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What a bad day

November 5th 2012 3:18 pm
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April 8, 2012 – It is a nice day and mommy went for a long walk. Daddy came home and asked me if I wanted to find mommy. We walk and walk and finally caught up with mommy. This was a pretty long walk for me and I am tired. We were only a half a block away from home and I don’t know why I just can stand up. I just keep falling down. What the heck is wrong with me? Daddy picks me up and I fell down again. A few minutes passed and I feel better now and can walk again without falling down. I can’t wait to get home. I feel OK the rest of the night.
April 09, 2012 – I sleep next to mommy most of the day. She had back surgery and rest a lot. Dad came home and I have dinner. I eat everything. We went for a walk so I can go peepee. Look I see another dog. I have to project mommy and daddy so I start barking at the another dog and all of a son I can stand up. I just keep falling down. I feel so dizzy and the world is spinning so fast. Daddy picks me up and I still can’t stand up. What the matter with me? We go into the house and I feel wobbly. I jump up on mommy because, I do not feel well and I fall down on the floor. Mommy get up- set and starts to get dressed to go out. Please, don’t leave me alone I’m scared. I make my way on to the couch and try to sleep but my world is spinning. I can’t see anything but the ceiling. My eyes are affixed to the ceiling and I can’t move them. I feel real sick. Daddy picks me up and brings me to the car. No! No! – Not the car. Mommy drives the car. Where are we going? Daddy holds me and watches me. Oh No!!!! I really sick now and I start to throw-up. Daddy quickly gets a towel and I throw-up in it. Oh no! Not again I throw-up again and again. I am very sick now. Mommy comes and hugs me. Daddy carries me in to the animal emergency room and a lady comes out and rushes me in the back. Mommy, mommy where are you I am so scared. Don’t leave me please don’t leave me. They tell mommy and dad I either have Vestibular, an inner ear infection or a brain tumor. They want to do a MRI to find out but mommy asks how would you treat the inner ear infection or Vestibular? Vet says antibiotic and Meclizine. Mommy and daddy decided to go with the treatment and see how I do because; I am too old and may not make it through an MRI. They handed me to daddy. They gave me some good drugs and I am calm now but I am very out of it. He takes me to the car and I begin to sway back and forth uncontrollable. What going on? The vets are taking a long time to get my medication. I just want to go home and rest in my bed. Than daddy leaves me in the car and tells mommy that I am real bad and how are we going to take care of me. Mommy just had two back surgeries and can lift me. Mommy goes back to the vet and asks it I will be alright. She says yes but you can’t account for something else going wrong. Mommy tells the vet she cannot take care of me and just had surgery. The vet was surprised and said we could leave me at the hospital until I get better. Mommy and daddy are relieved I will be taking care of so closely. Mommy crying and does not want to leave me but she know they can take better care of me. Now we just have to wait and see if I come out of it or not. I feel like I have human vertigo.


MY 14th Birthday Party!!!!!!!!!

November 9th 2011 6:53 pm
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I was so exited!!! We finally celebrated my 14th birthday on Sunday. The theme was Little Mermaid and my Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John came to the party. I had steak and cake. The guest brought me presents. MMMMMM!!!! 3 different kinds of treats. Mommy made me a Mermaid cake. It was so pretty and mmmmmm good. I round around like I was a puppy. Mommy said I sound like a herd of elephants when I was running around the living room. I was having so much fun I did not want to go outside and do my dodo. I also went under the dining room table but mommy grabbed me and put me outside just in time. I just did not want to miss anything. What a good time I had at my party. We told a family picture, too. My uncle John had to take lots of picture because, I kept looking around at what was happening but finally got one good one. He has to practice more he cut off daddy's head in one of the pictures. Thanks mommy and daddy for a wonderful 14th Birthday Party.


Today my 14th Birthday - WOOHOO!!!!!

October 30th 2011 5:38 am
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Today's my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I am 14 today. I feel great even thou it snowed, yesterday. WOW!!!!! That was some snow storm. We lost power at 3:30pm and did not get it back until 2:00am. I was so cold even with my sweater on and snuggling on my bed with a blanket. How cold was it? It was so cold my teeth were chattering. Mommy says I sound funny when I chatter. But it got nice and warm when the power came back on. MMMMMM warmmmmm. I so sad they had to postpone my birthday party, yesterday but we will have it next week. My parties theme is the Little Mermaid. I get to have my own cake and steak for my birthday. I usually have lamb and rice for dinner. I think that is why I am so healthy at 14. I have to take Dermamaxx for my arthritis and needed a blood test to make sure my liver and kidneys are not affected. The doctor called yesterday and said I am doing great.!!!! All my blood work came back great for an older dog and if any dog at any age. Mommy and daddy are so happy I am doing so well. They love me so much and give me kisses all the time. I guess it is going to be a lazy day but next week we PARTY!!!!


I feel happy, today

April 15th 2011 1:31 pm
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It was a gray day and I did not want to get out of bed. I was real bad. Daddy took me out for a walk at 4:30am but I just wanted to sniff everything. Boy was he mad. Mommy woke me up at 10am with breakfast in bed. MMMMMM Waffles MMMMMM. I just wanted to go back to be but mommy insisted I put on my sweater. It's a little cool, today. Mommy did want me to chatter anymore. It sounds funny when I chatter my teeth. Mommy had to go out for a while and the extra sleep really helped. Mommy came home and I was ready for a walk - ha ha run. I still fast for an old girl. I just wanted to run around and be a dog. I begged her for some of her French fries she can resist the puppy face. MMM French fries... And now I'm ready for a nap. I can't wait for daddy to come home than I get another walk. I like to sniffy.

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