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Lexi, My Wonder Dog

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I got hurt

February 26th 2011 5:07 am
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Ya, I got hurt. My little sister Billie Jean was chasing me around the house, she loves to chase after my tail and bites it too, anyway I was running and tried to get away from her so I dashed under the couch like I've done a million times before but guess what..I didn't clear the couch. I ran into it and hurt my knee again. I yiped too! OH MAN WAS MY MAMMA UPSET!!! She felt really bad and just wanted to cry. She had a hard time sleeping that night but the next day when I got up I walked RIGHT out of my crate/bed without even a limp! You should have seen my mamma's eyes! They about plopped out of her head! She was SOOOOO happy! Now I just gotta be careful and use the darn stairs and mamma isn't going to let Billie chase me sooooo much! She chases me more then Demi cuz she likes my tail..well she has a tail just like it so she can chase her own tail!! Oh I forgot, she DOES chase her tail! She can be an airhead like that at times but shes just a baby. She gets on my nerves sometimes though so I just get away from her when she gets annoying.


Went to the vet

February 26th 2011 5:16 am
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Well Demi and I went with mamma to the vet. Gee I walked in the front door and I knew where I was and I just wanted to leave! They are nice people but they always have to trim my nails and gosh I HATE that! But it wasn't too bad for me...Demi didn't have a good time...anyway they cleaned my ears and I have somethin in my ears so I have to have ear drops....they trimmed my nails and even though I hate that they do feel better afterwards and I don't lick and bite at them so much! Then I also had a Rabies shot and mamma told the people there to "give us what ever we need"...well thanks mamma cuz I had the Rabies shot AND the blood test for heart worm. Mamma is going to take Billie in today for what she needs and then we will all be done for awhile! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Fun Day

February 27th 2011 4:45 pm
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Me, Mamma and daddy and my sisters had a really nice day today. We played and played and laughed and laughed. Daddy told on me this morning but he was grinning, he told mamma that....see she and me and my sisters were sleeping together on the couch and I heard mamma snoring (shhhhh don't tell her I said that)...daddy said he saw me look at mamma and look again and when I KNEW she was asleep I softly jumped off the couch to see what I could get into!!! I LOVE getting into stuff that I shouldn't. I gotta keep them on their toes ya know. They call me the "problem child" but they love me to death, I know it and so do they!!!
Demi and Billie are just too nice, they do what ever mamma and daddy say but not me.....only if I want to!


Yeah we have new clothes coming!!!

March 2nd 2011 10:29 am
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Oh I am soooo happy today! Mamma bought me and my sisters new spring outfits, matching leads etc....mamma says "Spring is coming"...Daddy grins and tells people Mamma knows how to spend money! :)..I like to wear dresses and bows in my hair but Demi dosen't!


Ride in dads new truck!

March 5th 2011 10:26 am
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Mom, Dad, and I went for a ride in dads new truck was kind of a long ride, an hour and a half one way. I love to ride in the vehicles. I get so relaxed after I see everything that is! I got out to go potty and wowee was it cold! Daddy said"16 degrees"....brrrrrrrrrrr, I ran back to daddys truck where it was warm inside. Mom wrapped me up in my warm blanket and off we went. Can't wait for spring I love the out doors!


Cots at my house and...................

March 14th 2011 5:50 am
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We had a nice weekend....we wanted to go for walks but daddy said it is too cold but guess what..this week we are supposed to have a few days in the 60's.....woo-hoo...we'll be walkin then. We got new cots at our house, I am the only one who enjoyed laying in them right away. Billie is afraid of hers....little airhead! Oh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell mamma I said that. Oh and last week I let mamma trim my feet..usually I get really nervous and growl at her and I have even bit her but last week I didn't do any of that! mamma was so proud of me! Now every night she plays very gently with my feet and I am getting used to it. Mamma has played with my feet since the day she took me home so I don't know why it is getting "ok" with me now...maybe because I'm getting older...I am 2 yrs and 7 months right now.


Went walkin

March 15th 2011 11:21 am
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Me, mom, and my sisters went walking last night. It was sooo much fun! Mom says I "prance" and have my head up in the air all the time. I love the sights and smells. Then we got home and shortly after that I began limping and this time it was my OTHER leg..or knee.....Mamma was so sad! She tried to hide it around me and my fur sis's but I could tell. I don't know what I did to it this time. Billie wanted to chase me so bad both before and after but mamma told her no and she listened. So now I REST......yucky!


Friday...the UPS man came

March 26th 2011 9:33 pm
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Oh we love it when the UPS guy comes cuz that means stuff from this store called Pet Edge which means toys and goodies for me and my sisters. We got our first Kong toys ever and man are they fun!!! Billie got all the treats out of hers first!!! We also got puzzle stations and a stuffed fire hydrant and it has a face on it and giggles when moved...really cute!



March 29th 2011 5:28 am
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Snow again already today!!!!! 28 degrees and I'm barking can me and my sisters go out to play when it's like this??? Billie only weighs 4 lbs 4 oz's...she will get lost or frozen in the snow!! More inside games today I guess!
Mamma made me all pretty yesterday, I got a bathe and a trim and perfume and oh baby do I look good!!! BOL! Oh and ya know what else??? I was REAL good for mamma to trim my feet!!!! Mamma gave me lots of treats too! Yummy!!!!


Got the new sister

April 4th 2011 10:04 am
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Yep mom brought home another furkid! At first I looked at mom like "Are you kidin me?" but mom knew we would all be accepting of this "new kid" once we got used to her. I went on several walks with her and we did great but then I LOVE walks. She TRIED to boss me around....ya well...that dosen't work, I AM the ALPHA at my house and I don't care how big ya are! We all four laid on the couch with mamma Sat. watching tv and that went great. Last night we did a pouncing game though and she is alot of fun. I'm warmin up to her. Nice weekend, weather was awesome so we got to spend alot of time and Natalee had mamma out before the sun came up to potty!!

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