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A Dog's Life Indeed

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July 30th 2012 7:41 pm
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Hey Pals! I hope you are all doing well! Boy is it hot here in California! Its muggy where we live and we are used to the 'dry' heat. Ugh, we really hate the humidity!!! Thanks to all the pals who sent us special gifties and rosettes for my new boy Caleb. Caleb is doing great! Had his first check up today and is now 8lbs 8oz and 21inches long! Dr says he is perfect!!! Mommy is nursing him and loving every minute of the special bonding time they have. As for the other situations going on around here, things are going in the toilet, and not in a water drinking kinda way. My estranged dad has barely made time to see us and Caleb. He is more concerned with seeing his girlfriend. BLAH!!! He's about to get a rude awakening mext week when he gets served papers... what ever that means. I hope no one ever tries to serve me papers for dinner Yuck! BOL! Thanks for all your pawrayers and support! we really need it and appreciate it!! You pals are the bestest!!! Tail wags, louie


Baby Caleb William Is Here!!!!!!

July 16th 2012 9:10 am
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Hey Efurrypup!!! Boy do I have some exciting news to tell you!!! My wittle brofur Caleb William has finally arrived!!! Mommy was induced at 40 weeks and 2 days, this past Thursday morning at 7:30AM. Caleb was born at 9:23PM, was 20 inches long, and a whopping 8lbs 7oz!!!! He is totally healthy and adorable!!! Mom is recovering good, she has stage 3 tears, and there are only 4, so she is pretty messed up. The dogtor said after he was born that she prolly should have had a c section since he was so big and she is so small. But it was allready too late and he is here. I finally got to meet the little guy and he is so cute! I am VERY protective over him allready. I don't like it when he cries and have to check on him efurry time he does. I sleep in the room with him and mommy and Caleb wakes us up a lot. I am allways by moms side tho. I will try and post some pictures soon!!! Hope all you pals are doing good!!! Woofs and Licks!!!



July 6th 2012 11:40 am
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Hey Pals! I hope efurrypup had a good 4th of July! Most of you prolly stayed indoors with the TV really loud like we did!!! Things around here have been okay. My wittle brofur Caleb is still not here yet!!! Only 4 days till his due date! He is hanging on for dear life!!! I fink he is waiting for hims and my grrramaw to come home since she is in North Carolina till the day he is due. She wouldn't have went, but her sister out there hasn't been doing too well so she had to go. As fur all the mommy daddy prolems we been having, things are in the pooper sccoper bag. After six weeks of mommy crying and begging daddy to give our furmily a chance she decided that she has had enough and it is definately over. Poor momma finally reached her wits end. 'Specially seeing as daddy has a girlfriend. Momma is holding it together for herself and mostly for the baby. But momma is preparing for battle when it comes to the divorce. She never wanted things to be this way but daddy has been such a naughty boy he needs to pay for what he has done. We are all still living at our house, well 'cept daddy of course. Momma is guna fight for the house so she can keep all us pups. She allready told him that he's not taking us from her, and he couldnt anypaws because of hims job. Thanks fur all your pawrayers pals. We truly appreciate it. The next time I post it will prolly be all happy stuff about meeting my wittle brofur!! I am so 'cited my tail could fall off from wagging so much!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! woofs and licks!!!



June 16th 2012 8:58 pm
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Hey pups! I hope all of you are doing good. Tell all your papas a Happy Fathers Day tomorrow, if they have been good boys this year! Which im sure most of them have. Unfortunately we wont be celebrating tomorrow. Things are still pretty tense here at home and momma is about at her whits end. I give her lots and lots of hugs, I mean, I have to since she hugs me all the time!!! :) I sure do love a good hug. Daddys been gone at work for 5 whole days, and as much as I miss him, he's been a bad boy. He hasn't checked to see how any of us are the whole time!!! Its especially not nice since momma is now having some minor problems with her being preggos. Hopefully baby Caleb will be here soon so I can give him kisses and he wont be feeling all of poor mommas stressing. I hope all you pals enjoy your day tomorrow. I think momma may take me to celebrate with Grrrrampaw tomorrow! That will be fun! Woofs and licks!!!!


Ruff few weeks, Unsure Future.....

June 9th 2012 12:11 pm
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Hey Palsies. Sorry I havn't been around a whole lot lately. Things here have been pretty bad and its not getting any easier anytime soon. Our lives are kind of in limbo. A couple weeks ago my daddy decided to tell mommy he doesn't love her anymore. Poor mommy, she was 7 1/2 months pregnant and 2 weeks away from finals at school. So now after all this happened things have been furry odd here at our house. Daddy sleeping on the couch is really weird and poor momma seems to allways be sad even tho she tries to hide it from me. But I know better then that, my doggie instincts are so good. So now mommy is 8 months preggo and her finals are this week and really nothing has been resolved. Mom didn't see this comming, we didn't know daddy was so unhappy. As of right now, they are just focusing on baby Caleb comming and are staying civil for that. Then eventually they will figure themselves out. I sure hope (and momma does too) that they can work things out and stay together. We didn't ask for this. And we dont wanna be split up. Momma is going to see a counselor and is trying to get daddy to come too, we think it will help him think thru his thoughts and actions. Us pups really don't wana get split up either. Momma tells me she wants to try to keep the house and all of us if she can, if things end up going that far. But who knows really, momma isn't working since that was the plan when they decided to have a baby. So life is really weird right now. Were trying to keep our chins up and some days are better then others. We just really need some pawrayers and support right now in this tragic time of our lives. We will try n keep up with all our pals, and are furry sowee if we have missed any big Bdays and gotcha days and such. Well pals, I better get goin. I will try my best to keep up with all my pals and keep you pupdated as much as I can. I really wuv you all!!! Woofs and Licks, Louie


Diary Pick, The Lake, And Escape Artist!

May 3rd 2012 3:26 pm
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Woof oh Woof! Today I am one of the coveted Diary Picks! Pretty pawesome day for me!!! Anypaws, Yesterday we went to the lake out here and walked around. It was really nice to get outta the house since we havn't gone in a while. I like all the smells there and chasing the ducks. On accident *I swear* I pulled too hard outta no where and dad lost his grip on my leash and there I go running after the ducks. Luckilly *or unluckilly* my zip line leash got stuck to one of the tables and scared the poop outta me and I stopped running. Daddy was pretty upset that I did that, but he got ok real quick since the peoples around were laughing. Thank Dog! You know how sometimes the peoples freak out when they see a dog of my breed. In the end efurry thing was okay and I even went swimming a little bit. I hear tell that I get to go with my furiend DeeDee to the doggie beach next week! I am super duper excited for that. So today, momma went to run some errands. And in the middle of her errands she stopped by the house cause she forgot something. *This happens alot lately because of something called "Baby mush brain"* So anypaws, when she pulled up she wasn't too happy to see that I had escaped *again* from my kennel! I thought it was worth a good bark. She was more upset that I was taunting Bella and Miller since I was out and they were locked in their own kennel. Mom knows I was being a meanie to them since when she let them out they went on the attack and kicked my tushie! No harm done tho. And since dad is gone at work mom has to got out there with hooks and a screwdriver and fix my kennel. Especially since tomorrow she will be gone all day on a field twip and I need to be safe and secure when shes gone for the day. Anypaws, Imma go watch mom use the tools to fix my kennel so I can plan my next great escape! BOL!


Back to normal...

May 1st 2012 5:21 pm
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Ahhhhhh. My dear furiends my house is back to normal. The pawrty was a huge success and now I got my howse back. Momma and daddy got lotsa prezzies for baby Caleb's soon arrival. I'm now getting used to all these baby things being around my house. As for the pawrty it was pawesome. Lotsa peoples came by to see me and I tried to escape but dad picked my big Burt up and put me back. Lotsa little ones came by to see me too. Oh how delicious the little peoples smell! I had kidsies from one years to wayyy old come ober and pet me. It was really nice. I am glad to have the house all back in order and my daddy all to myself again tho. We prologue had about 70 people at our howse that day. I am glad that efurryone came to support my soon to be here furmily member. I cant wait to snuggle with him! Anypaws today I am spending the day with daddy since mom is gone at school. So basically I am enjoying a lazy day that will obviously end with a ride over to del taco fur Tuesday taco nite! Yummm. Bark at cha laters!


Where did all the dirt go???

April 26th 2012 11:30 am
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Dog oh dog! Momma musta hit her head or something! You'd nefur know 3 doggies lived here if it wasnt for my bed and doggie dishes and well the 3 dogs running around! Momma has gone crazy cleaning! Fur realsies!! I can't even find my scent around here no more! Mom doesn't use that silly febreeze stuff either, she gets the good stuff at Home Depot! I think she likes that pawlace more then dad! Apawrently mom and dad are having some kind of a shindig on Saturday for the near arrival of our baby Caleb. I think it's guna be BIG. Mom has a drawing of like tables and chairs and bouncey houses all on our backyard! ya know what that means? Imma have to hang out in my kennel while all these peoples invade my house! Thats ok tho, cause I know what bouncey houses mean! They mean KIDSIES! So I know some of the kidsies will come and visit me. So that will be nice. I just know there will be more stuff around the house for me to get used to after this pawrty. All these changes are happening so fast! But ya know, change is a good thing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as I feel like Ill be missing from Dogster the next few days! BOL! Woofs to all!


Hugging your pup!!!

April 9th 2012 10:17 am
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So Dogster has an article up about hugging your dog more then other people. We were having trouble posting our thoughts there and thought it would be better to discuss this with our pals instead of random people. :) So what do you think about hugging your furry furiends??? Do you hug them alot? Do they seem to enjoy it? What are your thoughts on this?? We really wana know what our pals think! Hopefully we wont feel like such a silly head for hugging so much! BOL! Thoughts??? Here's our thoughts about hugging big ol' Louie Boy!!!

Louie's Momma: I hug louie a lot.

Louie: Dis are verrrry true.

Louuie's Momma: His Daddy is a firefighter, as most of you know, so he's gone a lot and sometimes you just need a hug!!! Also since we are expecting our first baby I feel like its a great idea to get Louie used to being loved on alot so when Baby Caleb is big enough he will allready be used to being loved on. Which I also get Louie used to the "un" love a kid can give a dog. I (gently) pull on his skin, tug his ears and tail a little and just make sure he doesn't react in a bad way. He never does.

Louie: Dats cause I am thee greatest dog efur!! Duhhhh Momma!!!! Anypaws, What do YOU pups think about all the hugs n stuff wif doggies???? Let us know!!!!


Happy Easter To All!!!

April 8th 2012 9:14 pm
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Happy Easter to all my doggie furiends and your furmilies!!! Thanks to all of those who sent me, Bella, and Miller the wonderful Easter gifties!!! We truly are bamboozled over how many we got!!! Thank you all for being so wonderful to us!!! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!!! Anypup catch a glimpse of that darn bunny???

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