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All about Pink

March 22nd 2011 8:24 pm
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Pink is everywhere. Sure, it's got something to do with spring. After months of dark dreary shades, everyone's ready for a little splash of color. Storefronts are shedding their winter skins and suddenly it seems like everywhere you look, pink, orange, blue and bright spring green abound.

But there's more to it than that. When it comes to dog accesories, pink is most definitely "in". Doggie fashion insiders swear that the trend really started with the release of Legally Blonde (2001), which featured a hip LA law student toting her chihuahua in a bright pink carrier. She brought "Barbie"-style pink back in fashion in a big way.

The question is, will it last? Or are dog moms and dads doomed to spending hundreds of dollars on a pink wardrobe and accessories only to find out that pink has become so five minutes ago?

Well Puff get a pink vest at he looks so charming in this little awesome cloth! Pink is going to stick around for a while when it comes to doggie fashion and other doggie products like carriers and beds. Let's face it.


Pet Fashion Copy the Catwalk

April 6th 2011 1:05 am
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Regardless of the type of animal, pet fashion tends to be found in styles similar to those on human runways.
There are definite parallels between pet and human fashions in terms of color, pattern, and emblems.
Experts predict that wedding apparel and accessories for pets will be the next big fashion. While eco-friendly is fashionable right now. Mums and Dads can support this trend in many ways, from purchasing all natural clothing and accessories for us, to outfitting us in apparel stating ‘go green’ messages.
No matter if you are trendsetting fashionistas or a conservative dressers, you won’t have to look far to find clothing that fits their personal style on


A Special Gift from Puff’s Passed Grandma

May 13th 2011 2:41 am
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Today is a different day for Puff. The mixture of happiness and sorrow. Puff has never seen his grandparents. But now he should receive a gift from his passed grandma—a dog toy. It is said his grandma never let anyone else touch her toy. Puff smells about his grandma from this special gift, and happily plays with it. I believe he can feel what his grandma felt because they are families. As to this special gift, I invite you to guess. A small hint is on … Finally, you got the answer?


When Two Doggies Meet With A Kitty

May 24th 2011 2:38 am
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Today when I take Puff and Elina out for a short walk, they surprise me a lot.
At first, they happily stroll and play with each other now and then. But suddenly they bark loudly. I am confused for I find nothing strange. Then I ignore their reaction and wanna make them walk forward. However, they just refuse to move and look at me. This time I check it carefully. There is a kitty by the river bank. It seems to be sympathetic. I walk near and put it on my palm. Interestingly, the two guys are very friendly to their new friend. Occasionally, they smell at that kitty.
When we wanna take that kitty home to feed, its owner comes. My two little boys have to say goodbye to their new friends.
As a gift for their friendliness to that kitty, I buy two pairs of shoes from The two guys are happy very much.


Puff’s Bad Habbit

May 25th 2011 8:02 pm
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Puff has developed a bad habit recently for he like to bite and chew things. I am freaked out with this. Moreover, what I said to him seems does not work at all. I have no idea now. But I have observed and found Puff does not chew things with good fragrance. I guess he likes good smell. In order to help him get rid of such a bad habit, I bought a doggy toy on By searching on the Internet, I am informed that such a toy can help dogs avoid bad chewing habit and grow up healthily.
And I find it seems to work. Now Puff play with his toy happily and chewing nothing else. He is very busy with his work. Of course, I am happy for it.


How Often Puff Should Have a Bath

June 5th 2011 1:53 am
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Determining how often Puff should have a bath can be somewhat tricky and it really depends on a number of factors, some of which include his breed, his living environment, daily activities, and skin condition.

Due to Puff’s thick or long fur, Puff needs bathing more frequently.
Puff’s living environment can also play a factor in how often Puff need to bath. Because he lives outside and gets dirty frequently, I also have to bath him twice a week. Anyway, I don’t wanna my Puff smell smelly.

When everything is done, Puff seems to enjoy his bathing. He is very cooperative and feels happy throughout the whole bath.

And after his bath, he will be excited to be in his soft and comfortable bathrobe which I bought from that bathrobe is really good, 100% cotton, healthy to my Puff. So I share with Puff’s friends and wish you as lovely and healthy as Puff.


Dog of the day on facebook __ a very big and meaning contest

August 1st 2011 5:17 am
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Woof! My friend
I wanna share a big news with you.
When i playing on the FACEBOOK with my owner, i saw an event on one facebook page. it mentioned that any dog needs only subscribe a photo, then it will have the chance to become the dog celebrity and its photo will be the banner of their facebook for 1 month. i checked it out that the Facebook page is very popular.!/event.php?eid=239167496103811 i hope my friends could win it and see your photos on it.

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