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Lexi, My Wonder Dog

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Oh P.S.

October 25th 2012 8:04 pm
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I forgot to tell you all that mamma will be putting up pages for the new soon as she can.


mamma brought the grand dogs home!

October 25th 2012 8:02 pm
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Hi Everyfur,
Well just a quick update from me cuz mamma is about to fall in a heap! BOL!! Sooo at about 3:45 this afternoon mamma went and got the 3 new additions to our family...their names are Sadie, age 11, Lilly 9 or 10....and Heaven is 8 or 9..we will have to get better stats on them. Anyway mom has spent all night grooming the three of them and spending time woth ALL of us. She is very pleased that we were ALL nice to the house guests...BOL! She dosen't look for that to last. After their grooms they each had a gourmet meal and they ate like PIGS!!!! At bed time they each retired to their beds just like we all do...a nice fresh warm bed...with a toy. Mamma did find a pretty good sized lump on Sadie...looks like a mammary tumor mamma says...Angel had a bunch of those....had 2 surgeries for them. I know mamma is worried about Cancer for Sadie cuz she has never been spayed...mamma will get her checked out as soon as she can. Well thats about it for tonight...I gotta let cha go so mamma can go to bed..Talk soon Friends!


Wed. Oct 24, 2012 Update on my family

October 24th 2012 3:43 pm
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Well HI Friends...Lexi Hope here....mamma is gonna help me write an update to our family goings ons....BOL!
First of all mamma and daddy went on a 9 day trip to explore Arizona and look for us a home there. Well guess what...they pretty much hated it....mamma and daddy didn't like the idea of the hot asphalt for our feets...and the fact that we could be bit by a scorpion or hurt worse by what mamma calls a "critter"...and they have lots of them there but for our pawrents the worst part was no grass for me and my sibs to run and play in!! mamma is sooo funny..she told daddy she just couldn't see her precious beautiful babies out there with no grass! Ha...She is funny and wierd but ya gotta love her! Least....we do!
THEN....we got a new baby brother back in July..we will keep his breed and stats a secret till mamma can make him a page...but we ALL love him LOTS!! Now ya wanna know what else....mamma has really lost it...she is gonna bring her grand dogs home here to live with us!!!! There mamma wants her too because their mamma really struggles to give them the proper attention...and some times even care they need hurts their mamma but she works full time, a very stressful job and then comes home to a little 2 1/2 yr old very active little boy! PLUS he has been kicking our new family members and mamma will NOT put up with that at our house! When he comes here he KNOWS BETTER then to do that cuz mamma will get "RAW on the boy!"
We all stayed at Kimi's while the pawrents were gone, she is very good to us and loves us almost as much as mamma and daddy do! When mamma came to pick us up Kimi had us all "dolled up" and even Halloween dresses or decor on..I have a BEE-U-TEE-Ful dress...just wait till you see. Mamma has been awfully busy and as you can imagine will be awfully busy but she hopes we can be running with the "Dogster Pack" again soon.
We miss you guys!
Lexi and my furmaily!!!! :)


TOO much going on!! BOL!!

September 19th 2012 7:36 am
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Hi Friends,
Well as you may know I am the spokes dog for our family....I can't believe my last entry was in May!!! Where have I been???BOL BOL!! Well we have been super busy....see my mom and dad were going to move to Arizona..infact they were to be leaving to look at and buy our new house there...well then it all happened....daddy has been having trouble with his eyes and the day before his birthday Sept. 10th..he went to the eye Dr. to find out he had a detached he just had surgery a week ago today for that in one eye and other stuff in the other eye! Daddy is healing and doing better of which we are sooo glad but the pawrents can't make their trip to AZ. for at least a month! Daddy won't be able to see well enough till then to drive or SEE just about anything.
We kids have been doing ok....the terrible heat went away so we get to go on more walks, to the parks mamma is very is her grandaughters 14th birthday but she hasn't seen her for 2 years. Her mommy and daddy took her away from all of us 2 years ago. Anyway so it is hard for mamma to write right now but just know we are all ok...I want to thank everyone for the prezzies given to me and my siblings...
God Bless,
Lexi & Family


My Dr. appointment & Mamma's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 21st 2012 7:03 pm
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Hi Friends,
Mamma has been awful sick again!!!!!...will get to that in a minute ...but she still took me to the dawgy Dr. today and we got my blood tests done and a good checkup....well the good news is my blood work is all FINE!!!! BOL!!!!...BUT ...the Dr. said I have so much arthritis in my knees that they just "crunch crunch" she ordered 1/2 baby aspirin 2 times a day for me from now on...for the rest of my life and I'm not even four yet!!! That makes mamma kind of sad because she dosen't know what all this means in the "big scheme of things."
Now for my mamma...she got that SAME sickness again!! here she just had it April 10th....well thats when she went to the Dr....and now it's back and real bad this now she has to take an antihistamine every day and the Dr. gave her some real strong meds to see if they can't clear this up. The Dr. calls it a "severe sinus infection"...and to all my friends out there ...tell your pawrents this...this Dr. told my mamma that she will have to take an antihistamine every day till this WINTER!!!...because something to do with the pollen counts are just crazy this year and a couple other things. She told mamma if she dosen't take her medicine just like the Dr. told her to that this nasty stuff will just keep coming back!
Well friends I gotta go...
Peace and Joy to you all...


Road trip for me today!!!!

April 17th 2012 8:45 pm
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Mamma has been thinking I act kind of depressed so this morning she, my grandma, and I went on a road was soooo fun! The weather was first I was a little excited and all over the front seat but in very short order I calmed down and laid on my mammas lap the whole trip....we went on a couple walks together and it was just "oh sooo nice."


Update on my family.....

April 10th 2012 9:13 am
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Well our mamma is a stubborn lady ( shhhh don't tell her I said that) but she FINALLy went to the Dr. today and basically she is a MESS! She has sinus infection and bronchitus, swollen throat and glands but mamma says she still has a heart beat so she is still alive...YEAH for her and US! Dr. says it's gonna be a couple days before she can be running with the pack.....Angels owie is looking better and Mikey gets his stitches out today. Thats all the news for now.....


On Behalf of my Family

April 8th 2012 8:09 am
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I want to thank everyone who left us kids gifts and sweet messages...our mom has been very sick, along with her dau, her g-son, her mom and her has been a tough 7 days today for our mom! She is still going to have to take it as easy as she can for 2-3 more days but as soon as she is better you will all hear lots more from our cornor of the world! We would also like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!
Lexi and Family


My Heart is Sad....

March 31st 2012 6:52 am
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Hi Friends,
The day after my mamma's cousin grandpa got real bad....see he has this disease called Alzhiemers....then just a day or so later...the 28th he took a fall and my mamma had to be the one to put him in a nursing grandma was there but because of Sundays events and then this fall she felt like she couldn't handle one more thing so she turned it over to my mom...I will miss my grandpa sooo much, he always loved ME BEST! I can't go to the nursing home to see my grandpa cuz I bark and growl if any stranger comes near my family members. Yesterday mamma held me and held me and petted me......


News from our house to yours

March 24th 2012 9:09 pm
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Hi Friends,
Well as you know because I was here first and because of mom and dads love for me, we have 5 of us now...anyway I am the spokes lady for the family. Some times it sucks being the spokesdog.... Last night mamma got the call that her favoritist and closest (to her) cousin died last night. Mamma was very sad today and daddy didn't know what we could do to help her feel better so finally they put all of us kids in the car and out to the big country park we went. We spent an hour out there goofing around . It was sooo much fun for us all...I only have 1 pic on my page , it is #4 if you wanna look...thats about the only pic dad could get of me being "nice." See, I don't like to listen much out there, I like to explore and do my own thing....I do come to them though ...some times ...when they call but for the most part I am going the other way...BOL...anyway the better pics are on Angels page and then Mikey and Demi's on their pages. I guess thats all I know...I'll let Demi tell ya the other news.
Bye Friends,

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