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My Family Is Healing

Oh My Beautiful Baby Gurl

July 31st 2012 5:48 am
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Sorry we didn't get to write this until now but you know how much we missed you on July 27th which was your Rainbow Bridge Day. As Stevie played his tournaments the night before they lost both games and then came the 27th and we know you were there with us in WI as he hit several home runs and one out of the park! I thought of you flying next to that speeding ball as it was the last chance for the win and he slid into home plate with the winning run. Oh we were all so very proud of him! All in all they won 2nd place trophy for Quad City and held the 3rd spot in the tournaments. Do we think you helped? Only God knows but we really think you were there watching over him and his team♥ You always did watch out for the boys even when you were here on earth. It was a very long weekend and we all came home so exhausted but will visit your grave today and hope we see a butterfly or two. They are fluttering in the yard and garden of course but it's always special to see one where you are resting eternally. Roscoe loves them just like you did but he looks so funny when he chases them! He doesn't run he sort of gallops like a horse then stops and stares when they land on something unlike you whom would never give up the chase until they were too high to see;)

Monnie still loves going to the woods but she doesn't run and play like she did when you were with. She just kind of jumps over logs on the forest floor and sniffs around alot. She knows you're there Sweet Gurl♥

Thank You To all who remembered me on my Rainbow Bridge Anniversary♥ It helped My family so much knowing others loved me too and never forgot me♥

We Love and Miss You Baby Girl♥

Momma, Daddy, The Boys, Roscoe and Monnie


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