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A day in Diamond's world

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Zach does a history lesson, so I want to.

March 19th 2011 4:24 pm
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I keep hearing about this ‘extreme supermoon’ on March 19th. Mom noticed Friday morning on the way to work how awesome the moon looked. Who knows what this celestial event will bring. On the old family land out in the country, Mom and Dad is going to watch this spectacular lunar sight. As usual Diamond gets to go! Mom hopes the Bobcat is somewhere else this weekend.

Richard Nolle – an astrologer with a dramatic, artistic way about him, was the one to coin the phrase "Super moon". Nolle believes the upcoming full moon “lunar perigee” – the point in which the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth – will bring an array of disastrous events. Does anybody remember Bruce Almighty when Jim Carrey brought the moon in closer.........hum.....

“perigee” is derived from the Modern Latin perigeum meaning “about, near.” ”Lunatic” is also of Latin descent and, according to legend, refers to someone who goes mad with the changes of the moon.

The Algonquin tribes called the super moon the “full worm moon.” The name refers to the change in temperature and the oncoming spring thaw; earthworm casts appear, promising the return of the robin. Anybody remember Grumpy Old Men........turn the light of you'll scare them.........

Tribes north of the Algonquin knew this phase as the “Full Crow Moon,” which refers to the cawing of crows – signaling the end of winter. What was Zach's Irish name Mom.....Bryne (means Raven)

Other moon phrases...“blue moon,”"flower moon" “harvest moon.” Blue moon is Mom's favorite cause she's actually seen it do its work first hand. The blue moon is accompanied with the tides coming in at their highest points. When Mom was a kid, they were on the south end of Carolina Beach and the tide came in so fast and so high everybody had to drive on the hilly sand dunes so they would not get caught in the undertow of the tide. This portion of the beach is 5 miles long and is only open for 4x4s.

Blue moon, the third full moon in a three-month calendrical season that has four full moons. Blue moons occur on average every 2.7 years, the next of which is due in August 2012.


Catster Matriarch goes to the Rainbow Bridge today.

March 16th 2011 1:42 pm
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I feel the pain of any animals death, but Hazel Lucy was a living legend. She had 8,860 friends. Wow! 103,289 views! She wrote the guide to Catster. Hazel and Buddie's wedding was the first Catster Wedding and was featured on tv news in 3 states! The date was September 24th, 2005. There were 23 bridesmaids and 23 groomskittymen! She became member of Catster on Aug. 21, 2004. (which by the way is Mom's and Kenny Rodgers birthday)

She will be missed.
Hazel Lucy

announcement of her passing from her Mom, she kept her promise to Hazel


Local dog found after 4 months!

March 14th 2011 7:41 pm
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This is Mommy's story so I'm going to let her tell it. This will cheer everybody up.

Mom- There's a sweet old man at work named Rudy. He's in his 60's and says that they will have to kick him out, to get him to leave. "no retirement for this old man" he says. Anyway, at Thanksgiving one of the Grandchildren left the backyard gate open and all 3 of his dogs ran away. He looked and looked. He found two of them together and brought them home. Daisy, the Golden Retriever could not be found. He went to the animal shelter and talked to "the fine young people there." They had not seen her. A week later he goes back and was lucky enough to talk to the Dog Catcher for his area. She said she hasn't seen her either but she'll keep an eye out.

Now, know that we live in a large metropolis with one main extremely busy animal shelter. Thank God, the place is huge cause the animal shelters in surrounding counties are poor and small. The poor animals in those shelters have a week to get adopted. Sad I know. Zoe promised an uplifting story. So, let me quit preaching. I'm just saying, them helping an old fart find his favorite dog is very, very sweet.

Now Rudy called the animal shelter so much they knew him by his voice. Finely, they had a lead. Right after Christmas the girls said that the dog catcher had something to tell him. So, he ran up there when she was in. She told him she had seen and tried to catching Daisy. She told him what neighborhood it was. So, he started riding through that neighborhood weekly. But, still no luck.

This morning Rudy came up to me and told me he had found Daisy Sunday morning. He was in that neighborhood and asked a guy that was working in his yard, if he had seen her? He said yes. The guy said the kids had been leaving food for her but she was to skittish to let them catch her. He told Rudy where she was hanging out at.

Rudy went there and he could see her sitting on top of a hill. He called her and she didn't come. So, he made a clicking sound that he does when he's going to feed his dogs. She came running down the hill and jumped on him. He said "if you were a poorly type chap she would have knocked you over." She gave him lots of kisses and jumped right in his truck. He kept saying "she remembered me." I told him of course she did your her Daddy.

He said at first the other dogs wasn't sure of her, he had let them smell each other through the fence. As soon as they started wagging their tails he let her go in with them. He said he's weekend "was like a family reunion." He said she's lost a little weight, so Monday her Mommy took her to the vet, got her checked out. Bought her lots of toys and "She had a good meal." He's so happy and I'm soooo happy for him.

Remember, this pup had been lost sense Thanksgiving, living on that hill at the end of a neighborhood, missing her family. And almost 4 long months later she heard something, looked up and seen her Daddy! Miracles do happen!


March 12th 2011 7:42 pm
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Lucius has been home for two days now. The vet never found anything wrong but a bad Vertibra. They gave him some pain meds for his back and steroids to get him to eat. He's doing better. Dad went to see him yesterday and said he was jumping around (which is a no,no because he's on limited movement per Doc.)
excited. Mom really believes he's not eating because of depression. He just not used to being alone.

Mom needs your help. Brent says he can't afford another animal right now and doesn't want one right now but Mom knows that's what Lucius needs (or his Daddy to stay home with him from time to time. Again, Brent is 25 and is a cad like Zach is.) She knows the meds run out one day and then what? He become depressed and quit eating again. The vets found nothing. So it has to be mental.

Anyway, she needs to help somehow. She thought about getting him a shelter brofur or sisfur with a hefty Petsmart gift card. But Mom thinks that's being pushy. Maybe, they should just MAKE Brent bring him to stay with us on the weekends while he's out being 25. They could be weekend parents instead of Grandparents (Dad worries that then, he will be ours for good, and that causes a whole new issue with Diamond cause she gets snappy after a week of sharing).

What should we do for Lucius?


Still waiting for results from Lucius' test

March 7th 2011 6:13 pm
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No real news about Lucius today. The vets have no clue why he's not eating. Their checking everything know to. They did some x-rays today and found nothing. No blockages. That's good. They tested his liver and kidneys, they turned out good. They did a fecal test too, which we don't have the results yet. He's staying overnight at the vets for observation. I, no, we hope he is going to be okay. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.


Purrs and barks requested for a family member

March 6th 2011 7:47 pm
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I don't know the full details, Lucius's Dad, Brent, my human step brother isn't a big talker. Especially about matters of the heart. Lucius is an adopted Boston Terrier from a rescue organization in Raleigh. My step brother went down there with a friend to check out another dog (for the friend) and he seen Lucius there. It was instant love. Like most singles with pets in their 20's, Lucius has helped his Dad through some rough times and two breakups with major girlfriends.

When he first got Lucius he was moving in with us to stay while he was working on his new house. Like most projects it took longer than it was supposed to. So, Lucius lived with us for 6 months. He is part of our family. When Brent has to go out of town for work, we keep Lucius.

Lucius has a Mommy too. Brent's major girlfriend #2. She gets visitation with him. So, lets not forget to purr for her too.

Okay, now that you know the story. Boston Terriers have chronic stomach issues. And Lucius has had plenty through the years. Lucius is 5 years old BTW. Our Dad told Mom on Thursday that Lucius is sick again. She asked "is it his stomach" and he said "yes". So, she didn't think anything about it. A $200. vet bill and some meds will take care of it she thought. Well, last night Dad came in and said Little Lucius might die. Naturally, Mom got Brent on the phone right away. Lucius went to Doc. Thur. evening and Doc had no answers. Friday he went back for a Colonscopy. Nothing was found. They sent him home with some special food and told Brent if he's not doing better to bring him back Monday and they will do X-rays to see if they can find blockage that way. Brent says he whimpers when you touch his stomach. He did poop and eat a little Saturday morning. Brent says he was drinking water like a mad man but that all stopped come afternoon and ate or drank nothing Sat. night. Brent is coming over this afternoon, so Mom will ask how he's doing today.

Our Dad has a big heart and can't handle death at all. He's also talking about Marley and Me a lot, too. He's very worried. Mom is thinking about how special that bond is with your very first fur roomie. It's your own house, and the only person there waiting for you is your pet. What a blessing they are in that time of your life.

So, please bark and if you have purrers in your family ask them to purr a prayer for little Lucius and everybody his presence has touched.

P.s. Mom has been meaning to do a new video of us, after hearing the news last night, she went ahead and did that. At the beginning and at the end is clips of me and Lucius wrestling on the bed.


Really me again, Diary of the day.

February 22nd 2011 5:44 pm
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I can't believe I got Diary of the Day, I just had a Diary pick. Think you Diary lady or as my brother Zach calls you M. Question though, how do we know your a lady, maybe your a guy. Maybe your a lady on catster and a guy on dogster. After all we are man's bestfriend.
I'm such a lucky dog. First, I play like a mad dog on Sunday. Monday was my Gotcha Day and today I got my Diary win. What's tomorrow?
Dad keeps talking about camping. When? Where? Who? I don't care as long as I'm going (and Tux). I'm ready now. Let's go!


Great Day!

February 20th 2011 6:31 pm
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My human stepbrother Brent came over to watch the race with Dad. He brought Lucius with him (the little Boston Terrier) We played and played in the backyard. It was so much fun. I've missed him alot. The only thing that sucked was Mom put my food up so we wouldn't scrap. Mom says I've gotten overly protective over my food around other dogs lately. She noticed it when I eye balled Tux last weekend around my food. Grandma says it's my new fancy bowls I got for Christmas that I'm being protective of. She says it makes me feel special.

Then Mom and Dad took me out to Grandma and Grandpa's. I got to see Tux and we played some too. I love the weekends!

Got to go now. I'm pooped.



February 19th 2011 6:19 am
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I wish I could go to the movies with my humans. I love movies. While watching tv with the cats. We talk about the commercials and previews for movies all the time. I guess we picked it up from Mom and Dad cause they do too.
I'm looking forward to Little Red Riding Hood the most. Mom said even if it turns out to be a bad movie it looks like it's going to be a feast for the eyes. I think it looks like a very cool movie.I decided to make my page a Red Riding Hood page in celebration of such a good movie coming out. My playlist has my favorite movie songs on it except "Dog days are over" I just like that song. Zach is curious about Cowboys and Aliens. He's an action freak. He's got a cool page this week too, but it's a little scary. He's the Fire Starter.
Mom and Dad have already made plans to see the new Fast and Furious, what is it "fast and five", I like those movies too and mom I want to see it. Mom said maybe they will take me and Tux to the drivein. To bad we have to drive an hour to go to one. Mom said drive-ins are dying all over the country. What a shame.


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

February 14th 2011 7:10 pm
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Happy Valentines Day Everyone. I hope is was a good one. I got to play outside a lot today. Mom planted her rose bush Daddy gave her and Dad worked on the work van. PLAY=GOOD DAY!

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