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Life in the real world!

REAL FOOD!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!! Let's roll in it!

March 10th 2005 4:23 am
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Woohoo! My name is Rascal and I can speak for ALL of us when I say that this has been an exciting few days! We started eating REAL FOOD! We don't have our teeth all the way in but our human momma says that our mom is a little wore out from feeding all of us so she started making this mix for us. I heard her saying that it was goats milk with puppy food. It is SO YUMMY! She takes 2 or 3 of us at a time downstairs and we get to go nuts! She doesn't try to clean us up or make us have manners either. She just lets us walk all through it, lick it off each other...whatever. She says that this is our chance to 'be little' and she wants to enjoy it while she has us. I heard her saying that this country song called 'let them be little' always makes her cry cause she thinks of us. She is such a softie. She was saying that she didn't know how she was going to let us go, and I don't know what she means by that, but I don't want to go ANYWHERE! I love being with my siblings and playing! I love climbing all over human momma and daddy. Daddy is funny because he is this big tuff guy and we're not supposed to tell anyone, but when he holds us, he makes baby sounds and gives us lots of kisses too....ssssh...don't tell anyone, he says it will ruin his reputation!


What kind of name is Pepper?

March 8th 2005 12:39 pm
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Supposedly the human momma named me after a POODLE that she had when she was young. Whatever! Human momma thinks that I am adorable and unique because I have sort of curly hair and noone of my brothers and sisters do. I am also the only one that is really black far, I have BLUE eyes! Human momma says that they are a beautiful electric blue and says that I am her special, beautiful girl. I AM! They think I am shy, but I am just not as high maintenance as the other girls. Dot and Lil Bit definitely act like they are princesses, they are soooo vain! Annie and I are a little more alike. She and I stick together, Dot and Spot are the type to be cheerleaders while Annie and I are more likely to play softball. I can't wait to get my teeth in either, I am nibbling on everything trying to get them to come in quicker. If some of these boys get theirs before me, I am doomed!


It's not howling, it is singing!

March 8th 2005 12:25 pm
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Well, what did they expect? They leave this radio in the bathroom playing country music, of course I am going to sing along! Apparently, they like it because they coo all over me when I tip my head back, wrinkle my bottom lip and let out my little howls. My name is Spot, by the way. Human momma thinks that Dot (my sister with the 'dot' on her head) and I look very Australian Shepherd like. Dot is brown and white to my black and white and she is a little smaller, but she thinks that I am her pillow. I just love to sing, especially if I am not getting attention, I just entertain myself. What's wrong with that?


I have mastered the 'puppy dog eyes' look!

March 8th 2005 12:22 pm
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Hi everyone! My name is Tux and I may be little, but I am brave! Last night, I got to meet my uncle Jake and aunt Cookie, I even got to meet my feline uncle Moco Loco ( I don't think he liked me much...he did this weird hissing thing at me when I went to him).
So, here's the deal, I am totally in love with my human momma and want to be in her lap or held by her all the time. I am the first one in her lap when she sits on the floor and if she is standing, I have figured out that if I stare at her long enough and make little yipping noises that she will pick me up and cuddle and love on me........oooooh that is heaven! My human momma says that I am quite the ladies man! Even my markings say so since it looks like I am way over-dressed. This is such fun!


I can see! I can See!

March 1st 2005 6:39 pm
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Hellooooo out there! This is Bandit and I have bragging rights for being the first one of us to SEE! I opened my eyes for the first time this Saturday. That creature that comes to take care of us, besides momma, came in and checked us all over, like she always does, and when she went to give me MY kiss on my head, she froze! She started leaking something from her eyes and just kept saying 'you can see me, you can see little Bandit'!
It took TWO whole other days for the rest of my brothers and sisters to even begin to open theirs! I had a major advantage for those days cause I could SEE where I was going and they couldn't. It was soooo cool!
The creature is really good to me and hugs and kisses all of us a million times a day. She is always giving momma these things she calls calcium supplements but momma won't share. The creature also seems to give way too much attention to my little sister because she is still so small. What she doesn't know is that she is really, really scrappy! She pretends to be all tiny and helpless but that girl shoves me out of the way all the time! I think she is destined to be an actress or something. Anyway, hahaha, I can SEEEEE!


Today we are 10 days old!

February 25th 2005 5:44 am
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Wow, our first ten days in the world have been nothing like it was inside momma! We think that there is some other creature that comes in and takes care of us sometimes, but we can't see yet. This creature hugs on us, cleans us up, we think she loves on momma and gives her food and treats or something too. Hopefully, we'll all be able to see soon.
I am Jersey, the biggest one of the bunch, so I am going to do the talking today. Let's see, there are ten of us and there are two small girl pups that IN MY OPINION that foreign creature seems to favor. The creature keeps taking me off momma and putting these two small females on. It is not MY fault that they aren't as tuff as me! But I don't complain, I just go back and sleep some more. Now, there are a few of those pups that make me a little nuts. They complain and whine about everything! I hate to name names but TUX, SPOT AND PEPPER don't ever shut up! Now, Rascal, he is my buddy and he is really laid back. UGH, all I can say is that I hope I will be able to open my eyes real soon! I want to see this foreign creature!

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