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Demi Joy, Mamma's Angel Baby!!

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We're B-A-C-K!!!

February 14th 2015 7:37 am
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Hi to all my pup pals and their families!!
We have been gone TOOOO long...but we are back and hope to be able to stay back for a longgg time. You see in the last 6 1/2 months we have buried both my human grandparents...grandma here just Jan.27th,..she left us on the 23rd....and we just got daddy back from 11 days in the hospital on a Friday about 5:15 p.m.....and Tuesday..just 4 days later we got the call about grandma..its been tough on our whole family but mamma says we have to get back to the business of life and find our "normal" again!
We furkids are all doing just fine. Just before all the calamity started happening I looked at mamma one day and I made this terrible sound! Really scared mamma so in a few days when it didn't get to the dawgy Dr. I went..after a bunch of tests and stuff...guess what I have...a COLLAPSED TRACHEA!! When I run too much or get too excited I make a sound like a seal but I do have a special "cough syrup" I can take and that helps me alot.
Speaking of getting back to normal..mamma and all us kids are cleaning our family room, laundry room, etc..mamma is washing all our bedding, toys, disinfecting crates this is a "normal" weekend for us. Mamma just came up for a "tall glass of water" and now we are off to get more done. See ya later pals..we hope you are ALL doing well!
Demi Joy...oh and P.S. I forgot to say WHY daddy was in the hospital..he had open heart surgery


My Birthday

January 30th 2013 6:33 pm
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Hey Thanks to everyone who remembered me for my birthday and sent wishes and gifts! I appreciate it. I had a great birthday party..we had cake and pup cakes made special just for my day and I wore my new dress, daddy took pictures and me and my whole family played inside games till I was pooped!
Mamma and us don't get on here much anymore :( Mamma finds her self just too busy with 7 of us fur kids now...and every time she does get back here something happens to ruin her plans..she will keep trying though.
We miss you all VERY much!!!
Demi and Family


March 28th happenings

March 31st 2012 7:04 am
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Hi Pals,
Oh the day started out sooo good...first our new friend, Shane,(hes our walking buddy) came and took us for our walk.....then I got to ride with mom and we went to Kimi's house and Kimi trimmed my nails...she also put a real pretty bow in my hair.....Kimi lives 12 miles from us one way so I got some really cool one on one time with was a beautiful day, warm, sun shining and as I laid in moms lap we both enjoyed the warm wind blowing our hair...we had the window down a seemed so peaceful....and then...we got home to a message from my was so sad she was screaming and begging for g-pa took a mamma had to drop everything and go to an ambulance ...and well mamma had to tell the Dr. he can't come home anymore...for his safety and the safety of others, esp.'s been a hard few days but my mamma is a strong lady so she is doing ok.....
Gotta go,


Ok so I have a little weight problem......

March 24th 2012 9:18 pm
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Hi every fur and pawrent,
Lexi told me I can tell you the big news.....well you see Lexi and I gained our "girlie winter weight"...we are kinda chubby now sooo guess what mamma did...she hired a dog walker!!! He walks me, Lexi, and Mikey every day that it dosen't rain. He walked us Friday for the first time and we really like him! he takes us to the big country park and we can run and play and explore! Mamma and daddy walk us to but this way we will get our walks in if anything comes up for mom and dad or if they are too tired after their day of work. Mamma and daddy took us to the country park today and me and Mikey were PERFECT! We followed them around off leash and came every time they called. They were very proud of us! Angel did a great job too considering she dosen't hear real well any seeing is hard for her too but she does the best she can and we are proud of her too!
Gotta go and give Billie and Mikey a chance at this...oh look for my pic on my page of me and Mikey walking...following mom!
Love to all,


My weekend and this week

March 12th 2012 12:15 pm
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Hi Friends,
We had a greatweekend at our house...we played all weekend and we are looking forward to this week cuz it is supposed to be in the 70's all week! Do you know how longgggg we have waited for this nice weather???? Mamma ordered us some stuff and I can't remember what it all is now but I do remember one thing...a tunnel to play in in our back yard! That will be fun! We have balls and toys there now and we like to fetch toys and stuff. We all got baths Sat. and then had Easter pictures taken at home...mine are kinda cute...oh and guess what else...just today we got on here and Forrest and family made me the most beeee-u -ti-ful picture! We are gonna post it here!I look really pretty in purple!!
Ok...gonna hand this over to my sis, Angel.
Bye Friends..Take Care,


WOO_HOOO and BOL!!!!

March 4th 2012 4:16 am
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I am one of the Diary picks of the day here on Dogster!!!!
Wow what a lucky , wonderful week I have had!! Thanks sooo much to the powers that be. BOL!!!


Just wanna say THANKS!

February 29th 2012 1:56 am
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Thanks to all of you who remembered me with well woshes, congrats, and gifts to celebrate my day!!! Thanks sooo much. A special thanks to Mick and family for the beautiful photo they did of me. We tried to remember to send everyone back a gift of thanks. Hope we didn't forget anyone.
Thanks again...
Peace and Joy,


I AM Doggie of the Day on Dogster!!!

February 28th 2012 2:13 am
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Yippeee Yippeee..I am Dog of the Day on Dogster!!!! I feel so honored!!! Thanks to those who gave me this honor! Sure made me and my family happy today!!! BOL!! BOL!!


Not much to report

February 11th 2012 1:16 am
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hi Friends,
Mom is writing for us since we can't write or spell or anything like that. BOL! Gee, I haven't had an entry since Christmas time...wowee!!! I usually don't have alot to report. I am a pretty laid back lil girl, people say I am like my dad and I guess I am in alot of ways. I'm pretty independent so I spend most of my time entertaining myself, playing with toys but when I want mom or dad time I just climb up in their laps and they always love on me. :) Mom is talking about when the nice weather comes...that means walks for and Lexi put on our every winter weight...Billie is sooo lucky, she dosen't gain weight in the winter time. I don't like walks much but I will go if I can be with Lexi and I like to go to the big country park. I especially like it when there are birds to chase! Hope to talk to you all again soon.



December 15th 2011 4:55 pm
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Hi Friends,
I loved last night..we had our normal family time but then guess what...mamma slept on the couch and we ALl got to stay out with her and sleep with her...when mamma woke up this morning guess where I was??? I was sleeping right on her tummy! I have never done that before but I think I am sensing something is bothering mamma so I stayed as close as I could to comfort her! And guess what??? It worked....she woke up and smiled and said,"ohhh Demi!"
We might get to sleep together again tonight!!
Gotta go, it's almost family time friends...
Love and Merry Christmas,

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