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Jack Rabbit!

April 8th 2012 6:47 pm
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Happy Easter to all my pals and thank you for all the eggs!

Guess what I saw today on the way to the dog park??? A rabbit named Jack! I couldn't chase him though because he was on the other side of the fence, so I had to make up for it by chasing dogs around at the park.

We had alot of sunshine this weekend so I've been in and out of the house with mom and dad enjoying the great weather.

Happy Spring!



Right between the legs!

March 13th 2012 6:21 pm
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Hi pals,

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but you can blame it on my Mom. I do have something funny to tell you though.

The other night, I was in one of my wild moods and started doing laps inside the house. Mom decided it was time to take me out to the backyard to finish my laps.

Mom opened the sliding patio door to step outside first. She was in her pajamas and long robe and I was running around behind her. Well, I decided I'd beat her to it, so guess what I did? I ran outside right between her legs through her robe! Good thing she didn't fall down.

I think Mom felt lucky to have been wearing pajama pants or this story would have ended differently! BOL!



Today is my Gotcha Day! Woof!

February 20th 2012 1:05 pm
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My parents brought me home one year ago today. They're happy they got me as a puppy, but they're also glad I've grown up alot since then, both physically and mentally!

I got good and dirty today at the dog park. Dad lets me get dirty and Mom takes me to the pet-wash for baths. What teamwork!

Thank you to my pals for the cool gifts, comments and pawmails. You really made my Gotcha Day special!

Love, Huey


Helping Dogster HQ to Bring you the News!

February 8th 2012 4:04 pm
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Thanks to my friend COCO ROSE, I just found out that my picture was used in the Dogster Site Updates here:


Of course, I was just a little bit smaller in that picture, BOL, but I also have to thank my kitty pals, ZACK & ZOEY, for sending me that newspaper toy. Little did I know then that it would bring me a little fame in the future!

Mom is about done cutting my hair. I'm glad because she's been working on it for almost six months, BOL! We went to the Grand Opening of the new PetSmart by our house last Saturday and had alot of fun. A little girl said I looked like a big white cloud!



Pet Wash

January 15th 2012 7:24 pm
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Mom took me out on a date Friday night to Pet Food Express, and decided to try their Pet Wash for the first time. I usually get baths at home but now that my hair is really thick it takes even longer to dry, and if it's left to air-dry it gets matted. Mom's hair dryer doesn't do the trick, either.

We had the washing area all to ourselves. Mom encouraged me to walk up the steps and then led me over the tiled counter then down to the tub. Hey, I thought it was pretty cool that Mom just inserted a token into the machine and selected Mango shampoo with conditioner and started showering me with water. I just sat or stood in the tub like I had done it many times before.

Then I got rinsed and towel-dried in the tub then stood on the tiled counter to get blown away with cool air! They even gave us an extra token because they knew I would need more dryer time.

My first experience went so well that I'm going to get all my baths there from now on. If you buy three tokens you get one free, so that's what we did. We also get to go shopping in the store afterwards, so this time I got a new elk chew. I didn't like them very much before but now I have a small collection in the house.

Mom has also been trimming my hair for the past year and started trimming hair around my body over the past few months, a little at a time. She bought grooming clippers but hasn't used them yet, so she's just scissoring me for now.



Happy New Year!

January 1st 2012 12:46 pm
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I'm one of the diary picks today, and so is my kitty sister Sofie!

I heard fireworks last night that I did not care for, so I growled and barked along with them. My parents wouldn't let me outside until they stopped because I would have disturbed the neighbors.

We also had a stranger visit our front porch last night while we were in the back of the house. It was caught on our security camera and the visitor had stripes on his tail! It was a raccoon and we were surprised he came up to our porch since it was lit.

I missed the whole thing since I was sleeping at Mom's feet, otherwise I would have been barking because I usually hear everything!

Wishing all my pals a happy and healthy 2012! I'm looking forward to hearing about your new escapades!

Love, Huey


My First Year!

December 28th 2011 12:08 am
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A BIG THANK YOU to my friends for celebrating my FIRST Birthday with me! I see crowns, football, steaks, balloons, cakes, bone, trophy, bell, and party hat, along with your cheerful comments. I'm a happy and lucky boy to have such great friends!

These are some of the highlights of my first year:

1. I made the bestest pals on Dogster and Catster
2. I learned how to live with nine cats
3. Puppy school was where I met my first best buddy, Jumbo
4. I learned how to "play" the piano on command
5. Got neutered--was that a highlight?
6. Dad took me to work several times so I could play with Max
7. Visited dog parks and met my half-sister at one of them
8. Made friends with neighborhood dogs, like Casey & Samson
9. Became a regular at all the local pet stores
10. Ate stuffing from toys, skinned tennis balls and other junk
11. Got pink lips from Pepto Bismol because of #10
12. Hung around dog-friendly garden nurseries and restaurants
13. Dressed as a California Raisin for Halloween
14. Wore a turkey hat for Thanksgiving
15. Dressed as a snowman for Christmas and visited Santa
16. I was a daily diary pick 7 times and Diary of the Day
17. I got new toys throughout the year from friends and family
18. Got a brand new bed and feeder for my first birthday

My parents say I have a loving, friendly, playful, and also mellow dispostion.

Every minute creates a memory, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2012!



My first Christmas and Birthday!

December 26th 2011 10:32 am
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Thank you from my angel brothers and me for all the mistletoe and holiday greetings! We had a very busy but fun weekend.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best 2012!

For my first Christmas and birthday, my parents felt it was time that I got my very own bed and new feeder. I didn't seem to like the bed that belonged to Cosmo and Quincy very much and their feeder was still in good shape, but they thought I deserved a new one.

I LOVE my new bed. Mom got it from Orvis in the extra-large size. The large would have fit me but the extra-large is even better. The cats have been sleeping in it and even Mom can take a nap with me if she wants to! It's a memory foam bed and I love the bolsters, but I know it's really mine because my name is embroidered on it! I also got some new toys and cookies.

My parents bought a wireless security camera recently for the front porch and it came with a second one that they decided to put in the house facing the stair landing where I always hang out. So, last night while my parents were spending Christmas with Mom's family, they were able to check on me moving around and taking naps! They saw some of the cats on the stairs too. This made for great dinner conversation.

Now they're thinking of getting a couple more for other areas of the house to watch the cats. There goes our privacy when our parents aren't home!

I'll be ready to eat my big birthday cookie tomorrow!

Love, Huey



December 16th 2011 2:11 pm
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Today is Quincy's rainbow bridge day, and I played with his best friend Casey today at the park. Dad took a picture of us and it wasn't until just now when Mom looked at it that she realized I had a tennis ball in my mouth. Yes, we are thinking of Quincy today!

I think Quincy planned it so that even though December is a sad month for my parents, it's also the month of my birthday as well as Christmas.

Lots of boxes have been arriving at the house this week, and two of them are for me. There's a secret bag in the closet that I think is for me too!

Oh, I have to tell you what happened the other morning. Dad was sleeping when the alarm went off. Mom was in the room and I was on the bed with Dad right by his pillow. I started licking Dad's face and ears to tell him to wake him up while Bing Crosby was singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" on the radio. BOL!

Mom has been home all week using up her vacation days. She works next Monday and Friday and is taking off all of the other remaining days this month. Woohoo!

Love, Huey


Huey is a Dogster Daily Diary Pick!

December 10th 2011 5:22 pm
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That was the message I got today informing me that I'm on one of the dairy picks!

Thanks, Chester, for the snowflake! Since I don't get to see any real snow where I live, I don't have to worry about melting, but I sure love hearing about my pals playing in the snow!

Thanks, Zaidie, for sharing some of your favorite meatz! Maybe I can't make and throw any snowballs, but at least I can make some meatzballs, huh?

Thanks, Coco Rose, Puffy and family for the steak to help me grow more hair on my chest! BOL!

My birthday is only two days after Christmas and I'm getting something special, but I don't know what it is yet. Maybe when it's delivered I can take a bite out of the box and sneak a peek!

What do you think I'm getting, pals?


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