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What's Shakin', Bacon?

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My Favoritest Snow Are Back!

November 21st 2011 9:00 am
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Dear Diary!!!


The Snows! The Snows! It are back!

More, more, more! It are the most Wonderfur time of the year!

But there are only a little bit of the snowcones from the sky! So Bacon were quickly able to dig down to the black dirts in the garden. It were so easy! Too easy! Bacon wanted more snow!

So I ran in to the house, and said "Mama, Mama, More snow pawlease," except for my feetses were covfurred in the dirts mixed with the melted then you know what happened next!!!

YELLING! And not happy, "YAY BACON GOOD BOY" yelling neither!

No sirree!

More like, "OMD! OMD! OMD! EZZZZ-RAH! (that are my papa's name) EZZZ-RAH!" shrieky sound, shrieky sound! "HIM ARE COVFURRED IN MUD! It are on my BED!!!"

And then Bacon gotted to shower with Papa! YAY!

But Snows! YAY! MORE SNOW! MORE SNOW, pawlease! Bakey loves it!


I'm Kinda a Big Deal! BOL!

October 31st 2011 8:59 am
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Dear Diary,

OMD! Sattermaday were kinda like the novfull about the David Coppermafields or were it Tails of Two Kitties, both of which Bacon readed in him's spare times between zoomies, bullies, and squeakies..."It were the bestest of times, and it were the worstest of times."

Furst I were so excited, cause me & Mama were going some place by ourselfses and Beanie did not get to go. Beanie always gets to go by himself with Mama, on account of he does not get the violent gasses and turn green when he goes Bye-Bye Car the way Bakey does.

And then I were so excited because we went to see Bacon's name in the lightses! Bacon Beesun are famerous!
Bacon's Big Day

And also my picfur were in the paper, too!

But then, Bacon finded out it were NOT all fun and gameses. We had to go inside to see Dogtor Jackie!

Bacon Beesun are offurshully a speshull needses doggie at the vet. OMD. I will let Mama tell you the restess, as it are so horrorbull, Bacon can not evfun talks about it.

My Happy Go Lucky Angel, the smilingest boy in the world, turns into a snarling, ferocious wolf at the vet. I was horrified in June when he had to have a blood draw. He had to be muzzled. They had to take him in the back room, because it was just awful. So I talked with the vet ahead of time. And my favorite vet, the one I have a better rapport with, came in to work with him.

She spent so much extra time with us, and she was very reassuring that it might take time, but it would get better. She barely used any restraint at all with him today.

Part of his prize for winning the costume contest was a nail trim, but we mutually decided that it would be best if we didn't add one more thing to the visit that would potentially traumatize him.

He got his bordatella in a shot instead of up his nose because he goes so crazy. He still had a couple of scary moments, which absolute shock me, because you would never in a million years expect this kind of behavior from Bacon. I mean he is the happiest dog alive. But he has a fight or flight response that would scare the living daylights out of you. It really opens your eyes to fear responses and biting incidents. Bacon honestly acts like he is defending his life. He did not snap at us, the vet tech, me or Dr. Jackie, but he very seriously warned us. And the vet tech said, "Stay back, you don't want to get bitten," to me when I had my face close to his as one of his shots was about to be administered. Bacon! Can you imagine?

I try not to wonder why he can be so afraid, what may have happened to him, or if perhaps this is just his personality. But I am grateful that I have a vet who is patient and kind to him. I brought his bully sticks, his favorite toys, his treats, and we fawned over him and lavished him with toys and attention. Like Dr. Jackie says, if he ever gets sick or hurt, they have to be able to examine him.

Oh, and one more thing!! Guess who's a wee bit overweight? Well, besides the Beesun Mama!!! BOL! Little Mr. Bacon is turning into a chubalub. Ernie George is mighty proud. But Mama has been warned. Time to start laying off the treatses!

Happy Halloweenie, from the Beesuns to all our Dogster Furriends



October 27th 2011 9:01 am
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Dear Diary,

This are Bacon's Best Week EVFUR!

OMD! Barkdays are pawesome. Is it your barkday today? Let's have a party!!!!

Bacon hopes it are my barkday again tomorrow. And on Sattermaday, too!

Can you eeemagine if it were Sattermaday and your BARKDAY ALLLLLL DAY, too? OH BOY! That would be the best day EVFUR!

Can you eeemagine if it were the best day evfur and the best week evfur at the same time? OH EMMMMMM DEEEE!

Bacon's HEAD & HEINIE are so excited I think I might EXPLODE from all the happinesses inside.

Being TWO are PAWESOME! Guess what I did today?

Well, you knowed how now that Bacon are a soooper big boy like my brofur Ernie, sometimes I goes downstairs 5-6 times in the nighttime to lay on the back of the sofas like Ernie used to do?

Well this MORNING TIME (YAY MORNING TIME!!!) Bacon seed a BIG FAT BUNNEH RABBIT eating our bird seedses! And that did not seem RIGHT TO BACON. In fact, it maded Bacon feel a little bit uncomfytorbull, and a little hot under my collarses.

In fact, I feeleded a little bit like "Hey, who did that Mr. Bunny think him do be? Coming ovfur to Bacon's yard, when it are barely the Morning times yet, and eating the seedses that belong to my MAMA and the big black crow guyses that Beanie don't like! Who did that Mr. BunBun think him was?"

And Bacon, being two yearses old now and all, I lookded down at my speshull secret Bracelet that my angel brofur sended to me that say WWEGD on it (What Would Ernie George Do?) and I barkeded with a grrrrrrrry sound in my Bacony voice, and I barkeded and barkeded. OOOOOH Bacon were SCARY! Like Scary Halloweenie Wherewolffy SCARY!

So Scary Mama and Beanie came running downstairs in them's underpants!

And I told them, don't you worry, Mama & Beanie! Bakey have evfurrything unner controls. And then Mama lookeded out and there were that big bunneh, just munching away on the Bird seedses.

Mama laffed. And Bacon say, "HE ARE SCAREDED ON THE INSIDE MAMA" and she knocked on the window and he runneded away!

Bacon showeded him!


Two Years of Being Bacon B.

October 24th 2011 10:22 am
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Dear Diary,

Two yearses old. Two whole yearses of being Bacon Beesun, the happiest boy alive. OMD!

Where do the timeses go? It were just a year ago that Mama & Papa pickeded me up from the Hearts United for Animals.

Mama says a year ago she would nevfur in a millyun yearses beleef that Bacon would be her bestest boy evfur.

She telled me, "You come along way, Bakey!" And I say to her, "I knowed Mama, all the way from the Nebrasskahs!" And she laff and say "You so silly, Bacon."

Nowdays Bacon are the most well-behaveded of the Beesun Bunch.

I let Mama clean my earses. I don't runs away. I tell Mama when I gotta go outside to potty.

Bacon don't throw up in the car no more, although I does still make the stink bombs, on account of it is funny to see the faces the peepole makes and then they roll down the windows so Bacon can feel the breezes in my hairs.

Bacon love to snuggle with my Mama. I love to play with my Papa. I ignore Beanie when he snaps at me. I love my Big Orange Sisfur, evfun if she ignore me.

Bacon teached myself to do a trick, where I sit up on my big Bacon heinie, and Mama just goeses nuts! She nevfur have a pupper who do that before. Plus she says it mean my hinder are getting real big just like my Brofur Ernie.

Lately I spend half the night downstairs, too, just like Ernie used to. I smoosh down the sofa cushies and sleep on the back of them so I can look out in the backyard and see stuff, just like Ernie George used to do.

I'm a good boy when we walk, and I don't pull like a crazy boy like Beanie or choke myself like Izzy.

But Best of ALL, Mama says, Bacon are still the funniest, most life-lovingest, smilingest pup she's evfur knoweded.

Bacon love my back yard for zoomies and lying in the grass. But not as much as the SNOW! Which are coming soon, Mama says!!!!

I love each and evfurry one of my elebenty billyun toyses, cause they is all youneek and squeekie and fun in their own ways. I love my Bully sticks. I love the upstairs, and the downstairs, too!

I love to tunnel under the blankets in Mama & Papa's giant doggie bed and bite my Mama's toes. I love my nayborses. I love my furriends. I love my fambly. I love early morning when Mama furst mooveses and I attacks her for the morning cuddle. I love the night time when I roll ovfur on my back and Mama makes motorboats on my belly and I give her bunny kicks in the face.

Evfurry single day are better and better for Bacon Beesun. Happy Evfurryday to Evfurryone! Bacon wishes evfurry doggie have a life as good as me! It are good to be Bacon B.


Beanie Hurted Bacon's Feelerings

September 14th 2011 9:46 am
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Dear Diary,

OMD! Beanie made Bacon cry today.

Bacon wanted to give Mama a kissie.

Bacon wanted to say, "Good Morning, Merry Sunshine Mama Face! Bacon wuffs you!" and give Mama a speshull smoocher. And Beanie snappered at me right in the old Schnozzola!!!

Beanie that are not nice!!! Bad! Bad! Bad! Naughty!

My Little Tiny Bacon Schnozzola are very sensamative.

I made sure to cry realllll loud so Mama knowed how bad it hurted Bacon's feelerings.

Then Beanie had to get down, and no more Mama wuffs, and Bacon got preshuss baby cuddles, and a bone to chew.

Mama and Papa say Bacon has light skates. She says that are what they used to say about the hockey players who would fall down when you look at them to draw a penalty! She says whenevfur Bacon gets nerfuss of a bigger dog like Jack the German Shepherd puppy, or when Beanie are too bitey when playing...Bacon yelps, like he are hurt, evfun if he are not. BOL! Bacon don't has no skates, Mama. Her are so silly.

But Baby Bakes are still Mama's Litte Baby, Beanie!!! Don't make Baby CRY!



Butterball Bacon, aka Lardo the Great!

August 11th 2011 11:04 am
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Dear Diary!!!

OMD! Bacon has speshull Magickull Powers. Bacon makes all the foods disappears!

Mama is SO proud of me. Bacon wuffs to make Mama proud. So I shows her my speshull talents all the time.

And sometimes I are sneaky, too.

Like, for instances, at the Beesun house we does the Free Feeding, and the kibbles just flows like the waters of yummy kibbly goodness from a fountain. So in the middle of the night when I thinked evfurrybody are making night-nights, Bacon runs downstairs and I eats all the yummy kibbleses all up. Nom, nom, nom! Yummity Yummity Yum in the Bacon Tum Tum!!


And also, when Mama eatses stuff, like her Famous Amos cookieses in bed, Bacon sits right on her tummy. Then when she is done...Bacon gets right up in there and I hooverses all the crumblies right up! WAH-LAH! No more crumblies!!! It are Magic from the great LARDO THE GREAT! Mama have started calling Bacon the Lardbutt and Lardo the Great. I think it are EYETALYUN or something.

Member when Mama furst adoptered the Baconator, how Dogtor Peppercorn say to her, "Let's try to keep Bacon at a healthy weight?" on accounts of my big brofur Ernie George had him the most ginormous hinder of any Scottie Dog in the history of the oonaverses?

Well, Bacon are working on claiming the title for Cairn/Scottie mixes evfurrywhere!

The othfur night, Papa were holding me under my little Bacon army-pittses, so I were sitting on my bumper, and him and Mama said, "Look Bacon! Look! You has a pooch!" And Bacon look evfurrywheres. Where? Where it are, Papa? Where are my pooch?

And then Mama squeezed my little baby Bacon belly and said, RIGHT HERE BACON! There are your pooch!


OMD! What a life Bacon has! The most remarkerbull stuffs always be happening to me!

Okay...I gottsa go do zooomies now, and then bite Beanie in the heinie. Bacon wuffs you!!!

Smoochies, from Butterball Bacon Beesun, Mama's Chubalub, and Thunder Buns Number 2 (bol...Mama said Number 2!!! OH MAMA!)


The Bacon Face Song

August 10th 2011 8:18 am
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Me & Mama are going to Broadway...we does a soft-shoe routine to the tunes of the pawpalar oldie time song...Baby Face!

Bacon face...
you've got the cutest little Bacon face,
no other doggie could ever take your place,
you Bacon face
my poor hearts a-jumping
you sure started something!

Bacon face....
well I'm in heaven when I'm in
your fuzzy embrace
yeah, I don't need no shoves
cuz I just fell in loves with your
itsy bitsy Bacon face...

Let's twist awhile! (Bacon's heinie really starts shaking during this parts!!! BOL!)

(here comes big finish with Jazzy paws!!!)
You Bacon face,
you'll never be replaced,
You're my one & only Bacon FACE!


Something Very Peekyooolyar Are Going On Around HERE!!!

July 31st 2011 7:01 am
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Dear Diary!

I knew today were really special. Cerealously, Bakey knew! That are why I woke Mama up at 4 in the a.m. barking and making squeaks with my toys.

I knowed that if she couldn't fall back to sleep, she would evenchewally get on the puter, which she done didded, and that's when she found out the MOST SOOOPER PAWTASTIKULL newses from Auntie Yvette & Miss Lou Ann!

Bacon Double Cheese is Dogster's Dog of the Day! Holy Cow! A lot of Dogster Mamas are up before the Roosters, BOL.

Bacon is so excited! Evfun MORE excited than usuals!!!

Lately the most strangest things are happening when Bacon gets sooper dooper excited and I does my zoomies...Mama says it are my prepooooobertessences...and you know how Mama is about taking picfurs all the time...well, check this out...



Bacon wanna thank all my furriends for all the Congratchoomatayshunses and speshull messages and prezzies and picfurses! Bakey wuffs them soooooooo MUCHLY!!! ((HUGGIES))

Mama got a lot of new responsabillyteases at work this summer. She now has a big office (no dogs allowed..booooo) and a direct reporter, and she gets kinda stressered. So that are why we has to play with her more when she come home from work. But we will try to remind her how important it are for her to be OUR SECKERMETERY, too, and help us keeps in touches with our bestest dogster furriends. Izzy, Beanie & I misses you guys!

Wuff & Zoomies,

The Bacon


A Day in the Life of Bacon "No Naughty! Naughty!" Beesun

June 17th 2011 8:40 am
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Dear Diary,

OMD! Bacon is getting so big!!!

I am getting all growed up now and machooring like nobunnie's busyness.

So Mama decided I needed a big important BIG BOY NAME, like Ernie George and Beanie McTavish and Izzy Underpantses!


Aren't that special?

Part of my getting growed up are discovfurring my Terrier Instinkts!

Just this week I discovfurred some Chipper Monkeys been using my birdie feeder, and underdeck guy forty hangout, and the Bacon Beesun Zoomie Mud Oval that Mama calls her garden, as their own personal playground!

The NERVES! So Bacon has been stalking them, and watching them, and giving them the kitty pounce chasers. UFFDAH! Them guys is running me raggedy like Andy!

It are hard work! Mama enjoys watching me chase the chipper monkies so much. Especially in the Zoomie Mud Oval Garden. Oh does she evfur cheer loud!!! "Bacon! Bacon NO! Naughty! Naughty!" She yells! "Bacon NO! NO! Naughty Naughty!"

Bacon laff and wave at her!!! Hi Mama! I see you! I see you! Then I go back to chasing off the Chipper Monkies! That Mama she's so proud! Just yelling my big boy name for evfurrybody to hears! I are her boy!

Mama was kind enuff to do a little obstakull course to make getting on to the Zoomie Mud Garden Track more fun for Bacon. She put up some fences, then added special sticks in the big gaps. Today Bacon were so excited to chase Chippers, I just bustered right through!

Mama were hollering like mad, she were so impressed! She came running after me, and I thought my Mama are the bestest! I will do something special for Bacon wented ovfur so she could see, and I started watering the bad tomaters that she keeps in cages. (I don't has to go in a cage no more because I am a BIG BOY!)

Mama said, "NO! NO! Bacon Naughty!" She's so proud of me. :>)

p.s. Can you check out Sunny Lee's diary??? Pawlease???
Sunny Lee's Pepsi Plea!


Bacon's Most Favoritest Stuff

May 27th 2011 9:33 am
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Dear Diary,

HOLY COWS! Life are full of so much good stuff.

Evfurry day, Bacon say to himself, "OMD!!! I WUFF THE LIFES!!!"

My most favoritest time of day are when I are sleeping on the beddy-bye next to Mama, all comfees-cozees on the nice blankies that I getted all perfecktly full of grass and mud and my toys and stuff. Then the really greatest part are when the furstest bright lights of the daytimeses come on in through the window and make shiny times on me!


Bacon cannot wait to wake Mama up and tell her "LOOK MAMA, It are a new day!!! The light times are happening! The birdieses are singering!!! Let's get up now!!!" Kisses, Kisses, Kisses.

I put my big wet Bacony nose right in Mama's eye! Then KaBOOM! Like MAGICK, Mama's eyes open! Mama always makes funny noises and says funny words to me Bacon, about waking her up at the cracks of the dawns! Then I laff and laff, and say, "YOU CUDDLE BACON NOW. Then you let Bacon outside go tinky winky, then you give Bacon treat for morning time, then you PLAY WITH BACON! Then you rubba my BACON BELLAY, and make tickle motor boats on my Bacon bellay, and then BACON LAFFFFF! OKAY, MAMA?"

That are what I says evfurry mornings. Morning times are the bestest. I love morning times. Afternoon times are good, too. I REALLY LIKE NIGHTIE TIMES. But morning times are the bestest. They're my favoritest I think. How many most favoritests can you have?

I WUFF YOU, EVFURRYDOGGIE!!! I are gonna go MEMORIALIZE stuff now, on account of Mama says, Memorial HOLLYDAY are coming soon! Happy Memorializing to all Bacon's furriends!

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