

With Love for all my pals,




April 16th 2006 6:05 pm
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I just wanted to write a special entry about my very special pals I have here one dogster. One in particular I would like to thank would be Snoopy who gave me a dogster plus membership because I had mentioned my daddy had recently gotten back from Iraq after a one year deployment and that we would probably be getting dogster plus in a few months when my mommy and daddy got extra money. Well, Snoopy being as thoughtful as he is, decided that I deserved a special dogster plus membership as a GIFT! I've gotten lots of bones in my day and a few rosettes but this was a very thoughtful gift and I would like to thank him once again. Thanks to all your prayers daddy returned safely a few months ago. I would like to thank you all for the support you had given me while he was gone. It made my mom and I very happy that we had so many special friends.


Please pray for my pals.

August 6th 2005 3:26 pm
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I just wanted to write an entry about all my pals who I love so much. I want you all to know that our pal Little Bit needs our prayers as she fights cancer again. I also would like you to pray for my buddy Peaches who is a diabetic.
My pal Sawdust hasn't been feeling the greatest so please keep him in your thoughts. I love you all get well soon!!

Chat at ya later,


Can't wait 'til tomorrow!

July 30th 2005 12:45 pm
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Well, tomorrow we are moving into a house! I've always been an apartment dog but now I get my own house that I can share with my mommy and daddy. Right now daddy is in Iraq but he gets to come home for a visit next month. I won't get to be on dogster tomorrow = ( but Monday we get cable and internet so I will be back! Well that is all for now. I would also like to ask you all to please pray for my pals who are sick and those who have passed on.

Chat at ya later

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