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I's Not Short, I's Just Untall!

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Auntie is Nuts!

December 16th 2010 6:16 pm
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My Auntie-Mom has 'ficially gone nuts! Look what she done! YNWW


Please Pray For Ebby

December 9th 2010 6:37 pm
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I would like to ask for all you pups to please pray for my cousin-sister Ebony. Auntie is beside herself with worry. It all happened this afternoon when Auntie let us out so we's could spent some time in the yard. We noticed Ebby was acting odd. She walking a bit slow & funny like she's off balance & since Auntie knows Ebby to a tee, she knew something was not right. She immediately called Rinky's old vet & made an appointment to have Ebby seen right away. She loaded us into the Jeep & off we went. I could tell Auntie was almost in tears but she wouldn't let her eyes leak. I waited outside in the jeep while they went inside. When they's comes back Auntie called my Ma & I heard her say Ebby has a herniated neck disc. Oh no, that's what I had several years ago & I had major surgery done. Rinky's vet (now Ebby's vet) gave her some pills that we hopes will help Ebby. Please pray that she doesn't need have surgery. Auntie is just so worried.


Vistin' My Ma

December 9th 2010 10:22 am
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Last night my Auntie-Mom took me & Ebony to visit my other Mom Letty. I gots to see my 'brudders Monty & Pablo. They's looks the same-old & 'toofless! BOL! I loves my 'brudders. We's happy to see each other again. We gave each other big sniffs. Ma Letty wanted some 'pitchers taken of her & my 'brudders for her Kissmas cards so Auntie took some for her.

When it was time to go, I's ran to the door with Ebby. Auntie asked me if I wanted to stay. I stayed next to Ebby. "But I wanna go home with Ebby, she needs me!" I's said. "Plus I gets lots of treats over there!" I thinks to myself.



December 7th 2010 8:33 am
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Hello everyones! Thought I'd update ya'll on how things is going for me. Wells, I's been living here with Ebbers & my Auntie-Mom for a couple of months now & things is great! I's still gets to see my Ma Letty & my 'brudders often so it's great. In fact, I's been going to Ma's tomarrow cause Auntie is going over to take Ma's & my 'brudders (Pablo & Monty) Kissmas 'pitcher. Then we's going over there again on Friday to dog-sit my 'brudders cause Ma is going outta town.

Ebony & me gets 'long good! It was real hard when Wrinkles went to the bridge. Ebby was all alone-'specially when Auntie went to work. She had the kittys & that was good but it's not the same. Anywho, I likes it here!

As you all knows from reading Ebbers diary, we gots to see Ho Ho Man! He was hitch-hiking on the side of the road. His sleigh musta broke down or maybe his venison-beast had a flat hoof. Anywho, this is all 'speckalations but theres he was on the side of the road. Ebs & me got a private pass to see him & have our 'pitcher taken with him. I's a bit 'noyvous cause it takes me a little while to warms up to strangers. Auntie kept assuring me it was alright so I started feeling more 'confdent. Ebby was brave 'nuff to sit on Santa's lap all by herself. She was in awe & kept giving Santa the puppy-eyes. She even pulled her ears back to look more 'smissive & demure. BOL-if Santa only knew! Then both of us sat on his lap & I kept wanting to sniff his beard. Auntie snapped a few 'pitchers. Everythings was great but I thinks I almost blows it at the end. In my defense, it was the elf's fault! She made a sudden move to touch me & I let out a "woof". I's does it to say, "Don't touch me! I's doesn't know you & you's doesn't ask my 'pawmission!" The elf backed off & Auntie snapped her fingers at me & said in a soft but stern voice, "NO." I calmed down right away but me thinks "Santa saw this & now I's not gonna get 'nufin for Kissmas." I's so relieved when I see that everyone including Santa & the elf was smiling at me! Santa even said, "That's a dachsund for you!" Santa so 'unnerstanding!



November 29th 2010 5:08 pm
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Auntie informed me I's one today's diary picks! I's feels so honored & humbled! I's wants to thank all my pals who sent me 'gifs on my page. Auntie made me & Ebby another little banana-pumpkin pie to celebrate! It was yummy! Ebbers & me eats half today & we's gonna eat the rest tomarrow. Ebby has a pitcher of the pie on her page & we's both has pitchers of us eatin' our pie on both our pages.


My Kissmas Song

November 28th 2010 12:13 am
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Auntie been workin' on my page for Kissmas. Ebby went digging for a song for me and found this one! She said, "I's dug up a Kissmas song for you! It's jus' pawfect for your page!" BOL! That Ebby, she sumfin' else!



November 21st 2010 9:33 pm
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This weekend I's gots to see alla members of my family pack. First my 'brudder Jasper (aka Goose) & Paw-Paw comes over for a visit. Ya'lls may not knows it but Jasper is my 'brudder. He was Ma's first dog. Several years go he packed his squeeky toy & some kibble & went to the ranch to live with Paw-Paw. He never returned to Ma's house. Ma was fostering me a the time & since Jasper refused to come home, she adopted me. Anywho, Jasper was here today. Ebbers & him are real close. We all had fun chasin' each other 'round the yard. Auntie took a 'pitcher of Jasper & Ebby where Jasper 'ashually stuck his tongue out at her! BOL! She posted the 'pitcher on Ebby's page.

After Paw-Paw & Jasper left, Auntie drove us to my house at Ma's. It was nice to visit with my two other 'brudders Pablo & Monty. I's also met Suzie, a doxie Ma is fostering. Ma was so happy to sees me & I's happy to see her too. It sure was nice being able to see all my pack members. I's thankful to be so blessed.


Letter to my Ma

November 11th 2010 4:53 pm
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Auntie sent the following 'paw-mail to my Ma Letty! Oh the nerve!

"I think you need to have a 'talk' with your fur-child Ceeley! She's been naughty! Although I
haven't been able to catch her in the act, I know she's been sneaking onto the couch when I'm at work.
She never does it when I'm home or at night. Only when I'm away. Also, she has been bullying the cats by barking
at them to try & get them out of their cat house! Once in a while she'll chase them around the yard. Luckily, they are not afraid of her but they have voiced (or meowed) their complaints to me! I've tried to talk with her about this but she just looks at me with her beady eyes, wags her tail & then just prances off to the bedroom to play with Ebony! I swear it's like she's saying, "You's not my Ma! I can do whatever I wants here!"


The Rebellious Fur-Child

November 9th 2010 5:20 pm
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That what Auntie call me! BOL! She says I's the rebel & Ebby is now the Goody-Two-Paws of the house. Ebby is the well-behaved one while I's the sneaky rebel. For 'esample, we's not 'loud on the couch or bed. Auntie says that's why we's has our own beds, pillows & blankies. Also, several years ago I's had major surgery on my back & was told I's shouldn't be jumping 'round alot. Anywho, Auntie 'cuses me of sneaking onto the couch when she's at work! "Ceeley you know you are not allowed to jump onto the couch." she says. "Now I have a feeling you have been doing that! Bad girl Ceeley!"

BOL! Well Auntie I's innocents till proven proven guilty! Hee, hee, hee! (Ceeley gives her sneaky laugh.)



October 31st 2010 8:44 pm
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I's so tired...getting sleepy but must stay awake. Ebbers & me is taking turns gaurding our treats from them tricky treaters. Ebby is resting now but I's noticed she's got one beady eye half open. I's must be 'lert so's I can sound the bark alarm if any tricky treaters shows up. Oh I's getting sleepy...can't wait for my shift to be up. Ebbers told me I's got to stay 'lert.

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