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HannaH's Happy Tales

Shake Paw

March 8th 2013 12:02 pm
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Dear HannaH~

It's been almost 3 weeks that you've been ATB. I miss you. I miss your big ol' stinky self.

The living room is back in order, the house smells better, Scout & gOLdA are calmer......and YOU ARE MISSED.

HannaH, you made me laugh every day. The way you'd stretch so slowly before going out in the morning, the way you'd be soooo pokey slow in coming in from outside. When it was dinner time and you would get so excited...that was fun to watch. I loved watching you turn in circles while Dad was bringing your bowl to you. The barking? Well, I even got used to that & loved it.

I wish I knew why you would come running into the living room & bite the corner of the chair. LOL. So cute & I always smiled.

Every day I miss having you sit by me & give me your big ol' paw to shake. We had the best time with that. I love you, baby girl. And I loved that big ol' paw.

Of course, the thing that made me smile the most was your Happy HannaH Tail. I hope you are wiggling your butt & making that tail wag ATB.

I love you, HannaH!


Home Again Home Again Basset-y Basset

February 27th 2013 8:29 pm
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Dear HannaH Belle Louise~

Gawsh, I miss you, pretty girl. You sure could make me smile.

If you were here, I bet you'd be laying in the dining room. Would you be laying on your back with all 4 feet in the air? Or would you be sprawled out on your side with your so-soft ear flung over your eyes? I'd be able to say your name and your happy tail would thump.

And, oh golly, look what time it is? It's's time for Dad to go out & get your Milk Bone. Funny thing, ever since you've been gone Dad has still been bringing in THREE bones ---- seems Dad just can't give you up, either.

You finally came "home" yesterday. Not in the way I'd like, of course. The funeral home placed "you" in a pretty bag with a ribbon. I saw a card inside....I haven't been able to read it yet. I know they mean to be kind but I don't want their sympathy....I want my HannaH Belle.

It's really hard to believe I won't see you again, your pretty face, your great big feet, that happy happy tail.....


Happy HannaH Memories on a Rainy Cold Day

February 20th 2013 2:48 pm
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Dear HannaH Belle Louise~

I think you would be surprised at how much you are missed. I know you didn't really ever settle in to this being your home. It was. You completed our group.

It's very quiet without you. There's no crying at 3 in the morning to let us know you want to go out. At dinner time there's no excited barking to tell Dad to "hurry up, I want to eat". Of course, there's no growling from Scout that you might steal his food ... or water.... or bed....or toy.

Last night I so wanted to see you walk across the living room & bite the corner of the chair.

Wherever you are, dear sweet baby girl, I hope you feel the love I have for you. I will always treasure your sweet sweet face & your funny ways.

And oh my dog, I will always remember your Happy Happy Tail!!

Love You,

Your Forever Mama


Letter to HannaH Belle Louise

February 18th 2013 8:58 am
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Dear HannaH~

I miss you this morning. You left so suddenly for the Bridge on Saturday. I know, I know. You told me Friday you were ready to go. I thought we had the weekend. I had so much more I wanted to tell you & so much more love to give you.

Were you scared? I hope not. You deserve to never be scared, never to be sad again.

I know I was your mama for only a short time....1 year, 11 months. Not near long enough for me. We hadn't even really settled in to each other yet, had we? I loved you, though. I loved you the first day I saw you.

This morning reality hit REALLY ARE GONE. I fed everyone and you weren't there to scarf up the extras. I couldn't give you your insulin or your pill. You were such a champ. Always taking your medications so easily, never growling or snarling at me. What a girl!

And you were the most beautiful girl Basset I've ever seen. Ever! I can't believe I won't be able to see your sweet face again. Or pet those long, gorgeous ears.

Most of all, I'm going to miss your Happy Tail! Everyone always commented on how happy your tail wags were. You just wiggled your whole butt and it made me happy to see you wag that tail. Even when you were sickest you tried to wag a happy tail.

I miss you HannaH Belle Louise. Please know that I may have been your short term mama, but I was your FOREVER mama and I'll miss you all of my days.

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