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February 21st 2011 12:19 pm
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Thank you to the many cat and dog friends who have given me such a warm welcome with your gifts, pawmails, pal requests, and comments!

I'm gonna be a big Dood, and I won't look the way I do now as I get bigger, so stay tuned!

Sometimes I get confused on what Mom and Dad are trying to say to me and it sounds something like this:

tsktsktskhueycomeboygoodpeeeatpoopnohueylookherehue ydude

I think they need to slow down and keep it short.

My parents say that I'm already housebroken! I haven't had a single accident in the house and I follow them to the patio door and as soon as I go outside I pee. Since we have artificial grass in the backyard I can pee anywhere! If I have an accident in the house it would their fault because I whine when I need to pee or poop.

Speaking of poop, I pooped some good poop twice yesterday and again today! It was like they found a gold mine the way they were examining it. They're glad because it means I'm doing well on my food. I just thought you would like to know.

I felt lonely in my pen last night when everyone went to bed. Well, except for a couple of cats sitting right outside my condo staring at me. I whined and then fell asleep. But at around 2:30am I was howling, so Dad got up and came downstairs to let me out and that's when I did another pee and poop! See? I know where I'm supposed to do my business already.

However, I have some separation anxiety being away from my parents so they said they're going to have to let me hang out in my condo and go hide elsewhere in the house for short periods when they're home. Mom is off until Thursday but this will get me ready for when she goes back to work even though she'll be coming home for lunch every day.

But today, both Mom and Dad are home! Woohoo! They put my collar on and I've been trying to scratch it off. Then they put a leash on and I didn't like it at first. Finally, Dad got me to follow him out through the garage and then I followed him out to the front of the house and he walked me down to the corner and back! I wasn't afraid but the world is too big for me right now and I need to get the rest of my shots and stuff before I go on bigger adventures! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I've already been microchipped.

About them cats, not a single hiss or growl has come out of them. The one that stays closest to me is Pebbles. A few try to sneak up on me when I'm sleeping to smell my paws. The rest stand about ten feet away watching me! I think they know I'm a dog.

Dad bought me some new toys today and is trying to teach me how to fetch! It's not going too well because he's doing the fetching and I'm running after him, but I've got lots of time to learn. I'm also learning what the phone sounds like when it rings, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and I sure like to watch TV!



My Gotcha Day!

February 20th 2011 3:14 pm
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I was born in a clean and beautiful home across from an Almond Orchard. My new Mom and Dad arrived early today for their appointment to choose their Baby Huey. There were four boys and six girls in our litter and they only had two boys to choose from. That actually made it easier for them even though both of us were adorable! So, in less than half an hour we were outta there!

Mom sat in the back seat with me and had a nice soft cat bed and toys for me. I chewed a nylabone and a giraffe toy that belonged to Quincy, then I crawled into Mom's lap and slept most of the way home.

I got to see my new backyard first but I like to stay real close to Mom and Dad and they think they're going to trip over me! I run fast for a little guy, too! Right now I have no idea on what to do with a tennis ball.

Then I was introduced to my playpen which has my toys, food and water bowls, and potty pad, just in case. I am such a good little boy and found my bed and crawled right into it to take a nap. But I also learned how to get on the couch because when Dad was sitting there I put my front paws up on it and he picked me up and I took a nap there too! Dad says I'll learn how to use the remote control in no time!

After my name was chosen, Mom then realized that Harvey Comics was the first to feature the Baby Huey character. Harvey is my Dad's name. Not only that, but Baby Huey first appeared onscreen in the cartoon Quack a Doodle Doo. Now, is that funny or what? I really wasn't named after anyone or anything but Huey Lewis crossed their minds also.

Mom is taking this coming Monday through Wednesday off, so we're going to have fun together. I'm going to try to meet each of the cats whenever they're ready and I have lots of other things on my agenda like meeting my vet and getting the rest of my shots, getting neutered, and then going to puppy school to learn how to be a Good Dood!

Thanks to all the cats and dogs for welcoming me. I'm sure I'm going to have lots of stories to share!

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