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Wise Thoughts From the Kennel

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Busy weekend

March 20th 2011 1:50 pm
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After a thorough search for lepruchauns, it is pretty obvious that I'm wrong- none of the green suited little souls are here. Not even on the one day of the year when Mom says I SHOULD be able to find them. ((Speaking of, hope all had a great St. Patrick's Day!)) Believe me, I HAVE been looking for the little critters- VERY intensely and often, but nothing even remotely close is there. I sometimes think I lack Sissy's knack for finding things. Witness the fact that I can run right past a stick when Mom throws it and never so much as notice it. Sissy would NEVER do that. NEVER. OF course I get 90% of them, so... maybe I'm just human?

We had a busy weekend- Mom redecorated the apartment, and BOY is it different now! MUCH more floor space. She said something about getting rid of my kennel, but she's not sure it's the right time. WHY MOM?? Why hesitate?? I am a good boy, really! I wouldn't do anything ungentlemanly while you were gone if you trusted me... *ponders the stuff on the top of his kennel, which looks VERY interesting and would be a LOT of fun to strew about the place and chew up given half a chance*



March 15th 2011 10:25 am
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I have a mystery- we heard really loud scratching sounds in our wall this morning, and I want to KNOW what it is. Sissy told me about something called the "evil city squirrel"- I don't think that's it. Mom is afraid it's "a damned mouse". I think... it's a lepruchaun. Mom told me about them- little critters that really don't like to be seen, and when they do they have GOLD that they have to share. I think there's one hiding in our house! Maybe I can catch him and give Mom the gold!!! Please Mom?? PLEASE??


WHOO HOO! Joyeux Mardi Gras!!!

March 8th 2011 4:43 pm
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Laisse les bonnes temps rouler, everyone!! It's Mardi Paws!!! *Dances in his beads, then realizes that's ALL he's wearing and blushes a bit* This is one of those fun days! I got PANCAKES for lunch!! WHOO HOOO! I love those! Hope all have had a great day and got to spend a long time with your humans! I know I did!!


How about a nap, Mom?

March 5th 2011 3:41 pm
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I swear I need a NAP today!! Mom took me to Grandma's this morning, where she took some piccies of me and Cousin Cain! Then, I came home and she gave me a short walk here. Later, I played with the door to my kennel (an habit that I have is to bang the door shut time and again if Mom leaves it open while barking quite loudly) After that, Grandma came to OUR house, which is always cause for great excitement and more than a little puppy stupidity because I NEVER get company. No wonder I'm crashed now, is it?



March 1st 2011 12:17 pm
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I can't BELIEVE how blessed I am!! I'm Dog of the Day today!!! *dances and jumps higher than ever* Thanks so much to HQ and to all of the wonderful pals who have sent me such kind gifts!!


Life is back to normal!

February 27th 2011 4:11 pm
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Life has FINALLY gotten back to normal around here! I've gone to see Cousin Cain today and yesterday, and we got to run in the field together like old times!! WHOO HOO!!! It is official- I'm LOVING the spring like weather we had the last two days, too! I can hardly wait till summer now!



February 24th 2011 4:04 pm
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It's official- I'm 100% again! I have been causing trouble all evening. In fact, I just chewed up Mom's debit card and am making a Tee TOTAL pain in the derriere of myself as I bark at you. This is even after my daily run at the Locks. But it gets me attention, right? Sadly it's the wrong kind.


Went swimming!

February 19th 2011 8:34 am
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I'm back to 99% now- no more soreness, no swelling of my former manliness, and I am, as usual, up for playing 24/7. Mom has been walking me at the Locks instead of risking me getting hurt playing with Cousin Cain, which I like because I can run free! She likes it because I don't run TOO much because there are a lot of big sticks and logs to go around. Yesterday I surprised her, though- I went started running my puppy crazy circles and then, before she could stop me, I ran pell mell into the river! It was 70 outside, but probably 40 in the water, so to say I was shocked would put it mildly. I went out a few feet- about as long as it took for me to realize my stupidity, anyway- and then gave Mom a look like "HELL!" and turned tail and headed back to shore. Not where she'd want me to learn to swim anyway, but DEFINITELY not WHEN she'd want me to, either. I can tell you I won't be making THAT mistake again anytime soon!


Post Op

February 17th 2011 11:36 am
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Mom tells me I'm doing better than I should be! I'm wanting to run and jump, while I'm SUPPOSED to be trying to stay calm. Mom has taken me on slow trips to the Locks the last two days. She's not letting me run TOO much, though I did run some yesterday when we were there and no one else was around. I love that place- so much there to sniff and check out that I didn't MISS running as much. Doubly nice! So far, I'm healing up nicely, too. I am just hoping that no one tries to make me stay at the Vet's again!


Holy VETERINARY, Batman!

February 15th 2011 2:31 pm
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Mom hates me!! I SWEAR she hates me! She made me stay away from home last night- ALL BY MYSELF- well, OK with the Vets, who think I'm awesome to begin with. And then... this morning... they put me under and CUT MY MANHOOD OFF! I am no longer the pup I should have been- there is something MISSING, I tell you. This is not right at ALL! TORTURE, I tell you. They even *gets hushed* gave me a manicure while I was in surgery, so I now have short nails. The unfairness of it! She MUST hate me! But she DID come back for me... and she has given me lots of lovin's since. So I'm home and healing. Mom gave me my pain meds, and she's hoping I'll rest soon. It's been going well- really. And I'm up to 59lbs! Mom was shocked at that one.

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