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A Dog's Life Indeed

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diawy pick and san diego

August 17th 2011 11:14 am
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Hey efurry pup! Today I am diawy of the day! Thanks a bunches to those pups at dogster HQ for giving me such an honor. Tomorrow I am going camping in San Diego! I am super duper excited! We are camping at campland on the bay! They have there own doggie park inside the campgrounds! How pawesome is that pups? I cant wait to go and hit up the waves at the doggie beaches out there. I hope theres lotsa pups to pawlay with. My furiends are comming too! My pals metal and octane are comming and a new pal named ember. Her daddy. Is a firefighter too! I will have mom take lotsa photos of me while we are there. She just got a new phone so hopefully my pics will come out really nice. We may even check in on dogster while were there since moms phone is high tech and all. Maybe not if were having fun! Woofs!


The Firehouse

August 13th 2011 9:53 am
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Well, yesterday me and mom drove the two hours to go see Daddy at the firestation. He will be gone for a whole week this time so we needed to see him and bring him sum specially for dad baked cookies! The drive seemed to take furever!!! Seripawsly!! When we finally got there I didn't know where we were and when mom got me outta the truck I almost didn't recognise the dude that was standing by the truck! It was Daddy!!! Horray! I was sooo happy to see him! So we walked around outside for a bit and then went inside. I got to see Daddy's room and all over the Station. I just walked around sniffing things. So we had lunch and then we went to see the fire truck and take sum pictures of ME!! We took lotsa pictures (more to come soon) on Daddys big Nikon camera, which he has so mom could only put the photos she took on her phone on my page. We took pictures all around the fire truck! It was so cool! Boy was it hot outside! So after the photo shoot, BOL, we went back inside to cool down before we had to leave. I was sniffin stuff and suddenly I felt tired. Then all of a sudden.....Womp Womp Womp... The tones were going off!! We had a call! We all jumped into our fire suits and drove code 3 (full Lights and Sirens) to a house that was fully envolved (totally engulfed with fire)! We jumped outta the truck and i helped daddy pull hose out! He was putting the fire out when a lady was screaming "my Baby, My baby!!" She had left her pup inside as she rushed out of the flames!!! Oh no!!! Suddenly, I was running full speed into the house! Barking Barking Barking trying to find this little pup! Then I heard it, hmmm hmmm, theres that little pup! I ever so gently grabbed her in my mouth and ran out the door as the whole house collapsed just behind me! The pup was okay!! efurry one was cheering " Louie, Louie, Louie" the cheers were getting louder in my head and suddenly they all sounded like my dad. Louie, Louie, Lou boy, time to wake up! And then I was back at the firestation, waking up! Oh no it was all just a dream!!! *Sighs* Then it was time to say bye to daddy and go home. It was a pawesome time! I want to go back again!!! Woofs!!!


Going to the Fire Station!!!!

August 11th 2011 3:13 pm
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Hey Efurry pup! I am so super duper excited!!! Tomorrow I get to go to the fire station and see my Daddy!!! Ya see, he took an extra shift tomorrow to help a fellow firefighter out so now he's guna be gone a whole week with out comming home! So mom decided she was guna go out there to see him tomorrow for lunch and I get to go with her!!! This is totally pawesome!!! We even baked some cookies for him as a surprise!!! He knows we are commin but he doesn't know about the cookies!! I even get to take pictures by the fire truck!! Pawesome!!!! I can't wait!!! Maybe I will get go sit in the fire truck and take a picture too!! I'm keeping my paws crossed!!! Horray!!! I can't wait!! have any of you pups been to where your pawrents work???



August 10th 2011 9:48 am
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First I'd like to say that today is my pal Officer Banes Birthday. He's been missing for quite a while so today may be a good day for sum pals to stop by his page and give his furmily a little hope. Today is also my pal Noelle's Barkday!! Happy Birthday to my pals. Today is guna be a hot day. Nice day for soaking up my pool. We slept really good last nite we slept till 9!!! I had to half-way jump on the bed to get mom up!!! She's been working later lately cause someone is on vacation and she's filling in. Vacation! I can't wait to go on our vacay!! We are going next weekend to San Diego!!! And my pals are coming!! Metal and Octane and a new pal Ember is coming too! I am so excited to meet them and their owners!!! We are going to Campland On The Bay! And they have their own dog park at the campsite!!! Woo Hoo! Guna hit up sum beaches!!! Hope efurry pup has a pawesome day!!


Poor Puppy!!!!

August 9th 2011 9:15 am
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Well yesterday mom and dad went to petsmart to get more food! And when they were checking out a guy came in and told the cashier that sum one had left a puppy outside, alone in a box!!! So dad had to go check it out!! It was a pittie like me but a girl. All grey with white stripe down the face. Very pretty apawrently. Mom finally finished paying and went to find dad. She was so surprised to see such a cute pup all alone left in a box! How horrible. Needless to say, mom was pretty PO'd if ya know what I mean. Dad was like can we keep her?? Saddly, mom had to decline dad of another dog. Since mom's going to Vet school she did a little assesment of the dog. She had a great temperament, but was skinny, had some weird stuff going on with sum of her fur and wouldnt walk on the leash when the Petsmart lady came to get her. Mom had to remind dad that he needs to think about the pups he allready has first. Like this pup had obviously had no shots and could possibly get us sicky. So the Petsmart lady called up a local rescue and they were going to come pick her up. *Sigh* I would have loved to have a big pal to pawlay with. The Littles are fun but I totally dominate in the play field. Maybe someday I will have a big pal to pawlay wif. I also wish people weren't so mean and stoopid, leaving this poor pup alone to fend for itself!!! GRRRR! Makes me furry mad!!!


Why You Waking Me Up???

August 5th 2011 9:47 am
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So, da other nite I was sleeping like a pup in my cumfy bed. When I hear this loud noise.... It sounded like plllllllllltttttt riiiiiiiiippppppp pooooooooooo. Yeah, well you get the picture. Anypaws, after this awful noise there was a stink, then the sound of my mom getting outta bed and then... the lights went on!! Mom had to investigate this awful sound and smell. Then dad woke up and was like "why are you up?" Mom tells him she thought I just had diarrhea on the floor, but Im in my bed lookin at her like "what the woof?" Then dad starts laughing hysterically cause it was him! OH. MY. DOG! Dad, that is so gross even for a BOY!!! I mean mom thought I had an accident! ME! And all along it was Dad! Good thing I was in bed!!! BOL! I hope my funny story made sumpup smile! Any of you have stowies like this???


I'm Baaaack!!!

July 31st 2011 12:27 pm
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hey Efurrypup!!! I am home from my vacation!!! Boy was it fuuun! Like I wrote before we went to Rancho Jurupa State Park! It was pawesome!! We had our furmily reunion! And I wasn't the only pup there!!! I didn't get to pawlay with my cousing tho cause they were tiny & grumpy. But I got to play with all the little kids!!! Especially my furvarites Rylie and baby Jay. It was really cool! We had a HUGE grass area in our campsite. And there was a big grassy field across the street! So I got staked up under a tree with my 30 foot lead and got to run around the campsite like a free boy! I ate soooo many hot dogs!!! Yumm. Do any of you pals like hot dogs?? The splash pad was way cool too. I didn't get to run around and get wet tho, cause it was packed with kids. Understandably tho it was really hot! But I kept cool. My Rylie kept spraying me with a spray bottle!! Shes just 2 but shes so cute. We walked around the lake and pawlayed ball. It was tons of fun. We will post pics soon! Woof!


Furmily Reunion!!

July 28th 2011 10:07 am
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Hey everypup!!! This weekend is Mommas furmily reunion!!! And guess what??? I get to go!!! Yay!!! Their family goes to a campground and evfurryone stays in their motor homes and trailors for a big weekend!! I am so excited I gets to go this year!! We will be leaving tomorrow morning so Im so sowee if I miss anypups Birfday or DDP dis weekend!! We are going to the Riverside County State park Ranch Jurupa! They have lotsa grass, a mini golf course, a splash pad and the Santa Ana river!! I think were guna have so much fun!! Have any of you pups got to go to a furmily reunion??? Have a grrreat weekend everypup!! Woofs & licks!


Pool Pawrty!!!

July 21st 2011 2:57 pm
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Woo hoo! Pool Pawrty at my casa!!! And evfurry pup is invited!!! In honor of the crazay heat wave us pups have been going thru this summer across the states and efurrywhere else I am throwin a pool pawrty!!! Take a dip with me in the pool or chill in the shade. If you'd rather we can put on the sprinklers and run thru them!!! Grab a Frosty Paws from the freezer and cool down!!! No peeing in the pool!!! Duh, cause we drink it while we swim!!! BOL! Put up some videos of me in the pool. Hope efurry one enjoys!!

Been trying to put up new photos but seems like Dogster is being very lameo and slow lately!!! Grrr.

Cannon ball!!!!!!!!!


Gone Boarding!

July 14th 2011 6:24 pm
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Well that sounds more fun than it actually is! BOL! Bon Voyage pups! Me and my furblings are going to a boarding facility early in the morning since we can't go to the river with mom and dad. Phooey! We really wanted to go! Im kinda scared! But mom says its a really nice place and they will be back before we know it. They are coming home early Sunday so we will only be there for about 2 days. We get lotsa space to ourselves and get to go on two walks per day! I'd like to apologize in advance if we miss anypups Birthday, Gotcha day, Rainbow Bridge day, or Diary pick day! Hope everypup has a nice weekend! Arooo!

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