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I have a diary cause I'm smart like that...

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Adorable Dogs needed!!

August 27th 2012 12:03 pm
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You! Yes You! My other website is looking for pawsome dogs to be nominated for dog of the day

Mom is going to nominate ME :) but we want as many dogster dogs as possible to win the daily dog of the day honors :)

Tell em Sunny sent you...BOL!


A new friend and boy is he cute!!!!!

August 23rd 2012 8:05 am
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Meet Cotton

Send him a friend request.
Do it.
Now! :)


Anal what?

August 9th 2012 11:41 am
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In my head, all I really hear is "treat, treat, treat, treat, treat" but today I heard "treat, treat, treat, Sunny, treat, treat, vet, treat, stinky, treat, treat, treat, Anal, treat, treat, treat." I was drifing off for my morning nap; dreaming of treats, I reflected on my nice morning and then it hit me...."Anal". Anal what!? What does that mean?? Anal flavored treats? Hmmm...I might like those.

Bark atcha later,


My new collar is sooo cute!

August 2nd 2012 5:22 am
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My wonderful friends Jolee and Star sent me this adogable collar (in my profile pic) Their mom makes them!!!! If anyone wants a custom made collar, you can email their mom at

Woof Woof,


New doggy in the hood...

August 1st 2012 8:31 am
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There is a new doggy on my street! His name is Bear and he is a pawsome lab/chow mix. He is Southern...just like me! His pawrents let him hang out on their front porch all day and he comes down to the end of the driveway and greets everyone as they walk by. We run and romp and play together and then when we keep on walking, he goes back to his porch. Even though I only lived in Alabama the first 9 weeks of my life, I can imagine that that's what life is like for lots of doggies in the South...they "roam" a lot more freely than my neurotic mother lets me...BOL. But don't worry doggies, Bear clearly has a home and is very loved...he is just a free spirit and he knows how to stick close to home.

Oh...and right after I played with him, another doggie ran away from its home (allll the way across the lake) and came to MY yard to play with me. I ran out to greet him and we romped and played. I brought him up on the porch and mom leashed him and called his mom to come and get him. Know what she said when she picked him up? "I'm not happy you found her"...meaning that now that Murphy knows where I (cute, hot doggie that I am) live, he will be back. BOL/blush.

I love my house....there is always a lot of action and if I sit on my porch long enough, a doggie always pops up for me to play with.

Sunny (who really enjoys being a girl doggie with all these boy doggies to play with)


I have the 2 nicest pals!!!!

July 30th 2012 7:54 am
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I know this is no news to any of you since Austin and Doo are already known as 2 of the nicest doggies here on dogster but my mom has just become friends with their mom on the human book of faces so...I sent them a PPR (Doo was in my corral, but we weren't officially "pals" strange is that?) and now we are officially pals!! They sent me a hot dog AND a drink and they sent Stryker a nice rosette too. It just seems that Austin and Doo are always doing nice things for their pals and I'm so lucky to be pals with them now.



Baby birds and barfing

June 4th 2012 6:56 am
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No...the 2 don't really have anything to do with eachother but that's whats been new with me.

Baby Birds: We have a nest of robins on one of the log corners of our house. I got to watch the nest get built. Then the momma bird sat on her eggs. One of the pieces of shell fell out of the nest when they hatched and I got to sniff it. It was a pretty blue shell. Then I got to watch the baby birds get fed...a lot! They ate all the time! My mom even turned over some rocks in the yard to make it easier for their mom to find them foodz. Yesterday, we started seeing bird poop on the deck so mom knew they were gonna be flying away any day now. This morning, me and mom went out on the deck and there was only 1 bird sitting in the nest. We tried to say Hi but it flew away. Now there are no more birdies in the nest. I have empty nest syndrome...BOL.

Barfing: Mom doesn't know what I ate (probably some remnants of something Bean brought home and was smart enough not to eat but me...not so smart as to not eat the kidneys and stuff like that) but I threw up a lot! Once on the pine floors (easy to clean up); then twice on the carpet (not so easy to clean said she should have shut the bedroom door after I puked once...I always puke in succession) then a few times outside. But interestingly, I never stopped being willing to take treats. Mom put me on "belly rest" (boo) and after a few hours, I was starving! She gave in and let me re-eat my dinner before bed. I'm fine now. Mom was a really good girl during my barfing and did not panic! She didn't rush me off to the emergency clinic. I think the fact that I was still wanting to eat and drink helped prevent a full blown anxiety attack. I think my D.A.M.N membership is paying off.


P.S...For those of you who think I am really Cute and would like your very own Sunny pubby...there is a dog on FB up for adoption who looks Just like me!! check out Felix Mom is seriously thinking it might be time to get me a brother. HOPE HOPE HOPE!! The only down side is he will shed a LOT just like me and our vacuum might not be able to handle it. BOL.


Me? Bold?

May 9th 2012 7:37 am
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One of my favorite peeps came to visit us this weekend. Her name is Desiree...she is one of my pawrents best friends. She loves me. I love her! We did lots of yardwork and I help whenever I can. Basically, she sees me as a "really good dog". She has no idea how bold I can be when I go for car rides and visit places. My pawrents needed to go to the garden center to buy some mulch and a new tree to plant. Desiree asked if I could come. I was doing my best job looking sooo excited to go in the truck. I acted "as if" I was going the whole time so when the time came to go, she said they couldn't possibly leave me home. Score! It worked! So....the 4 of us climbed into the front of the truck and we rode to the garden center. I made sure to pant my hot breath right in Desiree's ear. I climbed on moms lap to get to the window. It was pawsome! Then, we got to the garden center. They had a small pond with a fountain in it. Before mom could even react, I was in the pond. I started swimming around and laid down in the nice cool water. All my peeps laughed. The owners of the garden center (who were talking to mom) kinda laughed. Kinda. I also started noshing on one of the plants. The owner said "that's garlic...she's going to smell like wet garlic for the ride home". I also did my best whining whenever one of my peeps dared to walk away from me. Mom finally got in the truck with me and we waited as Mel, the owner, put mulch in the back of the truck and loaded my new crabapple tree. Then we went home and I made sure to lean on Desiree with my wet fur as much as possible. Mom was covered with white dog fur when we got home. Peep #2 was grouchy by the time we got home and balked at moms suggestion that we take me to the park on the way home. They argued a little. I tend to cause that sometimes. It was a really fun time for me. Desiree got to see a new side of me and I think she was impressed.



It happened just over a year ago!

April 27th 2012 6:32 am
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Mom was reading my diary yesterday on behalf of my gotcha day. this entry cracked her up and she put the picture back in my photobook for the full effect.



It's my 4th Gotcha Day AND I have a question.

April 26th 2012 6:35 am
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Hey pups,

First of question. Mom's email account has been bouncing dogster emails (we don't know why) so we haven't been getting any notifications. We just noticed that I have 10 zealies :)but we have no way of knowing who gave them to us. Mom suspects Petey. Would the donor please let us know so I can give you a big slurpy thank you!

Second....4 years ago today, I got gotted! I love my family and my life and am so grateful to have been picked that day. I fell in love with my family before we even left the rescue. They have been in love with me since they saw my picture on petfinder.

Mom is going to make that picture my profile pic today :)


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