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What? I'm not a cat?

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A bit tight!

November 4th 2010 5:48 pm
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WOOF! My collar is as big as it'll get! That means I'm moving up to a LARGE size!! Mom can't believe my neck grew 3 inches in a month! I'm a big growing puppy!!!

Mom decided to change my birthday... You see, I've been in my furevver home for a month and a day!! And exactly a month ago, my Vet said I was at least 6-7 months, prob 6.5...

So mom has to agree so my birthday is now in March, not April like she originally thought.

Doesn't matter as I'm one happy puppy!!


Gaining weight!!!

November 2nd 2010 2:15 pm
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So today I went to the V-E-T to get my last puppy booster and learned I went from 19.6 pounds to 26.6!!! WOW!! That SHOULD teach the ugly doggies that I am the BOSS :) But it doesn't... Fido still swats at me but my brother Boogers plays with me a bit now :)

Our vet said there's a new test that mom and dad want to do soon that will narrow down 4 breeds based on my blood! I'm not sure what I am, but this test would find out the 4 top breeds my blood resembles. Nifty!!

Halloween was fun and I got to meet a bunch of lil' kids! They all said I was "cute" :D


My duckie is dead!

October 29th 2010 5:44 am
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It doesn't squeak!! Mom took the stuffing out as I bit a big hole in it and then had the audacity to pull the stuffing out!

Sure, I have a few of those toys that don't have stuffing in them, but but!! I LOVED MY DUCKY!

I did hear that mom felt bad and is going to buy me a new one :) hehe



October 22nd 2010 10:25 am
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What?! What's NO mean other than NO?! I keep hearing it when I try and chase the cats. I don't chase Fido though 'cause he tried smacking me! YES I KNOW RIGHT?!

Porkers tries to smack me but I think he's still stunned by my beauty!

Grandpaw seems nice but he says "NO" a lot as he'll be training me. Hmph. Do I have to do everything myself?! I mean, this is MY house and MY rules, not HIS!!



Welcome Home Gifties!

October 16th 2010 9:39 am
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OMD!! Guess what came for ME?!?! A pawkage!! My brothers are besties with Auntie Barbi and family. While they don't have dogs, they have handsome furrry cats! They sent me a gift bag!! YES ME!

Inside was a welcome home card which mom said I could NOT chew (I tried!!), I got this gourmet dog lolli that had a brown bone on it. BOY was that good! I ate that in 10 minutes! I also got this kick tail orange witch dog toy that has a nifty broom on it. Wow, I loveeeeeeeeee toys!

Thank you so much guys!! I love everything and gotta go and play with my new toys!!


FUN day!

October 13th 2010 9:21 am
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OMD!! Yesterday was a blast!! Our neighbors invited us over for smoked ribs! And this family has a dog named Buster! Buster is the dog mom dog sat when we first moved. They have a fenced in yard and it was so much fun to run around and PLAY with another dog! My siblings don't like to play much 'cause I can get sorta klumsy and my paws are big and heavy!

Buster is my new bestest!

AND later that night, we met our future new neighbors across from us! They have a BIG girl doggie. I forgot her name but she was so sweet!

There are 4 houses being built on our street and after they are done by February 2011, our street will be completed.

I'm excited 'cause I have friends!

BTW? Ribs are YUMMERS! I got a few nibbles :)


My bad...

October 11th 2010 11:26 am
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So I licked my ouchie and now I gotta wear my cone longer!! My pawrents take it off so I can eat easier and mom told dad, "WATCH" and he took his eyes off of me for a few minutes.

My bad!

After seeing the vet and getting Clavimox tablets, we went to PetSmart. I had fun there and got my name tag, toys, and treats!!! Then mom sat in the car with me while dad picked up Tiskers' meds at Target. Then we went to lunch at 5 guys! I got a lil' nibble of mom's cheese burger! THEN we went for a good mile or two walk! Oh it's HOT out but I had fun!

Boogie and my brothers are JEALOUS :)


My spiffy page and NO MORE Elizabethen Collar!

October 9th 2010 2:57 pm
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WOOF! Check out my pawsome page! And it's made by a... CAT!!! YES!! I know!! Ms. Pansy, who's my brother Boogers' bestie made it! I loves!! I loves my ducky too! Thank you Pansy!!

My Elizabethan Collar is OFF fur good! Why? So I had to get a larger one yesterday. Took mom 20 minutes to get me INTO the car (I'm not used to the stairs and she CAN'T lift me up, especially with my ouchies). Well I went from a 15 cm to a 20 cm collar. It was longer so I wasn't licking my ouchies.

Today mom saw mid afternoon that I had my bottom jaw stuck as the collar was IN my jaw area! Sorta like if you had a collar stuck in your back teeth. Mom cut the collar off STAT! I'm freeeeeeeeee!

She emailed grandpaw the pics and he said I'll be ok even though it came off 3 days earlier than planned. Mom's dog as a kid, Benji, never had a collar! Lucky dog!

I almost sat by Boogie but I almost sat ON him too, so he moved. Close huh? Porkers smacked me again but I didn't mind. Tiski still hisses every once in a while and the other 3 come down only when I'm in my crate at bedtime... Hmph!


Dang this Elizabethan collar!

October 8th 2010 6:58 am
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Grrrrrr it restricts me from itching my ITCHES!!! Mom and dad can't help but laugh when I scratch and don't manage to FIX the itch. I gotta wear this for a WEEK!

So far, things are going well here. I don't think the cats wanna play with me? :( Boogie, Tiskers and Porkers seem ok, but the others don't come down much...

I would join them upstairs but I can't figure out the stairs well, especially with this CONE!!



I'm fixed!

October 5th 2010 2:37 pm
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Although I wasn't broken!! Now I have to wear this awful cone around my cute head!

I keep running into things! It's a good thing I haven't attempted the stairs since being adopted this week because I can't seem to walk well!

I'm all ID chipped too!

Man, what a tiring day! First no food since last night (had to fast) and now this!

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