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dog day afternoon

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tues night

January 4th 2011 2:13 pm
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and now mom can see all of your pictures!!! belle gave mom her old desktop to use. awesome!!!


tues night

January 4th 2011 2:11 pm
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well today they took us rollerblading in the park, and i didn't have to wear my pack which was unusual.. so i was very happy.. but yesterday when we went rollerblading i had to wear my pack but mom took it off and let us swim in the lake. which was great fun!!! i bounded and jumped through the water... great!! later, knobby


sun afternoon

January 2nd 2011 1:01 pm
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well today mom took both me & my dad rollerblading in the park at the same time... and mom made me wear my stupid pack cause she thought i was going to misbehave and pull her over.. per usual.. but i was well behaved.. also very slow.. that pack gets heavy... but this was the 1st time in 2 days i went rollerblading.. moms' been taking my dad by himself.... maybe from now on i'll get to go also.. later, knobby


Sat night

January 1st 2011 1:39 pm
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well today mom went to the stables without me again.. something about my misbehavior there.. then she came home and took my dad rollerblading. what's up with that? i howled the entire time they were gone.. about an hour... till tomm. knobby

ps i was real frightened of all the loud noises last night!! i jumped into bed with mom & my dad...


fri night

December 31st 2010 1:19 pm
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well today mom took my dad rollerblading and i had to stay home. i howled the whole time they were gone. i get very lonely.. not really.. i just hate to be left home!!! i might miss something... then when they got back i got a bath. i left a ring around the tub per usual... i was very stinky.. happy new year!!! knobby


thursday night

December 30th 2010 4:23 pm
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well today they surprised us and took us to the dog park. what fun it was!! my big grey girlfriend was there.. my dad got in a tussel with a dog bigger than him.. but my dad jumped him, mom pulled my dad off and the old dog ran...stupid old dog... my dad is a bada**.. later,knobby


wed night

December 29th 2010 1:36 pm
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well today was grand!! 1st we went to Walgreens, then to the bank then rollerblading in the park... boy am i tired. but i didn't have to wear my pack today. i was pretty well behaved anyway.. till later, knobby


tues night

December 28th 2010 3:29 pm
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well yesterday mom went to the stables again. but when she got home they took us rollerblading in the park.. then we went to the pet store to get a few fish for moms' tank. and today again we went to the park rollerblading. but today we encountered a lot of dogs and people. oh. yesterday in the pet store i started barking furiously at another dog... mom took me to meet it. after that i didn't bark once. this was a new thing.. imagine me barking!!!So everyone in the whole store knew i was there..Exciting...!later,knobby



December 26th 2010 1:25 pm
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well yesterday and today mom went to the stables.. without me of cOURSE.. but yesterday after she got home they left again( to go to my cousins' for dinner) but when they got back they brought us some ham..yum!! today mom took us to the dogpark by herself cause nobody else wanted to brave the wind and cold again!till later, knobby


xmas day

December 25th 2010 4:09 am
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well this morning mom has to go to the stables.. so we don't get to open presents till she gets back.. boo!! then they're going to karens' for dinner..another boo hoo!! happy holidays to all!!! knobby

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