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A Dog's Life Indeed

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October 31st 2011 9:59 am
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Happy Howl-O-Ween Pals! I hope effurry pup has a furtastic day and gets to go trick-or-treating with their furmily!!! I will be the mascot at my grrrammys house passing out candy as a frog!!! I wish I could post sum pix but mom cant figure out why her phone wont let her send pix to her email. LAME! Grrrammys house is allways super duper packed on this day. They usually pass out over 15 bags of candy!!! I am excited to help!! Now on to sum pupdating.... Us pups been doing lotsa stuff around here. Going for walkies now that its getting a little more chilly. Me and dad just did lotsa work putting in rose bushes in the front yard for mommy. Its our furvarite thing, making our home look more pretty! Oh, do I love to smell the roses!! As long as theres no bees in them! BOL! We also had a Howl-O-Ween pawrty at our house a week ago! It was furry fun!!! Something interesting I found out after mom went to the San Diego Zoo a few weeks ago... They put dogs in with their Cheetas!!! That is soooo pawesome! The baby cats are paired with a puppy really early in their life and the become best furiends from the begining!!! So when the zoo has their special 'ambassodors' showing the dog sets the mood for the cat. If the dog is calm so will the big cat!! And they lay together in their big pen!!! Anypaws, I hope efurry pup has a great Howl-O-Ween!!! Tricks and Treats to all!!


Sowee Palsies!!!

October 27th 2011 2:19 pm
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Hey Efurry pup! I am super duper sowwe we hasn't been on Dogster lately!! We truly hope we didn't miss anypups special day!! Its been super hecktic here. And our internet took a poop on us last week and we just got it fixed today!!! So we will be hopefurly catching up on all our palsies stuff and diawys. I will write a longer diawy later, cause momma has to do sum homework. Miss all our pals!!! Woof!


Diary pick for me?!?!

October 5th 2011 9:30 am
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Hey palsies! How are all my furiends??? I hope efurry pup is staying warm and dry now that winter has cast a spell on the weather. I am a diary pick today! Woo-hoo! Well, my paw is finally starting to feel better. The dead part has finally fallen off and its scabbing up and healing. Its not hurting me any more. Mom took extra good care of me and made me keep that darn bootie on my footsie for a week or so. Today is guna be a boring day. Guna stay inside and keep warm and just relax. Well... Maybe i will terrorize Miller a bit when i wake up from my nap. At least till he hides under the bed where i cant get to him! Bol! Im very glad winter is here! I cant wait for there to be lotsa snow on the mountain so we can go to the snow and hopefully go camping in the snow too! And then christmas will be here! I better get my list together for sandy paws! Anyway palsies, i hope you all have a pawesome day! Woofs!


What a week!!!!

September 29th 2011 10:53 am
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Dog oh Dog this has been a crazay week! First my allergies and going to the dogtor. Then my poor momma got into a car accident on the way to school. Don't worry palies, she is aokay and the truck is okay. Just a slight fender bender, but it sureee did scare my momma. And now my footsie is about to fall off!!! Okay, so maybe not my WHOLE foot, but one of my toe pads is all busted up and torn! Part of it fell off last night!! Yesterday, dad noticed that I was limping around the backyard. So, of course, he calls momma saying I have a sticker. Well mom gets my foot and to her surprise there is no sticker but my pad is all cracked and messed up. So, ya know what she did to me??? She's making me wear a Bootie on my foot!!!! Oh My Dog! How embarrasing!!! So now I am supposed to stay inside as much as possible till it heals. LAME!!! Its been sooooo nice outside lately since fall is finally arriving!!! I sure hope my footsie heals up pretty quick!! I hope all my pals are doing okay!!! Woofs and Licks!!!


Went to the Dogtor

September 27th 2011 3:27 pm
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I finally went to the Dogtor to get my itchin' under control. Mom and Dad were right, I gots me sum allergies! So I got an allergy shot and sum meds that I can not take for a month! Weird, I know. The dogtor weighed me and I am now 75.2 pounds!!! I guess moms right about that too! I AM a big boy!!! BOL! I am still kinda itchy but I am not as much as I was. Just hoping I wont be scratching till I bleed anymore! Cause that is no good! Have a pawesome Tuesday palsies!!! Woofs!


Arrrrrrrrre you itchy???

September 19th 2011 10:40 pm
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Cause Im itchy! Im itchy allll over, allll day long! Arrrrgh!!! Its really getting bad cause im itching till i bleed now! Mom got me the anti itch stuff from Petsmart and it doesnt work. So she got me sum 1% hydrocortizone cream and it helps its just hard to put it effury where I am itching. Any of you palsies having itchy problems? Mom also gave me a bath and is pawsitive I am free of fleas and ticks. She keeps checking me out all the time. Shes pretty sure its allergies, but an allergy shot is quite spensives. Im trying to keep inside as much as possible to stay away from all the weeds and allergens in the backyard, but I looooove being outside. Arrrgh! Makes me so mad! Any of YOU pups having prolems???? Hope efurry pup had a pawesome Talk like a Pirate day! I know we did! Thanks to all my palsies who sent us lovely gifties on this fun holiday!!! Woofs and Licks!


Im like a Ninja!!!!

September 18th 2011 10:47 am
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Hey Efurrypup!!! I sure hope all my palsies are doing good!! Dad says Im like a ninja!!! Now, I wont spill my secrets but this morning sometime after 5AM I sneaked up and got in bed with mom and dad!!!! BOL! And they didnt even know it till they woke up!!!! Well, dad woke up a bit earlier and seen me sleeping wif mommy and I had my head oh her pillow just like she did!!!! BOL! I was, ya know, trying to blend in!!! All 70lbs of me!!! And they didn't know how I got up there without waking them up!!! I got mad ninja skills!!! BOL! After dad saw me he just let me stay, then a while later mom woke up and rolled over and seen me!! And ya know what?? She gave me a hug!!! I didn't even get in trouble!!! She just started cracking up!!!! BOL! Its was pawesome!!! I wonder if I could pull this off again??? Have any of you pups ever sneaked up onto the big bed????



September 7th 2011 10:10 am
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Hey efurrypup! Sowee its been a while since I last wrote! Things hab been cwazy here!! Mom went back to school last week and since she's my transpawser things get backed up around here. Efurry thing's been gweat around here. Of course this weekend was a holiday! It was fun! I went to grrrampaws house and pawlayed with them pups! It was great!! They have a new pup who's name is Dude and hes a Rottie. I also played wif Kode who is a big black mixie dog, and of course my wittle Weenie Emma! It was grreat!!! I do feel bad for those who are in Texas wif dem fires. We had a big fire here on the begining of the holiday weekend. Sowee if it messed up anypups Vegas plans! They had to shut the freeway down! And of course, barking about fire, My Dad was super upset that he didnt get to go to dis fire!!! Hims fire truck did but not the engine he was workin on!! Boy was he mad!!! I sure am sowee if were not sending out birfday pressies and other special day pressies as much as we used to but we've been so super busy!!! I hope efurrypup understands! You guys are my greatest palsies!!! Woofs and licks, Louie


Too hot = BORING!!!

August 26th 2011 2:40 pm
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Geeze louise it is super duper hot here today. Momma says its prolly about 105 but its cloudy and muggy! Ew! Its so hot outside us pups can't do nufin but hang out inside and relax. Maybe pawlay a game of fetch inside. This morning at Nine O'clock ya know what I was doin'??? I was swimmin!! At Nine this morning!! Thats how hot is allready was!! The ac is working overtime today!! Hope efurry pup is keeping cool today!! And Dry if your on the East coast!!! Keep cool pups!


Camping in San Diego!

August 22nd 2011 2:56 pm
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hey efurrypup!! Im back from San Diego!! Boy was it a blast!! I had sooo much fun!!! We went down there on thursday and we set up camp and walked all around the campsite, which was full to capacity!!! There were so many people and so many dogs!! Our campsite was right by the doggie park! So we could literally walk like 20 steps and enter the dog park! Which was great for pottie breaks and to pawlay off leash!! It was great. It was about a 1/4 acre or so of grassy area all fenced off! It had a great view of the bay and we could watch the Sea World fire works from there efurry nite!! Then on Friday my pals came! I got to meet my new furiend Ember!! Shes a really nice boxer and she's smaller then me! We had fun pawlaying. Then finally my pals metal and octane came! I missed them a lot! Boy have they gotten bigger! We had fun pawlaying at the doggie park! Then on Saturday we all loaded up and went to the doggie beach!! It was really fun! It was a huge beach area for us! Even bigger then my favorite beach in Hunington! And it was packed!! There was probrally about 1000 dogs there!! We swam and pawlayed and made lotsa furiends! We saw all shapes and sizes of dogs! We really liked the Great Danes! So pretty and huge!! I really liked that no one gave us a hard time because of my breed! Even people with tiny Chiuahuahs! Well, mostly because mom would tell them that I have to furbling Chi's at home! But it was really great! At night when it got cold we would lite a fire an I loved sitting at dad's feet soakingup the heat! It sure made me tired! Finally on sunday we came home and boy were we all tired! It was a pawesome time!! But I sure am glad to be home!

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