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dog day afternoon

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July 16th 2011 4:22 pm
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well mom took us rollerblading early ,everyday this week..MOn we got to go to the dog park too!! I met a black lab, girlfriend of the day..Well i proceeded to run out in the rain and jump through the puddles with her..because it rained real hard, the whole time we were dad, pete, stayed underneath where our humans were huddled.well by the time we got home, we were all soaking wet!!!we all towel dried off!!! till then,knobby


thurs&fri& sat

July 10th 2011 11:49 am
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well thurs&fri mom took us rollerblading rained..and i've been having fun, running around the piles of branches, Mom & Belle cut in the yard...( we have almost 2 acres)they've been working outside everynight this week...when it wasn't raining!!!hoping for a rawhide tonight!! later,knobby



July 6th 2011 1:48 pm
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well mom took us rollerblading early both days..Today i was going to chase after a squirrel and thought better of it...So i the crosswalk ,where mom takes a left..well ahead of us, was a lady with a small white mutt,and i thought it would be neat to say hi..Well Mom quashed that..we took a left...the little dog went on ahead..straight ahead...away!!!well...that's all folks..later,knobby



July 4th 2011 3:29 pm
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well fri & today(mon) mom took us rollerblading early..sat it rained..(yay!!) and sun mom refuses to take us..she says its way too busy in the park..but i chased a squirrel this morning as it ran along the trail...oh and today mom mowed the yard..I love to run really fast in circles around the mower!!!Later,knobby



June 30th 2011 9:39 am
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well Moms' taken us rollerblading everyday this week,at the like 7:30am..i went to chase after a squirrel today..but mom held tight....the squirrel was gone before i realized it!!!OH and mom found a new home for Jack(her horse)...but she got another horse in exchange..a TB...jack was a draft horse ..used to pull a plow...she said it was time for someone else to enjoy him...he went to a great home.. like 1/2 hr south of here...ok..ta..ta..knobby



June 26th 2011 8:14 am
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well mom took us rollerblading early everyday except fri..she didn't feel good..i've had some chicken bones ,leftover from my dad...and other misc...items..such as an old rawhide...old bones...old leftovers,ect...that one time i was going to go after a squirrel,mom hollered at me,i got distracted,well i didn't run after it at all!!!which is a good thing, in her book!!!I'm looking forward to Belle coming back..shes' been gone since fri...(to orlando)hopefully she'll be back today!!!!Ok till later,knobby


MON & Tues

June 21st 2011 3:10 pm
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well mom took us rollerblading at the park ,early both days...No squirrel chasing for me either..Whenever i get in position to "squirrel chase" mom yells at me and i get distracted!!!I kind of crouch down,still trotting, and stick my nose down & out..then i get yelled at!!!well at least i don't get a whack with her slipper...haven't gotten a whack all week in fact...I think that's a first!!!ok ttyl..knobby


WEd,thurs,fri & sat

June 18th 2011 3:45 pm
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well mom took us rollerblading early like 7:30am.The very best squirrel chasing time..the other day we saw about 20 squirrels,like a pack,heading toward the boat ramp...what a sight!!!I wanted to chase them so badly but mom had a good hold of me..but there was one, eating a mango off of our tree,in our yard.which i chased madly!!!it ran up the tree fast!!!later then,knobby



June 14th 2011 10:17 am
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well mom took us rollerblading early both days..and yesterday there was another dog on the path...which didn't move over quick enough..well i went to greet the other dog,,and guess what??? i got a whack with moms' slipper!!!imagine my surprise!!!i guess if i hadn't charged over there just about pulling mom down the path, it would of been ok...but that didn't enter my little pea brain...well now i know..hopefully..later then,knobby



June 11th 2011 3:39 pm
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well moms' taken us rollerblading everyday ,early.while its still cool out!!my dad got his summer haircut yesterday!!I'm gonna get mine as soon as mom gets a smaller blade for the clippers..something about Belle wants to do a design on my back!!!Great!!! something to make me more noticeable!!!aren't i noticeable without a design on my back???I guess not...I'll keep you posted.. later,knobby

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