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The Fearless 4 Triumphs


March 8th 2012 3:48 am
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We have some visitors at our house. Two dachshunds named Newt and Spot. They were both rescues too. They travel with their daddy in his RV. They are returning home after a several week trip to New Mexico and Southern California. Being service dogs, they get to go everywhere with their daddy - even in restaurants!!! Man, can you imagine getting to do that! Their dad also drives a ural motorcycle like our dad, and the two of them ride with him.

They got to go for a ride this morning with our dad & their dad. Then we all played at our house. We have a big fenced in front yard and backyard that is completely dog safe. The sun was shining so the door was opened from the house to the deck. We all just ran and sniffed from one end to another. They don't play with toys. But Winston convinced their dad to throw a toy for him hehehe! He always gets visitors to do that!!! Every one was so well behaved that we all got extra treats.

Newt was really cold so mom tried a few sweaters on him. Winston's fit him best so he's wearing that tonight. Winston thinks that maybe he'll never have to wear it again, but then we heard the parents talking about going to buy sweaters for Newt & Spot tomorrow. Darn!

They're sleeping in the RV at night. So we'll see them in the morning again for another day of play. Finn might get to go riding with them tomorrow!

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Fearless Four


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