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My Gotcha Day!

February 20th 2011 3:14 pm
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I was born in a clean and beautiful home across from an Almond Orchard. My new Mom and Dad arrived early today for their appointment to choose their Baby Huey. There were four boys and six girls in our litter and they only had two boys to choose from. That actually made it easier for them even though both of us were adorable! So, in less than half an hour we were outta there!

Mom sat in the back seat with me and had a nice soft cat bed and toys for me. I chewed a nylabone and a giraffe toy that belonged to Quincy, then I crawled into Mom's lap and slept most of the way home.

I got to see my new backyard first but I like to stay real close to Mom and Dad and they think they're going to trip over me! I run fast for a little guy, too! Right now I have no idea on what to do with a tennis ball.

Then I was introduced to my playpen which has my toys, food and water bowls, and potty pad, just in case. I am such a good little boy and found my bed and crawled right into it to take a nap. But I also learned how to get on the couch because when Dad was sitting there I put my front paws up on it and he picked me up and I took a nap there too! Dad says I'll learn how to use the remote control in no time!

After my name was chosen, Mom then realized that Harvey Comics was the first to feature the Baby Huey character. Harvey is my Dad's name. Not only that, but Baby Huey first appeared onscreen in the cartoon Quack a Doodle Doo. Now, is that funny or what? I really wasn't named after anyone or anything but Huey Lewis crossed their minds also.

Mom is taking this coming Monday through Wednesday off, so we're going to have fun together. I'm going to try to meet each of the cats whenever they're ready and I have lots of other things on my agenda like meeting my vet and getting the rest of my shots, getting neutered, and then going to puppy school to learn how to be a Good Dood!

Thanks to all the cats and dogs for welcoming me. I'm sure I'm going to have lots of stories to share!

Baby Huey



February 21st 2011 12:19 pm
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Thank you to the many cat and dog friends who have given me such a warm welcome with your gifts, pawmails, pal requests, and comments!

I'm gonna be a big Dood, and I won't look the way I do now as I get bigger, so stay tuned!

Sometimes I get confused on what Mom and Dad are trying to say to me and it sounds something like this:

tsktsktskhueycomeboygoodpeeeatpoopnohueylookherehue ydude

I think they need to slow down and keep it short.

My parents say that I'm already housebroken! I haven't had a single accident in the house and I follow them to the patio door and as soon as I go outside I pee. Since we have artificial grass in the backyard I can pee anywhere! If I have an accident in the house it would their fault because I whine when I need to pee or poop.

Speaking of poop, I pooped some good poop twice yesterday and again today! It was like they found a gold mine the way they were examining it. They're glad because it means I'm doing well on my food. I just thought you would like to know.

I felt lonely in my pen last night when everyone went to bed. Well, except for a couple of cats sitting right outside my condo staring at me. I whined and then fell asleep. But at around 2:30am I was howling, so Dad got up and came downstairs to let me out and that's when I did another pee and poop! See? I know where I'm supposed to do my business already.

However, I have some separation anxiety being away from my parents so they said they're going to have to let me hang out in my condo and go hide elsewhere in the house for short periods when they're home. Mom is off until Thursday but this will get me ready for when she goes back to work even though she'll be coming home for lunch every day.

But today, both Mom and Dad are home! Woohoo! They put my collar on and I've been trying to scratch it off. Then they put a leash on and I didn't like it at first. Finally, Dad got me to follow him out through the garage and then I followed him out to the front of the house and he walked me down to the corner and back! I wasn't afraid but the world is too big for me right now and I need to get the rest of my shots and stuff before I go on bigger adventures! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I've already been microchipped.

About them cats, not a single hiss or growl has come out of them. The one that stays closest to me is Pebbles. A few try to sneak up on me when I'm sleeping to smell my paws. The rest stand about ten feet away watching me! I think they know I'm a dog.

Dad bought me some new toys today and is trying to teach me how to fetch! It's not going too well because he's doing the fetching and I'm running after him, but I've got lots of time to learn. I'm also learning what the phone sounds like when it rings, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and I sure like to watch TV!



I'm a hit!

February 22nd 2011 4:59 pm
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Dad showed my main picture to some people at work today and sent Mom an email that said I'm a hit and that they want to see me! He's working for a small company right now and one of the bosses brings his Labradoodle named Maxi to work. Maxi knows my Dad really well because he has a bag of treats in his desk that he brought to work just for her and every time she sees him she follows him down the hall and around the corner to get her treat and then takes off and eats it in her bed. When I get big and get all my shots I think I'm gonna get to go to work with Dad!

Right now I'm on a 2:00am-ish poop schedule! I howled to let them know I needed to go out. I haven't used the potty pad in my condo at all but it's going to be left there for awhile. Mom and Dad can't get over the fact that I'm housebroken and that I just go out back and do my business right away.

I got to spend more time alone in my condo today after Dad left for work. I could tell he really wished he didn't have to go to work and would rather spend time with me. Mom stood around the corner to peek at me and listened to me cry for awhile and then I played with some toys and took myself to bed.

Today I got to try some plain boiled chicken breast. The cats get it and I got some too! I also licked half of a capsule of fish oil off a spoon. It smelled yucky to me at first and then after I tried it I licked it all up.

I have my first vet appointment on Saturday, March 5th, to keep on schedule with my vaccinations and get examined. Maybe I'm going to be a hit there too!



I Got Mail!

February 23rd 2011 3:42 pm
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OMD! The doorbell rang and I'm sure glad Mom is home because there were two boxes on the porch and one was addressed to ME!

It was from my cat friends ZACK and ZOEY, to welcome me to my new home. Z&Z share the same Gotcha Day as I do, though they've been in their forever home for a year.

The box was sent from Sundance, so you know that's because I remind them of Robert Redford! Inside was a ginormous fleece ball and a colossal fleece bone!

So far the ball is the one I've been playing with but tonight I'm going to attack both of them! Mom was giggling because she was throwing the ball and I was fetching it and running with this huge ball in my mouth.

Thanks, Zack and Zoey!

Mom goes back to work tomorrow so I'm going to be on a new schedule!



I'm a VIP!

February 26th 2011 3:49 pm
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I did great the last couple of days after Mom went back to work, and I'm sleeping through the night in my bachelor pad. It really helps that Mom can come home for lunch.

I know I must be a VIP (Very Important Puppy) because Mom and Dad keep a log of my routine (eat, sleep, play, pee, poop) with times and everything so they can figure out what works best for me so that I'm nice and calm when I need to hang out in my pad.

Dad has been training me to walk on a leash and I'm getting better. I've got "sit" all figured out and I know my way around the first floor of the house. They're trying to teach me the meaning of other words like "off" and "no" but I just ignore them, unless they have treats. I know how to give kisses on command though!

I'm eating more and I've started chasing the cats, except they run faster than me and climb cat trees or go upstairs. How do they do that? I don't think they're too scared of me because they keep coming back.

Another thing I like to do is try to pull Mom's and Dad's pants off, as well as their socks and shoes. Oh, and when they try to brush me I try to bite the brush and when they try to clean my face with a washcloth I try to bite that too!

Zoomies are fun, inside and outside, but when I'm outside somebody is always trying to take stuff out of my mouth.

I'm so funny, I crack myself up!

Today I got a package in the mail from my pals EDDIE and SONNY! Inside was an elephant with squeakers. I've been swinging it around by the nose and ears! Thanks, Eddie and Sonny Bunny!

Hopefully soon, I'll start rehearsals for videos!



My first diary honor!

March 2nd 2011 9:00 pm
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What a surprise to be one of the diary picks today! I'm going to make sure I add this to my resume so that after I finish puppy school I'll be able to find a good job.

I've got all kinds of stuff to tell you.

My coat is waving-out more and I don't look much like that pup in the bow-tie anymore, especially around my head. After I meet my regular vet on Saturday we'll see how much I weigh!

I had visitors last Sunday. It was our neighbor Pam and her two kids. They had a dog that went to the Bridge a couple of years ago and after they met me, the kids went home to tell their dad that they met Pewey and wanted a Goldiedoodie. BOL!

Then I met our neighbor Julie, her daughter, and their Labrador Retriever named Riley. They said they were gonna go home and tell their dad all about me, too!

But, the most special neighbors I met were Quincy's best friend Casey and his parents. Mom had just returned home and saw them walking down the street, so she came in the house to get me so we could meet. We didn't get a chance to take any pictures but Casey was trying to pull his way into my house, probably to look for Quincy!

I know how to climb up and down the first flight of stairs like a big boy but once I get to the landing I won't go up the next flight of stairs. That's just too high-up for me!

Mom took some video clips of me playing but hasn't had time to edit them yet. I'll let you know it gets added to my page.

You may have noticed I got another toy from Zack and Zoey, my cat friends. It's a toy newspaper called The Daily Fetch and it's soft and makes crinkly noises! I'll have to share some of the news items with you next time so that you'll have the lastest scoop.

I must say, the cats are cool around here but I'm having trouble figuring out who is who!

Thanks for reading and for your congrats on my being a diary pick today!



I showed them!

March 4th 2011 9:21 pm
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I went all the way up the stairs this morning and this evening. Not only that, I found out that I can fit through the small opening in the pet gate and eat cat food, too! Mom carried me downstairs and I turned around and went running back up the stairs as fast as I could to eat more cat food! The big door to the room got shut after that. Then I cried and cried and cried and cried and finally gave up. I'm going to see if the door is open again later!

Mom's friend at work doesn't believe that I was housebroken the first day I got here. She said that it was biologically impossible. BOL! My parents are still amazed that I have such good control at my age.

Mom was happy when she found the UDesign Pet Bed Pod because it's like a plastic tub and she also purchased a cover and pillow for it. She thought if I soiled it that it would be so much easier to just wash the cover and pillow. Since that hasn't been a problem, she added a fleece bed next to it and now we hang out together sometimes in my bachelor pad.

Mom is short, so she sits comfortably in the tub bed with the laptop and I hang out on the fleece bed and chew my toys. We leave the door to my pad open and can see the TV from there too. BOL! Aren't we the pair! My parents don't make a big deal of it when I need to go in there when they have to leave for work and they purposely don't get excited when they come home. This reinforces my positive behavior and calmness towards being in there and I'm a good boy!

My vet appointment is in the morning, so I'll you about it after I get home, plus I want to share a couple of news stories from my newspaper toy!



The Scoop!

March 5th 2011 5:03 pm
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I weigh 13.5lbs! Woohoo!

I pooped just before we had to leave for my appointment this morning which was perfect so we could bring a sample. Since Dad had to work today, it was just my Mom and I. I rode inside a soft carrier that Quincy used when he went to puppy school that I can grow into.

My lady vet and all the girls went goo goo and ga ga over me and asked a ton of questions. I also met a Golden Retriever named Jack and his parents in the waiting room.

I got signed up for the puppy wellness package. I was due for more shots today and didn't like it one bit! They hurt! I also kept trying to taste the vet's clothes and hands while she was doing all that touchy-feely stuff and she kept yelping which made me stop. Funny, Mom yelps when I nip her, too! They also gave me a nail trim and these little bone-shaped deworming pills which were yummy. The last thing they did was put this cologne on me called Revolution!

That was all so tiring I crashed when we got home. My next vet appointment is on April 2nd and I know I'm going to be even bigger by then!

Here are some news article from The Daily Fetch newspaper toy. The top left of the newspaper says it's the Home Edition - Get it before the dog takes it from the driveway. The top right says it's the Late Edition - Pick up quickly:

Police Blotter - By Herman Shepherd, Associated Press
Westy Virginia - The search is over! A victim has been returned to his home safely after a dog day afternoon., Lucky Lapdog was abducted from his dog house after taking a catnap on the couch. He was returned to his home safely after a doggone harrowing afternoon of being held hostage by canine criminals. When asked about his ordeal, Lucky could only comment that he was "dog tired!"

Health and Food - Going Green Gone Bad! By Mal Teeze, Staff Writer
Collierado - Dog was taken to the Emergency Room for "going green". Chewy Chow Hound was always told to eat his greens as a child. Unfortunately, he may not have been told that even good things should be done in moderation. Chewy was taken to the hospital for "going organic" and eating too much grass in order to save the Earth.

Sports - Underdogs come home with a win! By Saint Bernard, Staff Writer
New York - The Chihuahuas have defeated the Bulldogs in a dog-eat-dog battle of strength and skill! Next week the playoff will be against the Wildcats.

Sit N Place graduated with honors from a six-week training and manners class. Jump E. Jones unfortunately was asked to leave the class due to disruptive behaivor and was asked not to return.

Gossip - Miniature Poodle gives birth to Rottweiler. By Dot Schund
Priscilla Purebred is a miniature poodle with papers that show her parents were champion show dogs. She gave birth to a dog that appears to be a Rottweiler. When questioned about the newborn pup's appearance, Priscilla claimed that she had no idea how this could have happened. Ms. Purebred's parents are said to be shocked and appalled. The bouncing bundle of joy has been named "Bubba".

Weather - It's raining cats and dogs! Humidity high, expect a bad fur day! Panting index of eight.

That's the scoop! I have to finish resting now because tomorrow I'm having company. Mom's cousin and his wife and coming just to see ME!



My first video is now live!

March 6th 2011 4:40 pm
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I have my first video on my page now! They're random clips of me playing. You'll want to either turn off my music player or view it in my Video Book because it has sound.

Mom's cousin and his wife came to visit me this morning and brought me a new toy! I sat with them on the couch and chewed on their yummy hands. After they left, Mom had to go to the pet store for cat food and came back with a couple of new toys for me.

It's like toyland around here!



I play hard for the money!

March 7th 2011 9:44 pm
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Dad is on a shift that starts at noon right now, but today we got up early so he could take me to work for a few hours in the morning and then bring me back home. We packed food, bowls, bed, and toys.

There's a guy that brings his Labradoodle named Maxi (short for Maximillan) to work. When we got there, Maxi wasn't there yet, so I hung out in Dad's office. All of a sudden I heard a bark! Maxi had entered the building and smelled me a mile away. He wasn't too sure about me at first but his Dad put me on his lap for awhile and after he put me down Maxi and I started to chase each other up and down the hall and around corners!

My Dad took me outside for my first potty break and Maxi's Dad followed. When he saw that I did my business right away, he said, "Man, that's brilliant!" BOL! I did what I was supposed to do three more times whenever we went outside.

I went to see one lady in her office and she started to shut her door and told Dad that she was keeping me! You should have seen all the iPhones coming out left and right, just to take pictures of me. Dad thought it was funny.

That was fun and I'm going back so I can play with my buddy Maxi!


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