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Post holiday blahs

January 14th 2014 6:32 am
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I hope all of you had a pawfect Christmas and happy new year! I got a new collar and leash, a toy, and some yummy treats from Santa Paws- love that man!!It's been rainy and cold for two weeks after that though- definitely not conducive for me to get my Dog ordained daily runs. I've been VERY blah. Wish it were spring already!!!

Thank you to my lovely pal Petey for the beautiful gift! It made my day!!


Gotcha Day!

September 12th 2013 4:31 am
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It's my Gotcha Day!!! WHOO HOO!!!! We usually don't celebrate it on 9-11, for obvious reasons, so Mom will have to make it up to me today. Thanks to my sweet pal Petey for the lovely gift!! I hope everyone else has a great day!!


Barkday coming!!

July 26th 2013 7:46 am
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By George, I hear that it nearing my barkday again! WHOO HOOO!!! How can I be three, though? Mom can't believe how fast I've grown- and isn't sure what the plan is to celebrate this year. It certainly won't be as good as last year- I am in love with my new house! Oh- and I haven't told you about the funny I did on my first few nights here. We had to wait on the electric, so we ended up living up here with no power for two days. During those days, I simply REFUSED to go into the bedroom. I would literally stand at the door and bark at her. Mom had lost her freaking mind, or so I thought. Why was she not sleeping in the living room as she used to do? (our old place was an efficiency and had no bedroom and no doors!) It took me three nights to get brave enough to sleep back with her in the bedroom- and it was only a few months back when I would go back there without Mom, lol. Now I love to sleep on the bed while she's getting ready in the morning.


Merry Christmas!!

December 24th 2012 7:47 pm
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Wow- has it really been almost 6 months since I barked? That is just wrong. *Looks to the secretary with an evil glare* Anyway- we are moved, and are settled quite happily in our new place. I LOVE my huge deck- just don't expect me to stay out there ALONE unless I can come and go at will. It's great- I have the ability to sit outside and watch the world go by and not get out!! Mom loves it- though she IS a little sick of me wanting to constantly be out there since it has gotten cold. I also have a pen out back for when there is company or something like that... and I love it out there, too.

Now- I just wanted to wish all a lovely Christmas filled with new toys and treats to your heart's content!



July 31st 2012 3:56 pm
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It was my barkday yesterday- I turned 2!!!! And Mom says my present is waiting for me to get to go and stay there. She bought a mobile home for us- I'm MOVING!!! It's the first time, and all the boxes are a little freaky ATM, but she SAYS it will be amazing once I get over to the new place. Any others who have moved- what did you think? The boxes are not going to bite me are they? And the new place is going to be worth the scary, right?


Spring has sprung!!!

March 13th 2012 7:42 am
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WHOOO HOOO!!! It is lovely here today- warm and sunny, though it is a bit on wet side from rain we had yesterday. I got to spend a lot of time outside last week, which was just WOOFERIFIC! Mom's convinced that I need a doggie door- to which is I simply say "Ya think, two legs?" Hard to have a fenced yard and doggie door in a rental, though- or at least so she says. What do you think? Do the humans have that as an excuse? I mean, you'd THINK it wouldn't be so hard to do, right? All I ask is my Dog-ordained right to a sunny spot and things to watch, while not being confined away from the Mom. Our place is BORING, so I need SOMETHING- but I also need my Mom, dang it. Not asking too much, do you think?


HOWL I days

January 7th 2012 8:35 pm
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Sorry it's been so long since last I barked! It's been crazy around here with the holidays and such. Hope all got what they asked Santa for!!! Mom and I got everything we wanted, for sure! Lots of treats for me, which is all a pup could want, right?


October blues...

October 1st 2011 5:39 pm
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I am already feeling the winter blues!! Mom is making me stay in more and more... and this is NOT good. I am bored. But at the same time, it's cold, so being inside is not a bad thing, either. Wow... I had forgotten about this stuff. It is rainy today, and ridiculously cold. How can this be October?? It feels more like winter.


Thank you!

September 11th 2011 5:52 pm
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Wesley and Lyle and the whole pack, I want to thank you for the lovely gifts!! *Smiles* I've had a lovely, quiet Gotcha Day today- played with Mom, took a nice walk at the Preserve, and snuggled a LOT. We had gone to the Dog Park on Friday to celebrate, too.


Gotcha Day!

September 10th 2011 6:22 pm
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Tomorrow is a bittersweet day chez Micah and Mommy. On one hand, it is the day I came home with my Mom, and we celebrated that yesterday at the Dog Park. On the other hand, it is the anniversary of the scariest and most horrific day of terror in American history. Mom and I will be taking a few moments of silence to remember and I hope others will, too. Praying for those left behind, as well as those who have lost loved ones in the wars that followed. God bless America!!!

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