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dog day afternoon

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November 23rd 2012 10:03 am
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it didn't show up,for some odd reason..anyway..I haven't been at all well-behaved,lately..Everytime I see a dog off-leash,I get very angry,upset,growling & my hair ,standing up..Like I mean business!!
We've seen 5 dogs off leash,on the bike trail,where mom takes us running..She's going to put a sign up"either leash your dogs,or keep them home!" has also been cooking me a bone ,everynight..which she thinks has contributed,in some odd way,to my nastiness towards other dogs..My dad-Pete,used to get all the bones.Now,I get one too!!more bones=more nastiness!!
Today..we're getting a bath-OUTSIDE!! Its 76 degrees out,which means ..the waters' going to be cold...= shivering!!
Ok..Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day, w/ extra treats!!I had a bowl of mushroom soup!!LOL!!! Ok then..TTYL, Knobby



November 23rd 2012 6:36 am
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October 7th 2012 11:54 am
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Well this morning..something,very insulting..happened to me...It started out all innocent like.then turned humiliating...and it's moms' fault...

She put my pack on..before we went running,this morning..It was empty...OK>
Then ,,as we ran down the trail...she picked up empty water bottles,paper,empty soda cans & the time ,we were 1/2 way through.the run..I was almost exhausted..from carrying all the trash..LOL!!and it took extra 1/2 hour...But when we were finished..she took everything,out of my packs, and deposited it, all in the trash..where it should have been to start with...
AND... I have to wear the packs,again tomm..(for more trash pick-up)BOO!!
Oh..and yesterday..she found a folding knife,(w/ a clip to put it on your belt) on the trail..twas brand was..well..she hooked it onto my collar..and off we went...She must think, I'm built to carry stuff!LOL!
Other than that..nothing exciting happening...Ok..Have a nice evening..TTYL,

P.S. We go running.on the bike trail..Its those, mountain bikers' trash!!Dirtying up everything!



October 2nd 2012 10:41 am
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well.this morning ..went to the vets..for my dad..I waited patiently,in the car...It was raining a bit.but mom ,left the window open anyway..

we also went for running,this morning..but it was drove past the dog park...With all the irresponsible didn't think it was a good idea..

I'm healthy & happy..No more itchies,on me!!Mom,even makes me a bone,everynight..When she has bones!!

I'm still a rollerblade w/, At times...esp if I see another dog approaching..( I just want to say "HI!")and weighing in at 90 lbs...LOL!!

Ok TTYL...



October 1st 2012 9:39 am
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well..we haven't been doing anything different..running w/ mom,in the morning..and rollerblading ,at night...nothing new ,or exciting to report...TTYL Knobby



September 19th 2012 10:07 am
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well everythings been ok...Mom takes us running..(jogging is more like it) every morning..for 45 minutes..more or less...AND, we're still rollerblading,,everynight..for a half hour...
One of moms' good friends,died..a few mths ago...he was her boss,in Wyoming,for 20 yrs.(Heart attack)...she was very sad..not to be able, to go to the funeral..
BUT..she's been cooking bones ,for us..everynight..

also..we some kind of skin's taken us both to the vet..numerous time,this summer...we've got antibiotics,pills for the itch,powder..and special kibbles..lamb & rice...They're like small sores...real scabby...they've almost, cleared up now//Oh..and medicated shampoo!!!
Mom & us a new blue med size football..Both me & my dad.LOVE IT!!
I dad steals./.& we both, naw on it...Its a deflated football now..but its still our favorite!!
Another thing..They let us go outside w/ the chickens now...My dad is still on-leash..he tends to chase the birds...but I can run around them/they are silly birds!!!
well that's all for now..TTYL always,


april 12 Thurs

April 12th 2012 7:39 am
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I know i've been delinquent..on my diary entries...but there was nothing new ,for awhile..But now..I got kennel cough,,from my dad-pete..about a week ago..I was hacking & coughing...Mom got us some medicine..from the vet..which worked wonders...Now I'm fine...we haven't gone rollerblading..due to our kennel cough..but plans on taking us..Yay!!!NOT!!!I've gotten complacent & lazy...which of course,is NOT allowed!!! TTYL Knobby


fri the 24th

February 24th 2012 2:36 pm
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well,,either mom,,or mom & Belle..have taken us rollerblading..everynight..for the past few weeks...I mostly sleep all day..cause its getting real hot ....Mom has 3 fans in her room!!!One BIG one!!!real powerful!!!

I'm hoping to go to the beach,one day week...I love to play in the water, & the waves...Mom always swims w/ Pete...cause he doesn't like it, so well...she picks him right up..and in they go...LOL!!!he always has this, forlorn, look on his face!!!afterward..he cannot wait, to get back, to the car...

well,that's all the news,for now..TTYL Knobby


thurs _ sun

February 6th 2012 6:44 am
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well..since Belle went to Orlando for the wk-end,mom has taken us rollerblading,everyday...we even went to the dog park..,fri..Yay!!!I love to run & play !!!and yesterday..she took us for rollerblading,at the park...I didn't like it so much..alot of running=dislike!!!but the rear passenger window broke...on the way over...wouldn't go up or down!!!=dislike!!
and just his morning..we spotted 2 raccoons..outside our fence!!!They deserve a good chasing!!!Mom got a pic of the was a huge fat one!!!I mean HUGE!!!!Ok till then!! KNobby



January 27th 2012 12:58 pm
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well Mom & Belle,have been taking us rollerblading ,everynight....when its cooler out!!!Mom took us both,by herself,one night..I was very well behaved..we passed like 6 other dogs..I didn't bolt..towards one..not even once...
But..I had a bath outside yesterday=dislike....But i was very now I'm all clean..and i can sleep on Mom's bed..Yay!!!
till later,knobby

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