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The Fearless 4 Triumphs

Hanging out at home!

June 4th 2012 9:58 am
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Last week we had another week without rain. Mom & NeeNee were away on a trip to California. She said she remained spoiled the whole time by all of the relatives! Good girl, gotta work the relatives. We were home with Dad. He always let's us run in and out of the house, and since he was planting the garden in raised beds, he let us run around the garden too! We discovered gophers and have been digging at them in mom's flower garden BOL! Dad wasn't too happy with that but we get away with it sometimes. One day a cat jumped into our backyard where all 3 of us were hanging out. That cat had to fight it's way out of there, but we won by chasing it away and only getting a few scratches. Mom wouldn't have been happy with us if she had been home!

Our across the road neighbors came home from their winter house. A cute lil bichon named Angie lives there. She came over to our house to visit one day. She has never been on a leash. She has a doggie door and can go in & out as much as she wants. She often sleeps on the porch!!! The best thing is that she leaves her treats around their yard, so it's like an Easter egg hunt. We like visiting Angie.

We also were sneaking out of the yard BOL!!! Dad didn't know it, but when he mowed the lawn in the front yard, he damaged the fencing and we were able to squeeze through a hole. But when Uncle came to visit and they were working out in the garage on motorcycles, we couldn't hold back! We gave ourselves away by showing up in the garage. So he patched it, or thought he did! hehehe!

Mom came home and Dad took off on a 3 day motorcycle trip. Winston was sick and the vet said he ate something bad, so he had to go on medicine. Then, a couple days later mom kept finding Winston & Lily outside of the yard. She spent hours looking for the places where we could escape but every time she turned her back, we'd escape again!!! Finally, mom said to Lily "where are you getting out?!" Lily went right up to the fence and bit it. It was where Dad had patched the fence but it didn't look like there were any openings. So she got smart and went around to the outside where Lily was standing and found the big hole! After patching it, she tried to round us up. After a game of chasing each other and running circles around Mom, she was able to get us back into the yard.

Well, the Fearless Four are maintaining their reputations as a feisty pack. We try to make life an adventure! Let's see what else we can get into!!!


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