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Wise Thoughts From the Kennel

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Obedience- WHOO HOO!

June 16th 2011 11:09 am
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I adore obedience! *ponders treats and grins* I'm doing pretty good with ALMOST anything except for leash work. I don't pay as much attention as I should to Mom, but her and TREATS- now THAT is a horse of a completely different color. Add treats and she has my attention for almost anything- unless, of course, one of our teachers walk by, LOL. I hate to miss their attention, and don't mind like I should when they do. But I walked last night through our apartment pretty much in a perfect heel (with treats in her hand, LOL). And four times without fail I did the "side sit"- sitting right where I should be- at Mom's knee, facing the same direction as she was! Am I the genius I THINK I am? Or just... learning?


Another funky day!

June 6th 2011 11:04 am
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WHOO HOOO! I did it AGAIN! This time I REALLY made Mom work to get me clean! I got into the deer poo AGAIN! Very fragrant and VERY stubborn stuff this time. I had a three part bath (Shampoo, conditioner AND apple cider vinegar to rinse), then a vinegar rag on my neck, THEN the whole damned BOTTLE Of vinegar- and it STILL smelled! Mom put some groomer's perfume on me and decided to give up, BOL!

On another note, I was VERY good! Basic obedience started last week, and I did GREAT! Not a really bad moment in an hour of class and a little longer waiting before. It was GREAT! Mom is SOO proud! I also got to go to the local Relay for Life- and I didn't jump up on anyone, though I DID try once. And I did lean pretty hard on some people to get lovin!


Whew! Funky pup!

May 16th 2011 4:52 pm
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Mom says I am HORRIBLY FUNKY tonight!! Does that mean I dance well? *ponders and grins* Well, I do! But this time, I think it had something to do with the lovely, very fragrant deer poo perfume I picked up on my walk this evening. I LOVE smelling like deer- after all, it's easier to sneak up on them to chase them that way. BOY was Mom NOT impressed when I got in the car! She made me stay in the back seat, and wouldn't even PET me on the way home. I've now had a bath and spent time airing out and drying off outside. Mom says the bathroom STILL stinks! *Chuckles* Isn't that what its' SUPPOSED to do?


Spring has sprung!!

May 9th 2011 8:04 am
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*giggles* The weather here has FINALLY gotten nice enough that a dog can enjoy his time outside when he wants to. I have my little run where I spend at least a little time every day and I enjoy it very much. Now that the rains have stopped, it's actually dry too- VERY good when your Mom is afraid of you bringing mud into the house. WHY do they obsess over these stupid things? Mud is like... LIFE!



April 26th 2011 6:28 pm
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WHOO HOO! I got a LOVELY basket with a Kong toy and a chewie from the Bunny, so I have to say Easter ranks VERY high on my list of favorite days of the year! I love it! Mom and I went to the Preserve where I have been running every day this week! I have been a HAPPY pup, needless to say.


Playing this morning

April 22nd 2011 9:59 am
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Mom surprised me- she and Grandma got Cain and I together EARLY today! It was only 9:15 when we got there!! What are these crazy women doing to us? My schedule is officially off now. GAH! But at least it was a fun play session with my cousin. Mom teases me- she says the Easter Bunny is coming to see me on Sunday and bringing me goodies. What the???? A BUNNY??? Coming to see MOI?? How should I greet him? What will he expect? Should I leave a basket out for him? Mom says if I do he'll fill it... so I guess I should do that. What a weekend!


Success is my new middle name!

April 21st 2011 11:35 am
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Mom is VERY proud of me! I live in a completely kennel free zone now, and am being VERY good so far! Mom went to work this morning after giving me a peanut butter filled Kong and when she got home 4 hours later... NOTHING was amiss. A few pillows knocked off of the sofa, but that's IT! *Dances and yips happily* WHOO HOOOO DOGGIE!!! She says I get to stay free as long as this keeps up! Now... how do I talk her into letting me go outside BY MYSELF without the benefit of leash or my big run? Hmmm... *ponders deeply*

Also- thanks HQ for the honor of being on the Daily Diary list!!


Redecorated apartment... and freedom!

April 19th 2011 2:33 pm
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Mom has done something I have been waiting on FOREVER! She put my kennel away! She says I'm a big boy now and have to act the part. She only has four more days of work this term, and I've been GOOD so far when she's tried it while she's at Mass, so she thought it was time. She put a new dining table where my "apartment within an apartment" used to be. I'm NOT sure like this, though. It will be hard to be THAT good ALL the time. What happens if I CAN'T be?? GAH!!! *runs in wild puppy circles* Maybe she'd be MORE upset with me because of the work she's put in to getting the table set up... I can't HANDLE IT! *Ducks under the table*


The B Word!!

April 16th 2011 4:09 pm
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Mom is MEAN! MEAN I tell you! After my run at Grandma's with Cain, Mom made me have a quick bath because I was really muddy. Yes- that awful B word. DOG I hate them... the shower is way too small for me to be comfy there. I don't understand why Sissy used to run in there and sleep when the weather was not good. I just wish I could do more than shake water all over her!


Perfect day!

March 27th 2011 12:38 pm
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I did it!! Mom finally tested me to see how good I can be, and I apparently passed with flying colors! She left me out of my kennel while she went to Mass this morning for two hours, and the only wrong that I did was to knock a pillow to the ground! WHOO HOOOOO! She says she'll try to leave me alone more now that she THINKS I can be trusted... *ponders the naughties he might be able to pull while she's at work* Of course, the kennel's STILL here, so it can be taken away VERY easily at this point. I think I better wait until she TRUSTS me then go for it. FREEDOM!!! WHOO HOOOO! FREEEEDOMMMM!

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