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Demi Joy, Mamma's Angel Baby!!

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Vets and new clothes...yucky!

March 2nd 2011 10:57 am
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Boy I am slow in entering my latest news. I had to go to the vet last Fri. and they trimmed my nails, cleaned my ears, and took a blood test for the heartworm. I really upset mamma with my whining and whimpering but I HATE it when they hold my paws out straight and clip my nails. The vet told Mamma that I feel like I am losing control and it is also anticipation of whats gonna happen next! I am kind of the baby of the family...I mean Billie is the baby in age but I have that baby type personality and mamma says I still think I'm the baby. But I don't have heartworm and they gave mamma some pills for me and my sisters, heart worm pills and I like them so thats ok.
Oh and do ya know what else? Mamma bought us girls all dresses...yucky! I don't wanna wear a dress but mamma says when we go places we have to look pretty. I'd just as soon lay around on the living room carpet in just my fur or hair and play with my toys or follow mamma around and when she naps I lay beside her and nap too. When Lexi and I were leaving the vets office the other day this man said to mamma,"You have a cute pair there!" Mamma smiled and said,"Thank you!" Mamma is CRAZY over us and we are CRAZY over her too....and daddy too.
Do you know sometimes when we go places people will point at me, not nice to point, and say to my mom and dad,"I'll take her off your hands." My mom gets about mortified and says,"OH NOOOO, she is staying right here with us!" They all think I am cute and nice and I am, they don't want Lexi cuz Lexi has a "tude" sometimes but I love Lexi very much. She protects me always and looks out for me! Well gotta go play.


I am on a diet now

March 14th 2011 5:58 am
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Mamma is quite worried about me. I have a very full feeling tummy and its hard too...mamma thinks it is just because I put on a few pounds over the winter so now I am on a bit of a diet and mamma will check my measurements and weight in a week and see if I am losing any of it. Mamma worries that it could be something more serious and if it dosen't get better in a week or two she will take me back to my doggie Dr....gee I was just there two weeks ago! They held me and stuff so I would think if they thought there was a problem they'd say so!


Moms scrapbooking ME

March 14th 2011 1:05 pm
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Yep mom is scrapbooking my pictures today!


I went walking too

March 15th 2011 11:27 am
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Oh boy did I ever surprise mamma yesterday...we went for a walk and usually I kind of balk about it and watch for cue's from my sis Lexi...I will always go if Lexi goes. I kind of look up to her as my big sis but last night I was so ready to go when mamma said,"Go." I bolted out the door. Mamma smiled a huge smile and said,"Oh Demi, you surprised mamma." Not only that but I walked the whole walk and kept up with Lexi...usually I lag behind a little and even just sit down in the middle of the road at which time mamma picks me up and carries me but last night it was TOO much fun! Lexi can't go tonight so it will be Billie and I.
I have been on my diet since yesterday and mamma wrote my weight down on the calendar and we'll see if I lose any in a week.


My one on one time with mamma

March 15th 2011 1:27 pm
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Mom had to go and watch that little guy called "grandson" and she decided to take me with her this time. She said she thinks I need the one on one time more then Lexi and Billie so I went with mom and was at her side all day! Loved it!



March 27th 2011 5:19 am
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it is only 20 some degrees this a.m.......brrrrrrr....cold...but in a way I'm happy cuz that means mamma won't take us outside for a walk. We will play inside games. I don't like walks all that much, just sometimes and mamma says I play the mule game where I will just sit my rear down and thats it! I won't budge, one night mamma even had to carry me home, we weren't far from home, just a couple blocks. Now if my sis, Lexi, goes then I enjoy walking more.
Guess mamma is gonna groom us today which we call,"Make Pretty." I don't like that real much either but I don't give mamma any trouble. I would rather just lay around and chew on toys.


The new sister

April 4th 2011 10:12 am
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We got the new sister on Sat. and my gosh I couldn't believe how BIG she is!!!! Compared to us she is huge! BOL....well I am being cautious around her cuz she could probably hurt me but I am pretending I'm not scared and then I WATCH her outta the cornor of my eye! She pounced at me once and I stood on my three legs with the one up like the Karate Kid....and then I ran....BOL....oh and somebody needs to send my mom the memo..I DO NOT WALK WITHOUT LEXI! Some people stopped by and they wanted to go for a walk and mom thought it would be good for me to go so out the door we went...guess what , I sat my rear down right away and REFUSED to walk!! Mom ended up carrying me and the walk got cut short! The lady said,"You need to just drag her!" Mamma said,"No, thats all I need is for people to turn me in for dragging my dog." Daddy said,"Well Demi thats why you are need to walk." And I am thinkin..."NOT WITHOUT LEXI...don't these people get it???"


A fun night

April 22nd 2011 9:28 pm
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Oh we had fun tonight...and today...mamma was with the sick grandbaby alot this week but he is all better now so she spent all kinds of special time with me and my sisters! We played hard with each other and then snuggled with mamma. Mamma bought the Plus thingy tonight on Dogster so she can add more pics of us when she has time and other stuff too...she loves us sooo much! Daddy too. Mamma and daddy laugh and laugh at me cuz I am an angel all the time UNTIL one of my sisters tries to take my toys and then I get mean!!!! Well not mean but no other hound is gettin my toys....and I'll take theirs too! BOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Mamma called her friend, Kim, and she is gonna groom us this Tuesday. I really don't mind, I have been groomed ever since I can remember so its ok plus Kim loves ME!!!!


My Easter Sunday

April 25th 2011 1:10 pm
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Boy did I ever have fun! Daddy had heard of this place where we could go for a good run. It is a big huge rural park about 1 1/2 miles from our house. First thing Easter Sunday morning mom and dad got us all gathered up and away we went. Mamma thinks I had the best time of all and I think so too. You should have seen me RUN!!!! See, we got there and mom and dad took our leashes off and we were free to run. The best part about me mamma said was I came back to her EVERY TIME she called my name like any good doggie would. We have rain forcasted for today and tomorrow but as soon as it is nice mom says we are going there again! I can't wait!


We got groomed, new bows!!!!

April 27th 2011 8:49 am
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Yesterday mamma was a bit nervous about taking FOUR of us to the groomer at the same time...but she sucked it up and just did it! Golly it was raining too and we even ran into a detour so mom had to go a new way. It was about eight miles and I was in a pet taxi and I was alert and looking around but I never let out a peep. Natalee was real quiet too.
When mom came to pick us up Kim told her what an angel I am! Kim has always thought that of me. Kim and a couple ladies were there and the one lady asked mom how she got me to be such an angel and mom said,"I didn't do anythng, thats juts Demi, thats who she is." They were selling special bows for the dog rescue so mom bought us each one. Kim said,"Demi gets that one cuz she's my country girl!" BOL..It is real pretty but has some denim and red and red flowers1

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