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Alaska Dogs

January 19th 2011 6:22 am
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I have a favorite TV show! Last night mom let me stay up past my bedtime (my bedtime is 10pm)so I could watch this TV show called Alaska Dogs. She knows how much I love to watch animal shows and she thought I'd like this show cause of the dogs. She was right, but I don't just like it, I love it! I was glued to the TV for the entire hour. Those dogs are so cool! They have dogs in Alaska that chase bear and moose away so they don't hurt their families (I could do that!). They have dogs that can pulls sleds (don't think I could do that). And they have dogs that help track and find people who get lost in the wilderness and buried in the snow. Mom says I'd be good at that cause I have such a good sniffer. I really loved that show and mom and dad both couldn't believe how I watched the TV the entire time. They both said they never saw a dog who loved animal shows like me. If they ever need a puppy sitter, all they have to do is turn on Animal Planet and I'm there in front of the TV. But I must say, nothing is as good as Alaska Dogs. You really have to check it out!!


Yipee, Diary Pick!

January 18th 2011 6:21 am
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I feel so honored! Dogster has picked me yet again as a Dogster Diary Pick:) I have to thank my mom for updating my pages and sharing all my adventures with everyone for getting this honor again. I'm glad that Dogster likes my adventures enough to continue to pick me to share with everyone. Thanks Dogster!!

Now, onto my adventures from the weekend, and boy did I have some! Friday was one of the most exciting. Chloe and I went with mom to pick up Megan. We stopped by the barn to see Tequilla first and we were actually allowed to get out. Mom said that the owners were out to dinner and they said we could go. That made Chloe and I very happy:D Mom was still very cautious though, just in case they came home while we were there. We didn't stay real long, maybe half an hour and we stayed in the barn the whole time, but at least we got to go along and get out of the car. I played with the barn kitty Aimsley. He and I are buddies:) The real excitement started though when we went to leave. As we were walking to the car, mom yelled at me to come, but of course, I didn't listen cause I saw another doggie to play with. Little did I know that the reason mom was yelling at me was because this was the notorious Jada. I should have guessed when Chloe took off in the opposite direction. Not me though, I went running up to her to play. WRONG THING TO DO! Jada was on top of me faster than flies on poop! I immediately fought back cause I'm not one to be bullied and I heard mom yelling at me to stop and I realized why... I was definitely NOT going to win this battle so I stopped and Jada stopped too. She just held me down, but she stopped fighting me. By that time, mom was there and grabbed Jada by the collar and pulled her off of me. Needless to say, I took off to find my sis, who by the way just left me to fend for myself. Nice big sis, huh? Mom kept hold of Jada and opened the car doors for me and Chloe to get in. She didn't have to tell me twice. I jumped in quicker than you can imagine, but Chloe, she didn't want to get anywhere near Jada so mom had to go to the other side of the car so Chloe would jump in. Once we were loaded up, mom checked me out and I was okay, a little shaken up, but okay. Now I know who Jada is and why Chloe is so afraid of her. She is a mean doggie and that's a shame cause we could have so much fun playing together. Mom felt bad cause she didn't know Jada was out. She never heard them come home and didn't see any cars to show that they were home or she would have carried us one by one back to the car. I licked mom's hand to let her know that it was okay and it wasn't her fault. I know my mom would never put me in harms way on purpose and she was there in a split second after Jada got me so there was no way she would have hurt me. What I was really surprised about more than anything was how Chloe went running away. She didn't even think about coming to help me:( Whenever Chloe is upset I am ALWAYS there for her and go to see what's wrong. I would NEVER leave her! Maybe she doesn't love me as much as I love her:'(

Saturday we didn't so much. Mom and Megan went to a movie and us doggies hung out with dad. Both mom and dad haven't been feelnig well. Dad has a really bad cold and mom is starting to get it. When mom got back from taking Megan home, they both just watched football and slept so that's what us doggies did.

Sunday morning was a fun time:D We went back to the barn with mom cause she had to take care of the horses. Mom thought I would be afraid to get out of the car cause of what happened on Friday, but I knew mom would never let that happen again so I didn't even hesitate getting out. Chloe and I went running and played in the snow and had SOOOOOO much fun!!! We were there for over an hour and we helped mom with the horses and mom played frisbee with us and it was just the most fun time! I wish we could go to the barn all the time, but with Jada there, we can only go when she's not there and after my experience on Friday, now I know why. After we got home, mom went back to bed cause she felt so crappy. Poor mom:( The rest of that day we didn't do anything except watch football. Mom watched her Patriots get beat by the Jets which made her feel even worse.

Dad was home from work yesterday cause he was sick so us doggies hung out with him. When mom got home from work she was sick too and just laid on the sofa all night. Us doggies took turns laying with her. Although, I don't like to cuddle much and mom calls me the "wiggle worm" cause I never lay still so my time with mom was kind of short.

This morning dad was off work sick again and mom should have stayed home, but she went to work. She went cause it snowed then was icy and she said she didn't want to be one of those people known to call off cause of bad weather. Daddy was mad at her cause she is really sick, but wouldn't take off. It was bad outside too. I went out to go potty and there was ice on the snow and it would break under my paws. It was really weird. It took me a while before I would go potty, but I figured out if I broke a bunch of the ice on the snow it was soft so then I could go potty:) I don't think Chloe and I will be playing in this snow though cause it does kind of hurt when you first break through the snow. Oh well, we'll just hang in the house with our sick daddy and try to take care of him and take care of our mommy when she comes home from work.


I love the snow!

January 13th 2011 7:39 am
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Yep, I'm a Texas girl, but I LOVE the snow!!! I love to run around in it and watch it fly behind me. I love to chase the snowballs (except when the go in the street and I go after them and get in trouble... not good). I love tumbling in the snow with my big sis. I just LOVE it!!! Of course, there is one thing I don't love about the snow... I don't like haven't to squat in the snow to go potty cause it's really cold on my heiny... brrrrr! Mom and dad have to tell me like a kabillon times to go potty before I will actually go because I don't like the cold snow touching my butt. I know, I'm weird cause I love playing in it, but it's different when you're going to the bathroom. Mom said she doesn't know what I'm going to do if we get big snow storms like we did last year. I know what I'll do... PLAY!!!!! That's what Chloe and I did for almost an hour last night after mom got home. We played until her friend Nancy came and they left for dinner. By then I was a little cold and definitely tired and ready for a break. Mom laughs at me when I come in the door cause I come flying in and when I hit the landing I slide across it right into the steps. I don't get hurt so don't worry. I'm just so wound up from playing in the snow that I can't slow myself down. It is pretty funny:D Anyway, Nancy stayed for a little while and of course, I provided plenty of entertainment for her. I got Chloe to play tug with me and we wrestled. Nancy thought it was just the cutest thing. But I must say, she is not one that I won over from Chloe. I can tell that Chloe is still her favorite, but that's okay cause I honestly don't want to steal Chloe's friends, really I don't. After Nancy left, us doggies watched TV with mom for a little then it was time for bed. I was pretty tired so it didn't take much for me to fall asleep. Mom said that grandma is coming over tonight... yipee! I can't wait to see grandma cause I love my grandma and always look forward to seeing her:)


Fun with Bandit

January 11th 2011 12:19 pm
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I made a new friend last night and his name is Bandit! We went to Kelsey's so mom and her could go through some stuff in the basement. Mom took me and Chloe along and little did I know that Kelsey has a dog too and boy did we have fun! We chased each other all over the basement and once in a while they would let us go outside and play. Chloe played with us too, but after a while, she went and hung out with mom and Kelsey. Kelsey's boyfriend Tom told Bandit that he should be embarrassed cause he was getting his butt kicked by a girl... LOL:D I wasn't trying to kick his butt, I was just having lots of fun playing. I was really glad mom took us along, especially after a pretty boring weekend. Saturday mom and dad were gone most of the dad. They were at a gun auction and then they went to the dock dogs banquet in the evening. Sunday mom's knee was really bothering her so she just pretty much laid around all day. She went to the doctor yesterday and she has an infection. Not a bad one, but bad enough that we can't go swimming tomorrow like we were supposed to:( That makes me sad and I know mom is upset that she can't take us, but the doctor said she can't go in the pool water until the infection is all cleared up. Maybe in a week or two. That's okay cause mom said there is some snow coming and we can go play in that... yipee! Fun last night with Bandit and maybe fun tonight or tomorrow with snow!!!! Plus, mom said we're going to the mountains next weekend and that's ALWAYS fun! Mom did warn me that winter is boring and there's not as much to do and I have to agree there isn't, but that's okay, I'll make it. Chloe on the other hand, I don't know. She has the winter blues really bad. I try and cheer her up, but she wants no part of me sometime. I hope she gets happy soon. She was a little better last night and she did play for a long time with us. Oh yeah, when we got home, I got to lay in bed with mom for a long time. I was really tired and I crashed hard. I think mom was thinking about letting me sleep in the bedroom with her, but changed her mind. Probably a good thing cause as long as the cat is in there, there will be no rest for the weiry.


Frisbee v. Ball

January 7th 2011 12:19 pm
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Last night mom came home from work and cleaned up all the poop in the yard and let me tell you, there was A LOT!! It was getting to the point where Chloe and I were running out of places to go. In mom's defense, she has been having problems with her knee, then the surgery so she has valid excuses. And I have no idea when the last time dad did it. But now our yard and nice and clean:) When mom was done with that, she got out the frisbee. Needless to say, Chloe and I went crazy!!! We were so happy to have mom play frisbee with us. We play with the frisbee ourselves, but it's sooooo much more fun to have mom throw it for us. We run after it and Chloe usually beats me to it, but then I try to take it from her and usually do. Last night mom got out a ball. I love balls too. So now I had to decide, which do I want more, the frisbee or the ball? Decisions, decisions! I held on to the ball and still chased Chloe when she had the frisbee, but I couldn't get the frisbee from her because I wouldn't drop the ball. Mom was laughing at me and was cheering for Chloe because Chloe was finally getting the upper hand. I did finally drop the ball for the frisbee and as soon as I took the frisbee from Chloe, she took my ball... UGH!!! It just want round and round that way. Mom knew exactly what she was doing when she brought out both toys. We played for a long time, but then mom got really cold so we went in. I know Chloe was tired, but me, I'm like the energizer bunny and I could keep on going and going and going... A little bit later daddy came home. Of course, I jumped all over him and got in trouble for using the sofa for a trampoline again. I just keep forgetting that. Shortly after he got home, Brett and Chelsea came over. They got engaged! They said they hope to get married in July 2012. Congrats!! I was so happy cause Brett played with me a lot. I know it bothers Chloe cause Brett gives me more attention, but I can't help it, I'm the puppy and everyone loves the puppy:) Brett and Chelsea left after a little while and that's when I got in trouble. When mom was making dinner, I was playing with Chloe. I have this habit of biting Chloe. I mean I bit her everywhere... head, face, ears, neck. You name it and I bite her there. Mom tells me all the time to stop it and that if I keep it up, I'm going to find out what it feels like. Well, I found out last night. I bit Chloe in the ear and she yelped. Mom flew over and grabbed my collar and bit me in the ear. Can you believe it! Needless to say, I yelped too, but it was more of shock because I couldn't believe mom actually bit me. She did it once before, but I didn't think she would do it again. It did hurt a little, but what was hurt more were my feelings. I don't like getting in trouble and having my mom or dad mad at me and I know mom was really mad at me. I tried all night long to make up to her and it wasn't until much later that she finally let me. I didn't bite Chloe anymore last night and I'm going to do my best to try and stop biting her too. I know that's not nice.

This morning we had snow when we went outside. I loved it! Chloe and I had fun playing and were none to happy when mom called us to come in. But we knew mom had to go to work. Hopefully it will still be there when she gets home. Last time it was all gone:( Well, I gotta go. I hear the garage door going up which means daddy is home! Have a great weekend and I'll fill you in if anything good happens.


Happy New Year!

January 4th 2011 7:33 am
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It's a new year and I hope it's as good as the last one. Okay, well, as good as the first 5 months of my life anyway.

First, I'd like to give you an update on my mom. She's doing pretty good since her knee surgery. She is gimping around and has some swelling and some pain, but she's back to work now so I guess that means she's doing better. She does hook up that ice machine thingy every day for a few hours and I still stare at it everytime she turns it on and it makes that funny noise. It never ceases to amaze me.

Now, to what I've been up to the past few days. We went to Juniata on the 29th after mom's doctor appointment. When Chloe and I got out of the truck we went crazy! We have been pent up in the house for so long that when we saw that open field we just were like dogs possessed. We stayed outside and played until dark. Mom couldn't believe that we played outside like that for over 3 hours. She was happy though when we came in and crashed because the past few days we've been driving her crazy. We went to bed early that night and that was fine by me cause I was pooped. Guess what? I got to sleep in the big people's room!! Yep, I didn't have to sleep in my crate at all in the mountains. Mom bought me a little bed and she said we'd give it a try. The first night I slept with Chloe on her bed for part of the night cause I was a little scared, but after that, I slept in my own bed and I really liked it. The first night though, dad did go in the other room cause he was snoring and keeping mom up then both of us doggies jumped on the bed with mom. That was funny:) Chloe was cuddled on mom's right and I was cuddled on mom's left and that's how we slept. I loved that!

Thursday wasn't quiet as good a day as Wednesday though cause I got in trouble. They were delivering a big shed to the cabin so us doggies had to stay inside. Mom was afraid we might get in the way and get hurt. Okay, I understand that, but I really, really wanted to be outside! I actually got a bit out of control and started jumping at the window and was barking like a mad dog. When mom saw me at the window that's what did it. She came in the cabin and I knew I was in trouble. She didn't even have to tell me, I ran into my crate all by myself. I knew not to expect a treat either. When mom went back outside, I continued to bark. A while later mom finally let us doggies outside. Chloe was really upset at me for barking the entire time and she chased me all over the place and even nipped me a few times to let me know it. Later that evening, Clair and Velma came to play cards. I like Clair and Velma, they are really nice. Velma isn't really a dog person, but Clair likes us a lot and he always gives me lots of attention:)

Friday nanny and poppy Waple came to visit for the day. Nanny made breakfast and poppy gave us doggies bacon! Then the 4 of them went for a ride for a couple of hours. When they got back, mom loaded up us dogs and we went for a ride in the bota with nanny and mom. I've been standing up in the bota lately so I can see more. Mom keeps telling me to sit down or I might bounce out. I won't bounce out cause I have good balance so I keep standing. Well, I should listen to mom cause she knows best. Sure enough, when we went through the apple orchard, it ws really bumpy and the next thing I know, BUMP! I'm bounced out of the bota and running along side to catch up. Mom finally sees me then stops to put me back in. Once she sees that I'm not hurt she started laughing and says "Told you so!" Yeah, Yeah, you told me so mom! So now I lay down learning my leasson. Nanny and poppy left late afternoon and we all took a nap. Randy and Sharon came over around 8pm for New Year's Eve. We all ate and they played cards. Everyone went outside close to midnight, but us doggies weren't allowed out. I didn't know why, but shortly after I heard a KABOOM! It didn't scare me, but it sure got Chloe all upset. She was running around the cabin like a maniac. I followed her around trying to calm her down, but she didn't until everyone was finally inside. Apparently dad shot a flintlock gun and Chloe hates guns and loud noises. Fortunately it doesn't bother me so maybe I can try to help Chloe get over it. Shortly after that excite, we watched the ball drop in Time Square and wished everyone a Happy New Year! Mom gave us all hugs and kisses:)

Saturday we didn't do anything. I did watch the dock dog float in the parade on TV then dad watched football while mom worked on her dock dog video project for the banquet. Chloe and I played inside and out off and on all day. That evening we all had some pork and saurkraut. Us doggies weren't allowed to have much, just enough to celebrate the new year.

Sunday was our last day at the cabin and Chloe and I made most of it. From the time we got up til it was time to leave we played outside. Mom said we both looked like little piggies because we were so dirty. The weather got a lot warmer and the ground thawed so we got muddy. Of course, you know that means we got a bath when we got home. Oh well, at least I was squeaky clean:) We had a REALLY good time at the cabin and I wish we could have stayed longer. It was nice to be there for 5 days though instead of just a weekend. It was really nice to sleep in the big people's room. Mom tried to let me sleep in their room at home Sunday night, but it didn't work too well. I kept buggin them in bed. Mom didn't figure out until the next day why. Can you guess? GIZMO! She sleeps in bed with mom and all I want is to play with Gizmo so that's why I kept bugging mom. I wanted on the bed to get to Gizmo. Mom said I'll just have to sleep in my crate til I learn to leave the cat alone. She said Gizmo has been sleeping in bed with her longer than I've been alive. She said maybe we'll try again over the weekend, but not during the week cause she needs to get some sleep.

Monday is back to the same routine. Mom went back to work and dad back to running his errands and back to being grumpy. That's cause he goes back to work today and they are messing with him at work and he's not looking forward to it. Can't say I blame him. Oh well, I'll just make the most of the time I have out of my crate and keep my pup paws crossed for our quick time til our next trip to the cabin.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and wish you a good one to come:)


Merry Belated Christmas

December 28th 2010 8:23 pm
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Okay, so I'm a few days late, but better late than never! Mom had knee surgery on the 23rd and today was the first day she could sit at a computer and of course, the first thing she's doing it updating our pages. First things, first, mom is doing pretty good. Her knee is still swollen and she has some pain, but not too bad. She is still limping and will be for a little while. Her knee was pretty bad, but the doctor got her all fixed up, it's just going to take her a little while to heal.

Okay, onto Christmas. My first Christmas was GREAT! I got soooooo many pawsome toys and treats you can't believe it! Just when I thought I was done opening gifts, mom had more for me:) I got a lufa dog, a kong tug toy, a wuba for dock diving, a hedge hog that squeaks, a fox that doesn't have stuffing in it and it squeaks in two places, (grandma got me a raccoon like that too), and a stuffed duck that quacks. Then I got two bags of treats, a bag of raw hides and a big beef bone that's stuffed with peanut butter! I couldn't believe all the great stuff I got. Chloe got just as much stuff as I did too! Of course, I tried to take all her stuff from her, but mom kept telling me not to. But Chloe, being the nice sis that she is, she shared with me:) Between Chloe and me, we have so many toys in the house now, it's just unbelievable! Oh yeah, I forgot that I got another chewman to replace the one I chewed up before. I use to sleep with him every night, but then I chewed his arm off and pulled out all the stuffing. Mom told me if I do that to this one, I'm not getting another one. Guess I better not do that than cause I like sleeping with chewman. Mom said we're going to take some of our old toys to the cabin since Gunner chewed most of ours up when he was there. That's ok cause we have plenty now!

Let's see,what have we been doing... really we haven't been doing much. Mom had her surgery on the 23rd and has pretty much been laid up from that. I don't know if I told you or not, but we went to grandma's the day before mom's surgery (22nd) and she gave us our christmas presents then. Chloe and I each got these cool toys, one was a fox and one was a raccoon. They didn't have stuffing in them, but had two squeakers. We played tug of war with them. Mine was the raccoon, but we both played with both of them. I chewed the ears off the fox and chewed the tail off the raccoon already though. Mom said I need to stop chewing everything up. Other than that, we haven't gone anywhere. We just hang out at the house with mom and dad and watch TV. Mom has this funny machine hooked up to her knee that makes a funny noise. The first time I heard it I growled at it. I thought it was hurting her or something. Mom said it was the ice machine and it was actually making her feel better and helping with the swelling. I don't know, but it sure sounds funny. Oh yeah, one day, it was soooo windy outside and mom let me out to go the bathroom and there was something in the street rolling around and I went bezerk! I started barking and carrying on. Mom kept yelling at me to come in the house and be quiet cause it was like 7am. She said it was just a trash can. Well, I'm here to tell you, it didn't look like no trash can to me! I also think I've been getting on my sister Chloe's nerves. She keeps jumping up on mom to get away from me and doesn't want to play much. The weather has been really cold and windy so we don't go out much and she never did like to play inside much, so when I try to play and she doesn't want to, she jumps on the sofa with mom. Most of the time mom is okay with it, but I guess because of mom's knee and because it hurts, it's getting on mom's nerves so it's kind of not been a very good week. But I can't blame her cause she had surgery and she's hurting.

We're going to Juniata tomorrow for the New Year so that will be a nice change and us doggies can run and play outside as much as we want and the weather is suppose to get warmer too:) So I won't be back on the computer until we return so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Be safe!!


Cold weekend

December 21st 2010 6:06 am
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We went to Juniata this past weekend and let me tell you, it was cold! I am getting my longer coat in, and Chloe and I would run around and play outside and that helped me stay warm, but after a while, I would still get cold and we'd wait by the door for mom or dad to let us in it was that cold! Needless to say, mom didn't come out to play with us:( She did play inside with us though. It was one of those lazy weekends. We all just hung out in the cabin and relaxed. Randy stopped by and visited one day so we did get company for a little. And mom, dad, Chloe and I all went for a ride on Saturday, but other than that, we just chilled at the cabin. Dad built us a fire in the wood stove so we were all nice and snuggly warm:) It was that cold that we didn't even go for a ride in the bota and mom always goes in the bota to the tree. But not this weekend cause it was way too cold. But it was nice to get away and just chill.

Last night we went to grandma's house. Mom and dad bought her a big TV for Christmas so we took it over early since mom has her surgery on Thursday. She's having something done to her knee since it keeps popping out on her and it hurts when she walks. Anyway, that meant we got to have Christmas early with grandma. She gave Chloe and me these really cool toys! I got this raccoon that didn't have stuffing in it and had a squeaker in the head and tail and Chloe got a fox like that. They were pawsome! Of course, I kept trying to take Chloe's too cause I wanted them both (you know me, I don't like to share). Mom was happy that they didn't have stuffing in them so I wouldn't "gut" them as she says. But I made short time in chewing the ears off. Grandma did a great job in picking out these toys. Thanks grandma! We didn't so much when we got home. Chloe and I played with our new toys, but that was about it. Oh yeah, as you can see, mom did finally take some pix of us in front of the tree. Did you see all of those presents? Mom said there not all for me, but I don't believe her. I saw her wrapping and I think they are, really!

Mom said tonight is bath night since she'll be out of commission for at least a month and won't be able to give us a bath for a while. We were suppose to go swimming tonight, but mom said it's WAY TOO COLD! It might be a short walk from the indoor pool to the car, but not short enough that we wouldn't get a chill and maybe get sick and she doesn't want that. She said there will be plenty of time for us to swim. So just baths tonight and hanging out. Probably will be all we do for the next week since mom has surgery on Thursday. I'll keep you posted the best I can on what's happening in my life. Bark at you all later!


It disappeared?

December 15th 2010 4:49 am
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I was so excited when mom got home cause I wanted to go outside and play in the snow. The only problem was, when I went outside, the snow disappeared????? Mom said it was cause it was only a dusting and when it warmed up, just a little and got windier then it was, the snow went away. That made me sad:( I was really looking forward to playing in the snow again with my sis. Mom said not to worry, I'll have plenty of chances to play in the snow this winter. I sure hope so cause once I figured out how much fun it could be, I definitely liked the snow!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am a big girl now and go outside to do my business without mom having to follow along with me on a leash! She said she is soooo proud of me:) Most of the time I go out with Chloe just so she can keep an eye on me, but there is an occasion when mom lets me out by myself and so far, so good... I always come to the door when I'm finished, or if I'm in the yard sniffing around, I come when mom calls. Mom said I'm getting much better at that too. I also haven't had an accident in the house in a while either. Even dad said I'm doing much better and he and I haven't had any fights in a while. Guess I'm starting to learn and grow up:)


It Snowed!

December 14th 2010 10:46 am
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So this morning mom let's me out to go to the bathroom and I step out onto the porch and there's this white stuff there. I stop dead in my tracks. I look at it and sniff. I turn back to mom. She tells me to go ahead, it's just snow. I look at it again and take a step... yikes! It's cold! I pull my paw back and look at mom again. "Go potty" she says. Now I'm thinking to myself, I'm a Texas girl, use to hot weather. The past few days I've been dealing with this reall cold and windy weather around here. So cold that when I go out to the bathroom, I have to go really quick or I almost blow away! Plus, my pee almost freezes before it hits the ground! Okay, well maybe not really, but you get the idea of how cold it is right now. And now, this morning there's this cold white stuff on the ground... Mom, can I go back to Texas please? No, I wouldn't want to leave my family, but really, does it have to be this cold? In the middle of my debate as to whether or not I'm going to walk on this cold white stuff, Chloe leaps passed me and into the yard. Well, that makes up my mind! Out into the yard I go with her and she shows me how much fun this "snow" can be. We take our noses and flip the stuff in the air and try to catch it. Yeah, it's really cold, but it's fun too! I'm having so much fun playing in the snow with Chloe, that I almost forget why mom sent me out in the first place until she yells out to remind us both to do our business. Mom does let us play for a little, but then we have to go back in cause mom has to go to work. Mom said if she thinks that little bit of snow is fun, wait until we get a "real" snow storm. Mom says what we have right now is only a dusting. Last year poor Chloe could barely walk in it there was so much. I don't know about that, all I know is that Chloe and I had fun and I want to play in the snow some more and I hope when mom gets home the snow is still here and mom let's us play:D

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