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I's Not Short, I's Just Untall!

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Battle Won!

June 9th 2011 9:59 am
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I done did it!!! I's won the battle! As you pups can see from my latest 'pitcher, last night was bath day here at Auntie's. I HATE BATHS!!! I's 'spressed my dislike to Auntie overs & overs but she doesn't cares! She still forces me to take one. I told her I's 'streamly 'lergic but again, she 'nores me! So last night while Miss Perfect lowered her head and obediently followed Auntie to the tub, I made a run for it & hid unner the bed! I's could hear Ebbers getting all sorts of praises 'bout how good she is. UGH!!! Why she always have to be such a Good-Four-Paws!

A short while later, Miss Perfect comes running into the room all happy like! "Ceel jus' get it over with! You's feel better & more energize afterword!" she barks as she runs zoomies round the room. "NO!!! Now get out before you blows my cover!" I barks back, but it was too late. Auntie sticks her head unner the bed & finds me! She tried to drag me out but I braced me-self & moved to the other end. She trys again but again I moves. This went on for a while until she finally says, "Oh fine! You win this time Kilbasa (her lastest nickname for me) but tomarrow is another day & you WILL get a bath!" Well we'll jus see 'bout that! Hee, hee, hee no bath for me!


Back from Staycation

May 31st 2011 9:54 am
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Thank dog the staycation is finally over. I think it lasted for months or even years! I's soooo depressed cause I missed my Auntie more than I thought I would. Jasper (aka Goose), was my misery companion. He was moping 'round just like me's missing Paw-Paw. We's so miserable we goes on a 'semi-hunger strike.'

When Auntie & Paw-Paw finally arrived, I couldn't believes it was really them. I's unner my blanket sleeping when I hears Jasper wailing & Ebbers running 'round in 'escitement! "THEY'S BACK, THEY'S BACK!!!!" barked Ebbers. I thought I's dreaming till I's sees for meself. I runs to Auntie & she gives me & Ebbers a big hug! I's so happy!

Soon after, Uncle David & Auntie Mary (they watch over us while we's at the ranch) showed up. When asked how we behaved, Uncle David said, "Ebony was perfect. She didn't give us a lick of trouble. Now the other two (Jasper & me) were just moping around, refusing to get out of bed or go out. And the black doxie (meaning me), refused to get out from under her covers & come to the kitchen to eat. I had to literally place her food bowl by her bed so she'd eat!" Then Auntie Mary went on to say, "Oh Ebony was a dream. She happily greeted us at the door each day, went out when we told her, came in when we called her and she waited in the kitchen for her breakfast & dinner." Ugh! You should have seen Miss Goody-Four-Paws! She was sitting there on the floor with her head cocked and that goofy grin of hers on her face, just looking from Auntie Mary to Auntie Lulu! From time to time she'd bat her beady eyes! What a Goody-Four-Paws! Show-off!

Anywho, I's never been so happy to be back! There's no place like home!



May 24th 2011 9:54 am
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Well pups, we's gonna be leavin' tonight for our 'staycation' at the ranch. Our humans are going somewheres and we's gotta stay! Ebbers threw a hissy-fit until Auntie promised that we would be taken on a treat shopping-spree when she gets home. WOW!!! When I lived at my Ma Letty's house, my 'brudders & me was left on staycations alla times cause Ma traveled lots and we never got 'nuttins!!! Ebbers is spoiled and now I's is too, hee, hee, hee!!!!! Love it!!!

We's gonna stay at the ranch with Jasper (aka Goose). Auntie's cousin David lives on the ranch & will be taking care of us. Our next door neighbor will be coming over to make sure our kittys have food & water. We'll be back Sunday or Monday. Bark at ya'lls laters!


Unusual Snacks

May 13th 2011 11:53 am
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Hi ya'lls! It are me again~Ceeley! I's jus wunnering sumtin. Does you's has any unusual things you like to snack on? I's, for 'esample, love to snack on flies. I finds them 'licious! Me thinks they's low in fat & high in protein. Auntie thinks its gross but she's a mere human, what does she know! I's a great fly-catcher too. I chase them 'round & catch them with my mouth~yummy!

Everypup 'prolly has different things they like. Cousin Wrinkles, may she rest in peace, enjoyed snacking on cat-dropping nuggets (especially our cat Raven's). Ebbers is a bit strange cause she likes salads! Honestly, she LOVES iceburg lettuce! Oh well to each his own! What about ya'lls?


'Let's go for a Walk' & 'Doxies got Snacks'

May 12th 2011 8:55 am
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Hi everyones! It are me-Ceeley! I just wanna invites alla you's to my dog-page so ya'lls can listen to my 2 new songs! Auntie found one called 'Let's go for a Walk' and thought it was cute & pawfect for me cause she knows how 'mush I likes to go for walks. That was one of the reason's my Ma Letty 'llowed me to come lives here. She knew Auntie would take me for walks on a regular basis.

My other song, called 'Doxies go Snacks', was dug up by that crazy pup, Ebbers! "Ceel I's dug up another song for you's page. It's just 'pawfect!" she barked. So be sure to go over & hear them for you-selves & tell me what you thinks.


Shake it Ceeley, shake it!

May 8th 2011 9:02 am
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That's what Auntie always says to me. Then she starts laughin' at me! I think she's makin' funs of me again! She does this everytime we goes for a walk. Now she's started calling me J. Lo. What or who is J. Lo & why is calling me that?! I jus' stare at her with that serious look I has & let her know I's not 'mused! Strange woman!

Ceeley's Aunt here: Ceeley has the cutest doxie build. She's super long & though she's not fat, she's stocky. She has a cute pot-belly. Also, she has a BIG round bubble butt! LOL! When she walks you should see how she shakes that thing! It is adorable! LOL!


Surprise for ME!

April 28th 2011 8:38 pm
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Awhhh...thanks Risk & Chance! My doxie pals sent ME (and ONLY me) a bag of treats! Yeppers, the post-lady handed Auntie the box & Auntie said it was 'dressed to CEELEY...that are ME! I's so 'escited! I's even more 'escited when Auntie opened it for me (cause I has no thumbs) & told me it was a bag of treats!

Ebbers comes 'arunning, "WE got treats?!" she barks.
I stand between her & MY treats & bark back, "Corrections I' treats!" I showed her my teeth! I's sharing-challenged too! They's MINE all MINE!!!!

Thanks Chance & Risk! Ya'lls the bestest!!!


My Parade 'Esperience

April 18th 2011 9:18 am
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Well friends, I 'pawticipated in another Pooch Parade this weekend. It was great! I gots to see & walk with my Ma Letty. It was a long route with 3 steep hills to climb & I's walked the whole way! I even beat Ebbers & she had a head start. I's a real fast walker! I walks with a purpose & am often told to slow down a bit from my humans. They's jus' can't keep up with me's sometimes...slow pokes! BOL!


Gettin' Ready For The Big March

April 15th 2011 7:16 pm
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Hi everyones! It are me, Ceeley! As you's knows from readin' Ebbers diary, 'marrow is the big march. We's gettin' all ready & 'pawpared. Auntie was mean & forced me to take a bath! UGH! She knows I's 'lergic to baths but made me takes one anyways! She called Ebbers first and Miss Goody-Four-Paws just lowered her head & walked slowly toward the bathroom. Then she calls for me but I made a run for it and hid unner a desk! Unfortunately I's real long & my tush stuck out from unner the desk so she found me & dragged me out & put me in the tub!

Anywho, we's got our harnys & leashes laid out for tomarrow. Oh & I gets to see my Ma Letty! She will be walking me! It will be nice to see my Ma again!


Ebbers & Me's

April 8th 2011 5:09 pm
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Hi pals! It are me, Ceeley! Auntie finally got 'round to writing in my diary. It been a while since my last entry. I's been heres for almos' a year now and I's real happy. Ebbers & me gets 'longs real goods. We's not just cousin-sisters, we's bes' friends. We's very 'simler. We's both alpha-dogs but 'respet each others space so we's almost never had a 'argooment. Physically we's both 'bout the same size 'cept Ebbers is a bit smaller than I's is. When we's standing side-by-side, she's a bit taller than me's, but I's mush longer. You see, I has short stumpy legs while Ebbers has these long skinny legs that goes on for inches. Both of us is small dogs with big dog attitudes & even bigger appetites! She's my bes' friend!

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