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I have a diary cause I'm smart like that...

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The Pepsi challenge is in CANADA too :)

December 8th 2010 6:43 am
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Riley, Zaidie, Biscotte, Tippy, Miss P...are you reading this? Look how exciting: this shelter desperately needs this funding Only the top spot will win the 100K prize and they really need it. My mom votes everyday for them. The site loads a little slow so tell your peeps to be patient. Oh yea, and they can vote for 10 groups per day. The prizes are 1 for the top spot, 2 for the next prize, 3 for the next prize down and 4 for the lowest prize bracket. We vote for all the animal groups.



Toy or food?

December 14th 2010 6:31 am
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Mom was cleaning the kitchen this morning. A half loaf of italian bread was on the counter in a zip lock bag. Mom squeezed it. Hard as a rock. I showed interest in it. Mom opened the door to the yard and threw it. I ran after it and picked it up and threw it with my mouth, then I ran after it and....hmm....I was going to continue playing with it but then I nibbled on it and it was bread. I love bread! I stood there in the yard and nibbled on it. Mom yelled "'re going to look like a loaf of bread if you eat that" and then she came out into the yard and took away my toy/food. Then she........



I am so looking forward to lots of snow so we can play the carrot game.



Happy Howlidays!

December 15th 2010 8:45 am
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I hope all my pals are having a nice December and that it's not too cold for you. I, pawsonally, like the cold but my little furbro Bean says it's too cold for him so his little furry butt has been home the past few days. He's been cuddly, yet grumpy and I have been hissed at more than once. Moon let me kiss him on the nose the other day so overall, I'm a pretty happy pup :)


Helping the doggies...

December 22nd 2010 8:39 am
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My moms work is doing a fundraiser and they are trying to raise enough money to adopt one or two cages at our local humane society for a whole year! Also, my neighbor adopted a cage for us for the month of Dec. We have to go see our cage and bring the doggy living in it a special treat this Christmas. I wish we could take that doggy home.



Look what Mom got for Christmas :)

December 23rd 2010 6:27 am
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I'm thinking my paw will be going in that tonight.

My mom's co-worker who got it for her couldn't believe mom didn't already have that (or ten). Nope...this will be the first time my paw print will be memorialized.




December 23rd 2010 11:25 am
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My mom has become friends with 2 great women who run a rescue in Mississippi (that is fun to spell)called ARF of MS. They are sooooooooooooo close to winning 50K grant money from Pepsi this month. Mom says it will be the best Christmas present for sooooooo many cats and dogs if they can pull off this win. Please grab the keyboard from your pawrents and vote for ARF ARF ARF!

ARF ARF ARF (there's 9 other groups on the same page you can vote for if you want. You get 10 votes per day EVERYDAY).

For those of you already voting, thank you! For you newbies, don't make me get all Izzy on you. Do it. Now. Go! Vote! BOL :)



I'm a diary pick today...Woo-Hoo!

December 28th 2010 6:38 am
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Let me tell you pups, this couldn't come at a better time! It has been cold here and mom wouldn't take me to the park for the past 2 (TWO!) nights. I am fairly sure that the pupparazzi will be so intrusive tonight (since I am a diary pick) that mom will feel the need to get away for a bit tonight and probably will take me to the lake. Yea, that and the fact that it's over 30 degrees today should do it.

Sunny (who does NOT mind the cold but my mom does).


We might really be able to help some puppies...

January 3rd 2011 12:27 pm
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Happy New Year pups! Today is the first day of voting for Jan in the pepsi challenge and there are EIGHT PAWSOME groups working together to win and they are all in pretty good spots to win. We just have to keep voting to keep them in the top 10 (top 10 spots win in the 5K, 25K and 50K...only top 2 spots win the 250K)

Wanna help? Just click here:

help more animals
Only the top 10 finishers in each category (and only the top 2 in the 250K category) win but these are all starting out pretty good.

Your votes can help keep them in the top 10!

Wanna know who votes? (kind of like the doggy Hanukkah song):

Ella votes
Rusty and Pepper vote
Nelly votes
I vote
Petey votes
Wyoming votes
Denny votes (his mom used to work with my mom)
Winston and his pack vote.
Maya votes

Don't you wanna vote to?


The peeps are fighting :(

January 12th 2011 11:44 am
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I hate when there's yelling. I run in all shrively and try to get them to stop. My cuteness usually atleast lowers the volume. Want to know what they're fighting about?

Appawrently, peep #1 thinks that peep #2 is too consumed with this: (hmm...I don't know how to make links anymore)

Peep #2 assures peep #1 that if they win, she can resume all prior activities that were not quite so time consuming.

Peep #1 says that peep #2 *always* has something obsessive and time consuming (um...dogster has even been accused, FB, poker, freecell, Farmville (mom says she quit that cold turkey months ago..."why are you still bringing that up!?", Pet talk, etc...)

Please a sister out. If you can vote and help ensure a win, the peeps might stop hurting my sensitive ears.



Mom is sooo trained.

January 24th 2011 7:48 am
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The peeps were watching the Packers win yesterday. They had a bowl of potato chips and helluva good dip. They would dole out appropriate amounts of chip schnibbles to me here and there. Many minutes passed. No chip. I hit the chip bowl with my paw. Mom immediately handed me a chip. Peep #2 said "you just rewarded that" Mom laughed "I didn't even think about it"

So's how it works:

Hit target with paw.
Get treat from mom.

Practice that tonight and let me know how it goes.


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