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It's Not Easy Being A Princess Volume I

I'm 10 years old today

December 14th 2007 10:10 am
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Hey everyone. Well I turned 10 years old today.

My day began by momma telling me and singing happy woofday to me. Mom says I have made the past 10 years very happy for her. I wish my brother Mickey was still here to celebrate with me but he is an angel now and will always look over us. It still makes us sad that he isn't with us any longer but we know he is at the rainbow bridge where he is happy and doesn't feel any pain. He was not only my brother, but my best friend. I woof you Mickey.

Then we went to our favorite group which just happens to be to best group on earth, Fatboy's, and we've been having a pawty to celebrate my woofday. I got all kinds of well wishes, rosettes and special gifts left on my page and pictures and emails. Wow I am such a lucky girl. Not only that but i've gotten cards in the mail and a very special package from my boyfriend BooBoo. He is so pawsome. He sent me a pink elephant, a kangaroo, a good cuz and even sent stuff to my momma. What a sweetheart. He's so handsome and dreamy I just woof him.

Mom pawmised me she would pick up some frosty paws at the store on her way in from work tonight. I know she will. She never let's me down. She takes good care of us and we all woof her.

Well the day is still young so I'm gonna go celebrate some more with my wonderful friends.


I've Been Love Tagged

July 19th 2007 7:23 am
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My pal, Duke has love tagged me. Thank You!

Actually, it is part of a new thing going around Dogster, it's called "You are loved!" Here's how it goes: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! It's really hard for me to pick just 3 doggers cause I love all my pals! They are all special to me, but, I'll try to narrow it down to three:

My first pick is BooBoo. He is a chocolate lab. He is so sweet, caring, kind, considerate and most of all handome, charming & dreamy. He is always nice and polite. He is also my hot chocolate honey bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention he is the bestest at applying sunblock. :-) I had a huge crush on him and then he asked me to the anti-prom at Fatboy's in May. I was so honored!!!!!!!! I guess you could say we've been dating every since. He has the cutest bunny brother named Top Dog Bunny. And he is a pawsome brother to his bunny brother and a pawsome guy to everyone that knows him. I Love ya BooBoo!!!!

The second doggie I am going to name is Harmony. Harmony is such a sweet gal. My sister actually dates her brother Jake. Harmony always knows how to uplift your spirits. She's a riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of think we resemble a lot and I am honored. Right now her grammy is sick so we are sending lots of extra love her way. And you gotta love a gal that has three doggie brothers and a fiesty sister and can stand her own with them. I Love Ya Harmony.

The third doggie I'm tagging is Turkey. I know, I know he's already been tagged but here is why I am tagging him. We don't get along that great but I still love him and push come to shove i'd climb someone if they hurt him or mistreated him. He really is a sweet guy. He's got mom and dad wrapped around his little paws anyway. I guess since I was nearly 9 when he came along I didn't feel like playing that much. But I love you little brother.

These are the pups I am off to tag!!!


I've Been Tagged

May 23rd 2007 7:36 am
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Hey fellow dogster pals! My pal Duke tagged me. I get to choose 7 of my pals to tag.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me - SADIE:

1. I love to eat sauerkraut.

2. I love water

3. I love to cuddle next to momma when she sleeps

4. I love DOGSTER, most of all the group FatBoys

5. I love to ride on the golf cart with my daddy

6. I love to play with my sister Sparkles and my brother Turkey

7. I have a HUGE CRUSH on a certain doggy in one of my groups!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass on the fun...

Your friend, Sadie
Now I tag:

1. Sparkles
2. Turkey
3. Jerry
4. Lady
5. Sally
6. Lexi Noel



April 20th 2007 11:13 am
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Hey all. It's been a little while since I have wrote in my diary. We have been getting ready for my sister Sparkle's surjery.She has it April 26th and they will do surjery on her ACL. Mommy has had the big girl talk with me and told me I have to be extra good when Sparkles comes home because she won't be able to play with me for a very long time. I just want her to get better.

Momma took me for my yearly shots and the vet first thought I had caterracts but then said I am just getting old but said for a dog nearly 10 I sure didn't act that old.


My Valentines Day

February 15th 2007 8:58 am
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I had a terruffic valentines day. We got pupcorn, squeeky toys, i got a new camoflauge sweatshirt, a tee shirt that says diva dog because mommy says i am her little diva and best of all mommy got me pet health insurance. And then monday I got a sweet package from my secret pup pal. They sent me a card, tennis balls and a heart rope toy. I love it. I hope my brother is having fun at the bridge with all his pals.



My Birthday Dec. 14

December 20th 2006 8:52 am
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My birthday went pretty well. Mommy bought us cookies at a pet store that a doggie bakery had made. They were delicious. Mine was in the shape of a bone and had icing on it.

The only thing missing was Mickey (my brother). He's been at the bridge for nearly three months now and I still miss him. This was my first birthday without him but momma told me he was with me in spirit and would always be my guardian angel. She must have been right because I got a special pink rosette from him. It made mommy cry and my human aunt said not to read what he wrote to her because she would cry. Everyone that knew my brother Mickey loved him especially my human great-grandma that passed away last year. She loved him because mommy would take him to see her and he would lay his head in her lap. Coincidentally, they passed almost a month to the day of each other and got sick exactly 1 yr to the date of each other. Everyone tells us that Mickey is in good hands because he has my human great-grandma with him.

Maybe next year will be better. I am finally playing with our baby brother Turkey now.

Woof Woof,


To My Brother, I Miss You and Love You

December 1st 2006 4:26 pm
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Well I want to write a diary entry to my brother and mommy said it was okay. I really miss you Mickey. Last night mommy got one of your pictures and I laid my head on it. It touched momma so much she laid her head down on me and cried. You will never know how much we miss you. Mommy and daddy still worry about me. They know I miss you like nothing else. Mommy won't say your name around me because I go to the door and start looking for you to come in. If you walked through the door right now I promise I would bark and cry and jump around for a month, probably longer. I would also be so good and never bother you. But, I know you are now a doggy angel and will not let anything bad happen to me, my sissy's, brother's, momma and daddy. I miss you mickey and I LOVE Y OU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you furrever,


Good Grief!!!

November 30th 2006 6:43 am
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I can not believer my litte, spoiled rotten, pretty boy brother, Festus, got one of the diary's of the day. He thinks his good looks can get him anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that's okay. I love him anyway. I guess i'm just green with envy


Daddy's Little Helper

November 19th 2006 12:24 pm
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I helped my daddy clean his truck out today. Actually, I sat in the back seat and watched him. My little brother Turkey, he is a jack russell, got sick in it. His picture ain't on dogster yet but it will be.


I Miss My Brother Mickey

November 15th 2006 3:11 pm
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I miss my brother Mickey very much. My Brother mickey passed away Oct. 2, 2006. He became ill suddenly. My brother was 12 and I am 9. I was with him all but 6 weeks of my life. He was my brother, my protector and my best bud. It hurts my very much when I hear his name. Momma showed me his urn the other night because I keep running across the road to see if he is over there where the dogs keep barking at. I still have my sissy Sparkles. She's been with us for nearly 4 1/2 years now and we are close too. I'm glad I have her with me. But no doggy can ever replace my Mickey. I love you Mickey.

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