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A day in Diamond's world

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Easy does it

December 12th 2010 3:59 pm
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I love sundays, everybody stays home on sundays. Mom cooks all day long, I can curl up with dad on the sofa while he watches television. Even the cats seem to be calmer on sundays. The only hitch in my day is it's a cold rainy day, you know what that means: wet paws.
I heard dad tell mom that brent's (my human brother) coming over for dinner. Maybe he'll bring lucius his boston terrier. I like him but he gets on my nerves sniffing me 24/7 and tearing up my toys. He's such a butt. MOM! HIDE MY TOYS!!! Last time he stayed over for a couple days, mom bought me a brand new jeffery (kong giraffe) and lucius a kong dumbball and he proceeded to eat the hoof of MY jeffery when no one was looking. It made dad mad, cause we hadn't had our new toys for longer than 10 min. Okay, so I wanted he's dumbball, which is why I didn't have my jeffery with me but still to tear up my toy is just rude. Anyway, I still enjoy seeing him and I know that when we don't see him, mom and dad misses him.


Omgoish.. Let me tell you...

December 14th 2010 4:57 pm
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I didn't do my entry in last night cause I was so tired after my ride. We went to the gas station I barked at one guy coming out and then dad barked at some guy trying to run over the front of our car. I'd tell you what he said but I only know a few human words. I can tell you this he was mad.
Then I seen two little girls in the car beside us at a light. "look momma" I barked "They are so pretty". Momma told me to quit "barking at those little girls". But mom I was using my inside voice. Well, anyway, my humans were focused on the car itself. It was nice with a big back seat for me.
On my grandparents road dad got a call, and mom started singing. again I don't speak human but I picked up on... to the country.. eat..peaches. Hum, peaches.
When I got to grandma's I ran hard to the front door. Grandpa opened it up for me. I woke up tux right away. He was happy to see me as usual. I ate his snacks on the floor, drank his water(He's got grrreat water) and aggravated grandma. It was fun!!
Today is a lazy day. Eat, sleep and well, you know.


It feels like christmas!

December 19th 2010 1:38 pm
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Panic has struck our house. Mom going in, out, in, out of the door always having bags in her hands when she comes back. Which of course, I've got to sniff, you never know it might be something to eat or better a new toy. Dad is working in the garage, which I like being out there with him except he's heater scares me. I think I'll just sit on the couch with the cats and stay out of their way. Oh, tux came by the last two nights and we played in the back yard. His sweater isn't fitting him right. Mom says she's getting him a new one for christmas but that's our secret. Wonder what she's giving me? Hopefully, not another cat.


The saddest poem

December 20th 2010 2:28 pm
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This is Diamond's mom writing in the diary today. I did not share this poem with my family, I felt it was to saddening for them. I found the poem in Queen Gracie's diary. She is a paw pal of Diamond's. The poem takes you through every emotion I could think of, but yet so horribly true it has to be passed around. It left me heartbroken, to think about the helpless lives who aren't saved at shelters across the country. The reason they wound up there in the first place.
We must demand that our shelters be no kill. We must stand up for the abused animals. We must demand stiffer laws for abusers. We must educate people about the spay and neutering programs. We must stand up for the defenceless animals our world. We must stand up!
To think of all the animals on the earth that are killed for big business and small business everyday. What is going to be the next animal to become extinct. Will it be a certain kind of whale, tiger or elephant. Could you imagine generations growing up looking at these animals at museums like we look at dinosaur bones. We must support our wildlife groups. We must.
We owe it to the animals, all of them, tame..wild..little..large..flesh eaters or herbivores and all animals in between.
My final feelings on the poem, is that it has inspired me. And that it will send you down the same road of emotions that I felt. That's why it should be on billboards across the nation. Thank you, Queen Grace.


Tux!!!!! Grandma and Grandps yah!!!!!

December 26th 2010 6:48 pm
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I my grandparents came by today. They've been sick for a whole week now. I missed them and Tuxie. Me and Tux played in the snow, okay slight exaggeration, He marked his territory while I ran circles around him. I love him. He's my brother you know.
Christmas was great but the snow, when I woke up this morning was the topper.


Omgoish.. Doggie of the day!!!

January 1st 2011 12:06 pm
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I can't even tell you how excited I am to have won dog of the day. Last night, I was jealous of Zach, cause he was dancing with mom to "crying at the chapel". That's Elvis for those of you who don't know. And this morning, wouldn't you know it. Me and mom was dancing the jig in the middle of the living room to "Hot child in the city" on my playlist!! I just can't believe it. Dog of the day.
I'm tickled pink over this, really I am. Tux is coming over with grandma and grandpa tonight. I can't wait to tell him. Mom said I can pick the movie. I'm thinking "Bringing up Baby". Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, mom said we're going to get a new toy today to celebrate.
What a year this is going to be. I even had the guts this morning to send a misletoe gift to my dog crush. I kinda got a crush on Cutter but mom said his mom called him a ladies man. So oh-well. I'll keep you posted on the crush front.


Another lazy sunday, but momma cried today

January 9th 2011 7:37 pm
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Mom cried today. One of Zach's fur corralled friends died today. She wrote about it in his first diary hoping someone would see it and send over their caring words. Mom says it's always heartbreaking to know someone is grieving over a pet that's dear to them.
Same old same old, around here otherwise. I got to stay outside with dad for awhile. He worked on the cars. Mom did laundry off and on all day. I kept hearing "Zach off". That's when Zach jumps in the laundry basket before she can fold the clothes. Zoe slept all day. I didn't tell you I got to ride today. Dad took me to auto zone, two different times.
Mom is gripping about having to drive on ice to work. Dad said he would take her. Great, that means dad will leave early with her. I always snuggle with dad after Zach and I walk mom to the door in the mornings.


That snow is slick

January 11th 2011 2:14 pm
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I tired running in the snow today but about busted my butt. What the heck? Dad explained to me that it sleeted for hours after it snowed. Which makes it slippery. Once I got my sea legs it was kinda fun. Mom said I was skating. Hey, this could possibly even out my chase for the Rabbit. If the Rabbit can't run without slipping and If I can run faster without slipping, than maybe I'll get that Rabbit, finally. I've been trying sense spring.
Dang it, Mom told me I can't try, cause I'll slide into the side of the garage and hurt myself.



January 12th 2011 2:12 pm
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Daddy came home and then he left? Mom tried telling me he'll be back, but when? Where did you go daddy? Mom tried telling me he wasn't in the basement but I just stood at the door and whined and whined and whined some more. I just love my daddy. Once I gave up I heard his car pull up in the driveway. Thank God daddy is home!!!! I meet him at the door with the biggest tail wag I could.


Fire wood!!!

January 13th 2011 12:57 pm
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Today, mom came home baring gifts. She was carrying bundles of wood, several bundles of wood. So, when the wood went straight outside I know what this meant. Fires in the firepit! Thus time outside!!! Mom explained to me that it's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend and all next week. Yah!! I'm so tired of being stuck in this house. I just want to play with my Frisbee and chase the rabbit. Mom said the snow and ice will melt too. Good, better traction. One more day, and I'll be chilling in the back yard with mom and dad.

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