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I have a diary cause I'm smart like that...

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April 23rd 2012 10:31 am
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Every morning, mom takes her pills. I watch. It's not fair. I would like to put something in my mouth too. I mean, mom eats; I eat. Mom sleeps; I sleep. Shouldn't I get to pop a pill when mom does? It has taken a year of staring but she finally got my message. bought me a bottle of doggie vitamins. They are yummy! So now mom takes her pills in the morning and I sit there and stare. Then I get my pill. Life is good.



Dead Fish!!

April 5th 2012 7:27 am
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OMD! We don't know what happened to our lake this winter but hundreds of dead blue gill have washed up on shore. Mom thinks it's gross and upsetting. I think it is Sweeeeeeeeet! They smell so good and stinky. Everytime I try to put my head on one and scoot along with my body, mom yells "no" or "leave it" so I have started this funny dance where I start to put my head down on it but then I spin around in a circle and jump away. Mom says if it is possible for me to be any cuter, I just showed her more cuteness. Mom scooped up all the dead fish by our house and put them in a garbage bag for the garbage men to haul away. We feel bad for anyone riding behind that truck. BOL. This weekend, mom will venture to other parts of the lake and resume fish cleanup. No one else seems to care but they don't have a MSWD (medium sized white dog) who is obsessed with rolling in them.

We're hoping it was just that it was a really warm winter with almost no frozen time that upset the bluegills natural environment.



How to use your face to get what you want.

March 15th 2012 8:05 am
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I get a treat when I come back inside. That's the deal. Sometimes, when I want a treat, I act like I have to go outside just to come back in and get a treat. Last night was one such occasion. I demanded to go out. I squatted (mom is not sure if I actually peed) and then I pranced back in the house where mom proceeded to jump back in her seat to resume watching Survivor.


No treat? I sat at the treat jar and stared at her with the most disgusted look I could muster. Mom groaned. "I'm sorry Sunny...I forgot and now I don't want to get back up. Wait for the commercial".

No! I told her, as I jumped onto her chest and got in her face. I stared with my most horrified look. I blocked the TV.

Mom got up and got me my treat.
Good girl!



March Madness...for zealies!

March 12th 2012 11:47 am
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That's right pups...We are playing March Madness again this year. If anyone wants to play and isn't already signed up, email me your email address and we will send you an invite. It costs 10 zealies to play (transfer them to me) and the prizes will be:

1st place: 70% of the zealies
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

I pick the BULLDOGS to win it all!


Can't a MSWD table surf without getting yelled at?

January 20th 2012 8:19 am
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I've been counter surfing for around a year. At first, mom thought it was cute and funny. Then I started stealing Bean's food bowl off the counter (mom has to put it "up" so that I won't eat his food). I can usually reach it no matter where she puts it on the counter. I'm talented like that. I use things on the counter to help pull it closer to me and then I magically stretch my mouth far enough to be able to grab it and pull it down. You all know my passion for cat food so any time I score his bowl, it is a good day for me.

Moon's food is put on the kitchen table on a table cloth on the opposite end from where the peeps eat. He can't jump up on the counter like Bean does but they still need to put it "up" so I can't get it. Yesterday, mom noticed that the table cloth was pulled right to the edge of the table and the bowl was licked clean. Hmmm, she said. "I think Sunny got to Moon's food". Nothing more was said or done though.

Today, mom hears rapid licking noises as she's getting ready for work. She thinks to herself "Is that Moon eating like a pig?" and comes downstairs to find me standing there with the table cloth and bowl pulled to the edge of the table and my 20 foot long tongue eating the food out of the bowl. She yelled at me! I ate faster! She yelled louder. I ate faster! She yelled louder. "GET DOWN". Sigh....I got down.

Tomorrow is another day.



January 4th 2012 8:40 am
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Mom decided that I, unlike Zaidie, cannot be referred to as "LWD" on account of my ever growing hinder. I like to fact, I live for it! calls me "MSWD". Atleast she hasn't called me FWD yet.

Sunny, MC, MSWD (Master's in cuteness, medium sized white dog)


My foster brother Wrangler

August 17th 2011 7:26 am
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He's in his new furrever home. There is a new picture of him on my page of him in his new home. Doesn't he look happy!? The peeps just felt that 3 cats plus me was a bit much right now and Wrangler went to a home with 2 young, energetic peeps where he can be spoiled rotten :) I'm happy for the little guy...I'll miss him but he was taking away attention from me so....see ya :)



Can you feel the LOVE!?

August 9th 2011 8:28 am
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THIS is why we love dogster so much!

Jarvis is having his leg amputated today to try to stop the progression of the bad C word! The LOVE all his dogster peeps have shown him are helping to heal his leg and his mama's heart.


Cat food Anonymous

July 15th 2011 10:48 am
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*Sunny stands up and nods to the new dog in the back of the room*

"Hi. My name is Sunny and I'm a cat food a holic"
~~"Hi Sunny" ~~other dog members
" I thought I was doing better ever since we moved to the lake. Mom was putting Moon and Bean's food up on the table where I couldn't get to it. I had lost weight and I even managed to forget how much I love that stuff! Then, a new baby cat came to live with us. His food smelled really yummy. He's been living in my dog crate and mom feeds him his food ON THE GROUND. Mom turned her back with the door to the crate open and I managed to get a big slurp of the stuff in his bowl. Ever since then, I've been hooked again. It's all I think about. I wake up thinking about cat food. I fall asleep thinking about cat food. Yesterday, mom fed Bean outside and then company came. She let me out to go greet them and I beelined right for the bowl. I got a whole bowl of wet food! Then, last night, I managed to table surf and got the same bowl. Mom found me on my ottoman with a plastic cat bowl between my paws. This morning, mom fed Bean outside. I waited patiently for her to forget and then I did my best stare down. I stared; I uffed...I motioned for the door with my head. But she did not forget! No food yet today but the day is young, my friends. The sleeping tiger that is cat food has awoken in me.


Thanks for letting me share"
"thanks for sharing Sunny" ~~other dog members


P.S...7/16/11...I scored another bowl. BOL!



July 13th 2011 9:02 am
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SO....the little kitty that bit my mom and has been quarantined in our garage has now been with us almost 3 weeks! I have heard the peeps use the L word when talking about him. Yep...they love him! I kinda do too...although I'm still a little skeered of him. Mom put a treat like 6 inches from him today and made me "take it". I did. Wrangler didn't flinch. I think he likes me!!

He gave us a couple of scares so far. First, he bit my mom. Grrrrr....but he was just 5 weeks old and alone in this world. He musta been skeered too.

Then, he got loose on us for a few hours Sunday. The peeps were beside themselves. How do you lose a kitten? (I know how but I'm not pointing any paws). Thankfully, they found him hiding in the engine of our truck and he was home safe and sound before nighttime.

Third, he stopped eating after he got de-wormed but his appetite and unbewoofable cuteness had returned and he is really starting to thrive. He went to the dogtor on Monday and he weighs a whopping 1 pound 11 ounces. He's on a new wet food good for upset bellahs. I like it too (when I can sneak a lick from out of his (MY) dog crate. I share; I'm nice like that.

The vet estimates he is 8 weeks old now and is healthy and he really loves my peeps and they love him BUT...when he is 10-12 weeks old, he is going to one of our favorite people in the world...moms co-worker. He is a newly wed and they are ready to have their first baby to care for. Wrangler will be an indoor only kitty; not de-clawed, and will be very loved and the peeps will take him back if there are any problems. wants to see Wrangler!?! Check out my new profile pic :)

Sunny Lee (a big sister for the first time....AROOOOooooooo)

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