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Happy Ice Cream Day~ Finding Your Bliss~

March 19th 2011 1:35 am
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We have been relaxing since Boogie has left for a new home. Its been alot of drama having him with being fostered here and things were getting pretty bad with him. Boogie was biting me an average of 3x a week. But I drew the line when we had to use a broom to pry his jaws off of Abe's throat and McLovin' and Boogie got into a dog fight because McLovin' ran in to rescue his brother Abe. Boogie went to a different foster home where he will be a lone dog and hopefully, she plans to keep him permanently.

The dogs have mellowed, the cats have mellowed and everyone is now able to sleep through the night without a little white terror screaming bloody murder. I feel so sad for Boogie that he is such an unhappy dog but I'm more mad at his past owner who let him get to that point. I've never been unable to rehabilitate a dog but Boogie is my first.

We decided to top off this wonderful, mellow day with ice cream given that it's just so lovely outside (Couldn't eat ice cream around Boogie because he'd attack the other dogs.) Sat outside in this lovely 65 degree weather and everyone got there own ice cream cone (posted pictures) then we all played a game (catch McLovin') and took a nap outside together (Dog Pile!). It was a wonderful happy day.
McLovin's most favorite thing in the world is ice cream and he set a new record of eating every drop of ice cream in 3 minutes flat. O_O He had a bit of a tummy ache but a nap made him feel better and then his day got so much better when he was invited into my room to watch Sherlock (his favorite; he loves murder mysteries).
Abe isn't as coordinated with the ice cream as McLovin' and got it all over himself. I ended up having to him him a bath because he got all sticky LOL McLovin' cleaned most of it off of him and has been so sweet these past couple of days now that it's just him and his main pack again. Abe slept like a pup and snored. It was a big day for everyone but I finally figured out what my dogs have that Boogie didn't have that made it impossible for him to live with us...Bliss.


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