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December..The Month Of Giving And Receiving:

Thank You Furiends For Remembering Me On My Birthday♥

May 25th 2013 8:12 pm
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Yesterday was my birthday at the Bridge and all of you made it such a special day by remembering me. There are really no words to explain what it means to my family that I am remembered and I want to thank you for all the love, gifts,pictures, pmails and emails. You all mean so much to me and I love you bunches♥♥♥

It's been crazy busy at my house what with my Brofur Roscoe being sick but I'm pleased to say he has gained 2 lbs back and has some of his energy back. Not nearly where he should be but it's a wonderful start! Love You Roscoe!

For those of you whom may not remember I was adopted from the shelter the day I was born. Mommas grandson whom she has raised was the reason they were at the shelter because she told daddy all boys need a pup and she is so right and I was the lucky pup to be chosen! Well guess what Pals? Come on guess:) My Boy is graduating from High School and has grown up to be so handsome and Oh! How I wish I could be home to wag my tail, climb on his lap and snuggle in his bed like I used to but he knows I am always in his heart and with him in spirit. Congratulations Michael I sure do love and Miss You and am always flying next to you when you drive that beautiful Red Mitsubishi;) WOW, What a Car!

Monnie I was so happy to see you Roscoe and Momma come to the woods yesterday to visit my special resting place. A Little sad as you had to drive most of the way this time because Roscoe can't walk that far yet but I'm so happy you were able to make it and I even saw Momma smile and Not cry this year which means so much to me! Thanks for your strength Momma♥ The weather I guess was too cold this year for any butterflies to be flitting about but hey, I always have lots of them up here at the bridge to chase and chase them I do! BOL!

I heard you and daddy talking about having more projects to do now that your painting is all done and I must say the house looks beautiful. Daddy said something about dirt being hauled in by trucks. Hmmmmmm does that mean your whole yard will be black like me?? Then something about a new roof..Hmmmmm More black stuff I wonder. Guess I will just have to keep looking down and sprinkling Angel Dust so everything goes smoothly cuzz I think daddy might wear his crabby pants by the time it's half done! BOL!

Well pals enough said..Momma and I want to thank you again for loving and remembering me and we love all of you as well♥

You Furiend Forever,
Lexi x0x0x0

Barked by: Hershey (Dogster Member)

May 25th 2013 at 8:59 pm

I'm glad you enjoyed your Barkday! I know your mommy and Roscoe and Monnie were happy to be able to visit your spawcial spot in the woods, even if you couldn't get any butterflies to visit! BOL!! And Congratulations to your Boy!!




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