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A day and life of a little dog named Baby Bandit

I'm Just a cute lil ity bity tiny lil baby

November 23rd 2010 11:30 pm
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Hello World,
My name is Baby Bandit. I live with my mommy her friend and care taker and my big brudder Jett. I am a little girl. I didn't weigh 2 pounds when I first came to live with mommy and Jett. Mommy could hold me in the palm of one hand. I'm not sure what runt means but I overheard the breeders tell mommy that I was a runt. Mommy didn't care she took me and held me in her hands and arms for days until I was familar with my surroundings. Then if I got scared I would go and hide far back under the bed where no one could see me. I like to go to bed at night I snuggle under the blankies with mommy and Jett where it is warm. I have grown up alot since I first came to live with mommy and Jett. I have at least doubled my size. Mommy says Jett will always be her number 1 baby but that I am the apple of her eyes. Anyway, when I wake up in the mornings I like to play a game with Jett. I like to jump right beside him or on him sometimes and make him mad. Then I am so fast I just jump away from him and run over mommy and off the bed. After awhile when he isn't expecting it I do it again. It is so much fun!!! Now that I am bigger he plays with me we play alot together it make mommy smile to watch us play. Mommy is disabled so we aren't real active but we are snugglers. We are going to be moving into an apartment with 2 patios soon. I don't know if I will like it. Mommy says it will be better cause I'll have my own doggie door so I can go potty anytime I need to or want to and won't have to be taken out on a leash just to go potty. Only to go places or for walks. I guess I let you know what I think when we get there. For now goodnite. I'll write soon. I promise.


I am a mommy now! 2/13/13

February 25th 2013 11:23 pm
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I became a mother today! I gave birth all natural to 3 beautiful male pups and 1 beautiful female pup. They all survived. They are all Black and Tan like me and their father Tiny Bouncer Skeletor. We are quite the family. I am a good mom devoting all my time to my pups. I will ask my mommy to post some pictures. I am sure she will. God bless you all. Talk to you again later


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