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My Diary:

It's My Week To Be Spolied and Daddy's In The Dog House!- BOL!

May 26th 2013 9:40 am
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With all that's been going on with Roscoe being sick for so long and now so many home projects starting I have felt very neglected as far as getting attention and rightfully so however Momma said it's my week to shine! My day started with my yummy breakfast then a warm bath, brushing and nail trim which makes me feel not only good but pretty as well. Then I got to play in the yard and Momma hid treats all over for me to search and destroy! I even found a new squeeky toy so I laid down and squeeked and squeeked until I couldn't squeek no more;) I am resting on my orthopedic bed right in front of the patio door in the living room right now and the sun is warming my joints. Awwww this is the life. Thanks Momma♥ After she takes her nap we are going to the woods to sniff bunny tracks and deer tracks. The bears are out now so we must be careful but I can smell them before we see them so will be sure and let Momma know when something is amiss. They usually don't bother us but after the long winter nap and their brand new babies along side of them they get a little nasty. I miss the snow alot but it's still going to be a great day sniffing and plowing over and under brush.

Now about daddy in the dog house: BOL! We all love daddy but sometimes he does silly things without thinking. He was going to polish his military boots last night and always lights the black polish on fire to melt it first as it gives his boots a most beautiful shine after they're polished and buffed by hand with a boar bristle brush and you can even see your face reflected in them. Daddy is furry proud of his uniform and boots. Thanks Daddy for keeping us safe and free for 25 yrs♥ WELL...He was going to do this poilish waxing in the kitchen and Momma asked him to please do it outside as it really stinks so he goes out to the deck lights it and it was too windy and it flamed really high! Not thinking to put the metal cover back on he blew it to put the fire out and OMD We now have black polish all over the gray vinyl siding right next to the door.* THUNK* I mean not a little area either as it went everywhere. Momma said why did you put it on the railing instead of the deck floor but I can't tell you what else was said. BOL! Momma said...You are soooooooo in the doghouse buster but I'll let you out in the morning to clean up your mess. He has tried putting a brown paper bag with the hot iron on it, used goo-gone, goop hand cleaner and nothing has worked. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My boy is graduating and we are so proud of him and daddy said the house will now match the black yard( Trucks of top soil will be all over the yard because my pawrents wanted a whole new yard but Momma didn't think his comment was funny at all. Then she said she was sorry and thanked hiom for all the yrs of service and that he took such pride in his highly polished boots. Hoomans can be so silly sometimes but also fast to love and forget things that really don't matter in the long run like it's just siding right?:) Shhhhh I think she also let him out of the doghouse so he can get all the projects finished but you sure didn't hear that from me* clamps paw over mouth*

Well pals enjoy your day and I am getting ready to enjoy my special time in the woods with Momma,

Hugs and Love,

Barked by: Wendy G

May 26th 2013 at 4:19 pm

I hope yu hab a pawsum week ob bein' spoiled, sweet gurl! An' Habby Memowial Day weekend tu yu an' yur fambly an' YAY fur yur boy whu r gwadumatin'!

Hab yur Daddy twied usin' a power/pressure washer?? Dose fings can wemove paint if used (im)propwerly!
Barked by: Lulu (Dogster Member)

May 27th 2013 at 7:34 am

Your daddy is silly!
Barked by: Amazing Grace (Dogster Member)

May 27th 2013 at 3:57 pm

OMD! Monnie those Daddy do get themselves into trouble don't they?

Enjoy your week of pampering! You deserve it! Raining here now.
we're so far behind we think we are Never going to be on a level playing field again. I think, with Gma's next approaching birthday....she took out another gear ????? I this her high gear is now Medium at best!

OMD,bears! You just keep them over there in your neighborhood.
I've be so 'fraid! I was just barking at the thunder. Gma ordered me an e-collar with all the other supplies. Says she has to reign in some of my barkfest. I'm not sure I'm gonna like this training????? huggies,mazy




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