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Life of Lenny, a Dog

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More training!

January 16th 2012 9:06 pm
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To my doggie diary,

Momma ordered 'Control Unleashed' today hoping that the book will give her better ways to work on my 'impulse control'...whatever that is. She says it's important to improve on that before we start agility classes!

Anything that makes me smarter is good to me! I like showin' how smart a hound dog can be.

In other news I am getting much better with strangers (my nosework class friends have helped me with that!) and am also gonna be pushed a littler harder in class! Today we worked with fans on... and those currents were crazy! I didn't know what to do at first, so I had to run around! Momma called me a knucklehead, but said I'm allowed cause I'm still just a pup and not quite mature yet. (I gonna use that excuse always, us hounds have permanent puppy faces!).

Peace, love, and rock and roll~



The Past Month

January 11th 2012 8:59 pm
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To my doggie diary,

Mom can't believe she forgot to document the day in my diary when I passed my ORT! She of course posted in the forums to share with those she had been seeking advice from, but forgot to document in my diary! How silly since this is where she should be writing such things.

But this hound dog showed em' how its done with the nose! I passed with no trouble, and had one of the fastest times of the day! Momma was proud of me, but I just doin' what I do best: use my nose.

We're in the advanced classes now where we're going to different locations to practice the game, and I love it. I wish classes lasted forever. I'm always so excited when I get there, and never want to leave. Mama said something about switching nights due to schedule changes... whatever that means. Both Mama and I made friends in our Monday night group, so if I can't be with them I'll be disappointed (her more than me, I'm too busy sniffin'!)

Mama said something about trying agility in the spring and she's super excited since it will be a fun way for me to burn some energy and show how fast and good a jumper I am. I don't know if it's for me though, I like leading her so not so sure bout taking direction from her for once. But if we have fun, this hound dog is in! Walking on the leash is better too, Mama said I'm walking like a good boy and learning a new thing 'with me' when Mama wants me to walk extra nice and focus on her and not the awesome smells. It's hard, but I work for treats ya know!

Peace, love, and rock and roll (over!),



Confidence Boost for the ORT!

December 6th 2011 2:47 pm
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To my doggie diary,

WOW! What a class last night. At Nosework class last night we started off with the box drill (too easy!!) though while my work was absolutely flawless, momma is still learning to read my body language. I was trying to tell her "It's this box! This box right here!!!) I did struggle with one of the hides(it was near a grassy area...with SO many smells!), but all the others were quick and easy. Everybody had only the nicest things to say about me and how good I am at using my nose (seems rather silly to me, I is a hound after all)

The instructor asked momma "Where did you get that beagle?" saying I'm one of the best beagles he's ever seen work (and of course momma points out that I ain't a pure beagle either). In fact he said I seemed to work much like the doggies sniffing out stuff in airports! Even his assistant said "What a nice working dog."

And I even missed the last round of classes! But it seems mom was doing something right when we were just working at home. The instructor said mom had no reason to worry about the ORT, that I will be great, and that all she has to do is trust me. She seems still a little nervous, but much better now that she saw I know what I'm doing! We're gonna pass with flying colors.

Momma and I are also excited for continuing classes and working our way up to NW4 in the spring. Our instructor said he's hoping to move around at different locations out in the world for even better and I cannot wait! Mom is excited to learn to be a better handler, and I love working new challenges.

Mom is so glad she found Nosework...otherwise I wouldn't be so kind to the furniture. For now we're gonna play this super fun find it game some more and prepare for Sunday when I can show Mom just how good I am. Then I'm gonna get better and better this session, and then really kick it up in spring!

Until next time
peace, love, and rock & roll (over)


Happy Gotcha Day!

November 28th 2011 10:04 pm
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To my doggie diary,

Mom cannot believe it has been a whole year since I've come and joined the family. A whole year! 365 days of waking and sleeping with these silly two leggeds (who are a-okay in my book). A year of totaly insanity & chaos combined with times of pure joy (like when we go hiking just mommy and me).

Mom says she is grateful to have gotten me when she did; that I am her sunshine on a cloudy day (and sunny days). I'm grateful to have my forever home, and hope we can help some pups find their forever home too. Everypup deserves a forever home.

On a side note, Nosework 3 classes start next week! We'll get in one session before the ORT if all goes mom is super excited (as am I!). If I can find one q-tip in a big field... I can point out a silly box.

Till next time

peace, love, rock & roll (over)



Dog of the Day!!!

November 10th 2011 1:04 am
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To my doggie diary,

WOW! Mommy was so surprised when she checked her e-mail and saw one from Dogster saying that I was Dog of the Day! WOW! Everyone knows we love Dogster for the support (us dogs getting ideas for mischief, and mommy when she says 'You're too much!') but this is quite exciting!!

In other news, mommy couldn't make it work for me to take NW3 classes but we are a go for an ORT on December 11th! We're working, or playing my favorite game a lot in hopes I'll be good and ready for the test and pass with hopefully flying colors! Mommy would have felt a lot more confident if we had done the last round of classes...but no pressure even still. Everybody knows I've got a good sniffer, let's just hope mom gets it right.

Still working and improving on my loose leash walking, and mom's been exercising a lot more and so we've been walking and jogging together which is loads of fun! I love to run and sometimes start off too fast, but my leash manners are actually better when we're jogging or after we've done some jogging and I'm a little tuckered out. Makes walking less boring!

Tricks are coming along, but 'hold' is a command I just can't quite figure it out. Mom is sure it's something she isn't doing right, but I'm sure we'll find a way to make it work. Otherwise I'm learning to turn in circles while standing in a 'place' and opening books (I'm cute AND smart!). Clicker training is a suuuuper fun and when I see that clicker I get really excited, learning to learn and getting lots of treats...what could be better?

Until next time

Peace, love, and rock (and roll over!)


Nosework 2!

July 14th 2011 12:04 pm
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To my doggie diary,

Wow Nosework 2 started yesterday, and it was so much fun! But boy were there a lot more dogs than there was in my first level, there are 6 of us. Mommy was proud of me, I did pretty well for the first class with odor.

I recommend Nosework to any pup who is looking for a fun game to learn, all ya need is your nose (and some treats, we don't work for free!). It's a game I could play all day long!

Obedience is a little bit harder, and mommy learned in the pass the puppy game I'm a little bit more shy than she realized. Hopefully I can overcome that, I should learn soon enough that mommy would never hand me to anyone that I should be afraid of and to trust her and them. There is a rescued dog in my class who is really shy too, and we really get along! I bring out the puppy in him they say, I guess I'm not very scary!

Peace, love, and rock and roll (over!)


Classes galore!

June 19th 2011 7:16 pm
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To my doggie diary,

It's been awhile since I wrote, but I've been kinda busy. I just last week finished my first Canine Nosework class, with flying colors of course! My momma has a fun summer lined up for me, lots of new things we'll be doing together!

My obedience class starts on Thursday, it also works on household manners and socialization with people and dogs. Mom hopes it will build my confidence and of course help with my basic manners which while momma says they aren't that bad...I know I can do better once mom knows how to teach me.

In early July I am going to take Nosework II, and I bet it's gonna be a lot of fun! Mom really likes our instructor, and he says I'm the most talented beagle he's worked with (which momma says is because I ain't full beagle).

Then in late August momma is gonna sign me up for a basic agility class, just to try something new. The cool thing is is that the teacher for that class is the momma of a dog in my Nosework class, so I'll already know her and so will mom! It's so cool all the good people (and dogs!) you meet in class.

It's gonna be a busy summer, but loads of fun and I can't wait.

Peace, love, and rock and roll (over!) until next time,



Nosework and Momma's new goal

May 5th 2011 6:54 am
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To my doggie diary,

Yesterday I had my first nosework class; and I loved it! That game is really easy and I love finding the food and the praise my momma gives me. I know I'm gonna be good at this fer sure. One lady said "Oh great a beagle, that ain't fair" with a laugh of course, I'm cute beagle (mix but shhh). Momma even played the game a little bit even after class, and I wasn't bored at all. I'd play this game all the the intstructor said "He's a beagle, he's been searching all his life!"

Momma was also greatly saddened yesterday when she saw on pet pardons how many dogs were gonna die yesterday...and then even more pages to die today and then tomorrow...and the day after. I'm so greatful for the rescue that pulled me from the shelter to save me from that fate and momma is trying to help the pups in my local shelter get outta there to buy them some time and a chance for a new life with a loving family. Turn sadness into anger, and let's do something! Adopt adopt adopt adopt!

Peace, love, and rock and roll (over),



Park and Class

April 24th 2011 8:35 am
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To my doggie diary,

The other day, Thursday, my momma took me to the Dog Park. Now it's not a very big dog park, it's just some parking lot space covered in mulch, but I met some doggies there and I had a good time! I don't like those doggies sniffing my behind, but mommy says I've got to learn to trust other dogs. I met a shiba inu mix, when I tried to do what guys do she taught me a lesson! Not sure if I'll ever do that again, at least not to her! But after that we got to playing and I was bummed when she left that dog park. Mommy says I have to keep going bck because 1) it's good for me to play with other dogs 2) to learn to socialize better.

I'm also being registered to take a Nose Work class! I'm not exactly sure what that means for me, but my momma says I'm gonna be good at it and I don't see why not since it has nose in the title and my nose is purty darn good. I am a hound dog after all! Rooooo!

Peace, love, and rock and roll (over)



February 4th 2011 12:18 pm
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To my doggie diary,

Today my tug my mommy ordered me came in the mail!! It's much longer and stronger than my old tug, and easier on my teeth since it's made of fleece. It's got a fun plush end that's fun to "kill" after I win! If you want a good tug, to go Tugs By Tena!

I also walked most of my walk at a heel!! Of course I had treats and then mommy ran out and hence my lack of heeling at the end, but even then I did pretty well and stayed mostly on the left side and didn't get too far ahead. Mommy was so proud, and I got treats, so a win-win-win!!!

Peace, love, rock and roll(over) until next time,


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