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Life is Good


April 29th 2011 1:44 am
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My first contact with rescue was when I was just a little six week old puppy. The human that owned my mom took me and my two sisters and brother and put us out on a dirt road. We didn't know what to do and we had no food or water. There was an old fence row, so we found the biggest post we could and sat next to it. Late at night we saw some bright lights coming down the road and a lady got out and spoke to us. She said she couldn't help us right then, but to stay where we were and she would be back. She gave us some sandwiches and she was gone.

The next day she came back with another lady and they made some phone calls, but things weren't sounding too good for anyone helping us. All the rescue groups were full. The ladies took us home with them anyway. They said they knew enough to post us on the internet and find homes. They started their own rescue group that day to help the overcrowded conditions in Georgia.

After awhile my brother got adopted. He lives in Colorado now. My sisters grew up and started attacking me and some of the other dogs. The humans worked with them for months, but they kept getting worse and had to put down out of safety concerns. I grew up while the other dogs around me moved away and were replaced by new ones.

Finally one day it was my turn to get a forever home. A nice lady all the way in California adopted me. I got to travel across the country in an air conditioned van with a really nice lady that I just loved. Even though I got nervous every time she got me out of the van, she knew how to help me calm down.

Once I got to California I didn't do so good. My adopter was really nice, but I needed someone to tell me what to do and when to do it. I need lots of structure and she just wasn't that type of person. I threatened her dog and the dog trainer. I started guarding my food and toys from everyone. I know I caused her a lot of heart break and I am grateful that she could see things between us weren't going to work.

She got me back on the van and made sure it had the same driver again and I was back on way to Georgia. I had such a fun time on the van the lady let me ride an extra trip into Florida before returning me to Georgia. My foster mom met me when I got out and I was really nervous. She got my leash and we ran until I felt better.

It wasn't much longer before foster mom just became my mom. I lived inside with her for awhile, but I would get more nervous everyday, so now I have a great big outdoor pen all to myself. I like living outside much better than inside. I've had a few accidents over the years and have hurt some of the other dogs. Mom bought me a basket muzzle and now I can run around and play without having to worry about hurting anyone.

I am glad they found me that day and decided to help me. Even though things didn't work out perfectly for my litter, I am grateful that we at least got a chance. If people didn't go around rescuing and adopting us dogs then me and my siblings would have sat beside that road and died. I am always glad when I see one of the foster dogs here go away with a great family smiling all the way down the road. There are some really special dogs out there waiting for the perfect family to come along and love them and for everyone of those dogs who get united, one more homeless dog can be picked up and start its own journey home.


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Barked by: Daphne (Dogster Member)

April 29th 2011 at 9:33 pm

You are such a cutie and it sounds like you are right where you were ment to be.

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